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    5'8 135# brn/grn little dick total bottom bathhouse cum dump std whore. love piss down my throat and up my ass, ff, jockstraps, raunchy gear. LOVE to be humiliated and made fun of while getting fucked and bred, especially in a group! into jockstraps, cum and piss soaked jockstraps!! checkout jockstrap guys on allkink.com
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    highly charged std loads,
    hot nasty verbal tops
    ?sleazy raw cum fucks ?
    if i'm online i'm probably riding a dildo and jacking off looking for a hot top verbal PHONE fuck

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  1. before COVID I was in my room at the bathhouse taking cocks and loads and had a hot fucker on my cell phone, in a hot nasTy phonebone session with him... he could hear fuckers pounding my hole and loading me up. He talked to 2 of the fuckers while they fucked me telling them what to do to me... was HOT AF! I LOVE hot nasTy phone fucks! OINK
  2. then go back to my room and get on my knees ass up, blindfolded, door wide open, light off and take any cock that walks in to breed me
  3. I fuckin LOVE going to the bathhosue/sauna too and tied in the sling and take cock after cock, load after load all night while I'm blindfolded, having no idea how many loads I got. just hoping most are toxic poz, high viral load and full blown loads squirted in me! OINK
  4. 2 weekends ago I had 8 here at one time taking turns on me and all squirted in my fuckhole... was a HOT fuckin gang bang for a little over 3 hours.
  5. waiting on a bud to get here in about 30 minutes to dump in my hole.... will be my first today. Hope to get several throughout the day! OINK
  6. Thank you SO much SIR for all you do with the website!  Know it must be exhausting at times.   🐖🐽🍆💦😈

  7. at least 3 times a day if I'm not caged and on lockdown... often jerk off session with a dildo in my cunt
  8. Wished I knew what caused the change! I used to really enjoy my hole being tight for guys to open me up, but now when I hit guys up they ask if my hole is loose and gaping. I have gotten to where I dildo my hole really good and be opened up just before a hookup arrives. It's rare anymore that a guy wants a tight hole. Even at the bathhouse, the more gaping, loose and sloppy the more fucks I get.
  9. LOVE a HOT load of any type piss up my hole here too... I have 2 buddies who are like that... I have to be still until they start flowing... 1 usually fills me up with a huge load of beer piss, the other fills me with chem piss... LOVE being a urinal for pissers... Sometimes when they can't start flowing with their cocks in my hole they will piss in a glass and then use a big syringe to squirt it in me... fuckin LOVE it!!! OINK
  10. When I open the Chat window, I have to close it and reopen it then it's ok
  11. thanks man! love being in this position with a lubed up hole, better if cum oozing from the previous fucker when a hook up walks in on me!!! OINK
  12. Your first name (or a name you'll respond to): PIG, CumDump, Urinal Whore Your cell number (for texts and voice calls): Late night Nasty Voice calls - 404-580-9221 A location (be at least as specific as a zip code): Florida 32907 Times you're generally not available: 8am to 5pm. Usually on a dildo late night Age: 53 Height: 5'8" Weight: 145# Ethnicity: White
  13. the most I've carried so far is 3 I got up my ass at the urinals at the bathhouse... walked around a bit then went to my room, laid with the door open, ass up and got the piss completely fucked out of me then started taking cum loads.
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