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  1. I apologise in advance for my massive ignorance on this. I hope to learn stuff here. Question. As a guy receiving head, are the risks of catching something lower?
  2. • Fucked raw in the lobby to my old apartment during the day • fucked over the front of a car parked at the side of a pub at night. • Sucked off by the side of a busy road during the day. Yes we were seen by probably hundreds of cars • Sucked off in the middle of a small public park during the day. However when we noticed a girl in her 20s was about to walk right by us (within a meter of us) he stopped sucking and covered me up. Still annoys me to this day that he didn't carry on.
  3. 155. Need to up my game for the ones with 10 points. Anyone wanna help?
  4. I mean I need more public than that. I mean like public streets in the day. I WANT to be caught. And not by people who want to see it. I want to shock and disgusting passersby especially women.
  5. A few but not many places • Sucked off in the middle of a park during the day. He stopped sucking when a girl in her 20s was about to walk past unfortunately. • Sucked off on a pavement by the side of a busy road during the day. We were definitely seen. • I was fucked bareback in the lobby to my old apartment during the day. • Fucked over the front of a car down the side of a pub at night. Unfortunately not as public as I'd like I'm afraid. Dream would be fucked in middle of a shopping centre/mall during the day.
  6. Anywhere a bit more public than those? I want passersby to really see us. And be shocked.
  7. Hey guys. Have any of you managed to hook up with a straight married guy and in the end they leave their wife to live their life being fully gay? The idea of a guy turning me fully 100% gay so I end up leaving my wife turns me on so much.
  8. Hi guys. Genuinely please excuse my ignorance here. If I only EVER bottom, Never ever ever top, is it possible that a top guy with Chlamydia could infect my rectum and it spread to my penis or would the virus just stay located in my rectum. Im so sorry if that’s a stupid question, I just would like to know.
  9. I live in London and always wanted to be fucked in public. Don’t care who sees us. Hot if passers by catch us and we just carry on. I get turned on at the thought of passing women seeing us lol
  10. I get that but I have a wife and baby daughter so I can’t have this risk ever again. although as my results came back as NEGATIVE, when I got home and put some porn on when the wife was out I truly wanted a poz guy to breed me! I don’t know why after this scare I wanted that!
  11. Finger prick test was negative but they say that was up to six weeks ago. I had sex four weeks ago yesterday. Theyve taken some bloods from me and I get the results tonight. These go back four weeks so this should be the one. And honestly I won’t be going on prep as I won’t be doing this ever again. I’ve too much to lose in my life by even just having gay sex.
  12. I’m going for a test in an hour. HIV results back instantly.
  13. It’s only been four weeks though. I thought that was too soon?
  14. Hiya all. I’m genuinely scared right now. Had unprotected sex with a guy from Grindr on 9/9/19 (I had previously tested neg in April and had no sex months before that, or since then until September). He said he was meh beforehand and still maintains this to this day Started on 24th Sept getting mouth ulcers (canker sores) which isn’t really unusual as I’ve always got them, and also got a headache come on which doesn’t seem to go. I feel a teeny bit weak, but honestly nothing that stops me from doing anything. Could this be it? I’m genuinely worried. This scare will definitely g
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