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  1. I was an avid and active athlete in my youth, and typically surrounded by girls when I went to night club discos, but somehow or other guys I’d never seen before picked up on something about me that gave them the confidence to hit on me. Then again I had just as many women, of all ages, hitting on me so I was getting all the sex I wanted and plenty of experience to help me decide that I like having my bare cock inside another guy’s ass because it feels better than any other kind of sex.
  2. As a top I can tell you from experience that having my cum swallowed as fast as I can shoot it is the only right way to do it.
  3. In my entire sexually active life I’ve used fewer than a dozen condoms in almost 50 years. I lost count of the number of people I’ve fucked but it’s in the hundreds, if not a thousand or more. With the women I always start by eating pussy until she’s moaning in sheer ecstasy and I can just slide my bare cock into her cunt and keep her cumming until I nut inside her. If the lack of condom gets mentioned it’s always been after the fucking. Guys usually say upfront if they want me to wear a condom, so I don’t waste any more of my time on them any more these days. I used to be willing to
  4. I wouldn’t call it rape because I was doing the penetrating but a school friend of mine took advantage of me having a raging boner after I fell asleep during a sleepover and I woke up with my cock deep in his ass. It felt too fucking good to stop until I came inside him
  5. This is so true, even if you didn’t intend to cause pain. The first time I felt my cock slide into another guy’s ass was also his first time too. Both being novices meant neither of us understood the importance of lubrication. Thus we went from him bent over while I lined up my cock head with his hole, then a lot of pushing and blind thrusting, until I suddenly went all the way in without stopping. The next thing my buddy was begging me to stop and to pull my cock out, but I was in such ecstasy that all I could manage was stop exactly where I was until I just erupted inside him
  6. When I fuck someone for the first time I'm usually willing to use lube to make sure the bottom can take my full length and girth. I'm not porn star sized but I'm not a beginner's model either. Once I'm in deep I'm not stopping for any reason, but whiny bottoms are really annoying by this point. Once I get going my balls are going to be slapping your ass at an ever increasing rate until I cum - when, where and how I get to the finishing line is entirely my choice, but if you like what I'm doing feel free to let me know. If you are finding it too painful when I'm close to the point of no return
  7. One thing I love about men who suck cock is that the sucking doesn't stop when I tell you I'm going to cum. With most women once they thought I was too close they would stop sucking and try to finish me with a hand job, and completely spoil the moment.
  8. Sometimes a faceless cummy hole in an ABS became a semi-regular hook up, and even a no longer anonymous fuck buddy.
  9. It would be more interesting to hear about how you learned how much better it feels when another guy gets you off, and hopefully that's what OP meant to ask otherwise it really is creepy AF.
  10. I figured it out for myself. When my dick got hard it felt great to rub it, even long before I could ejaculate. Once I could ejaculate I did so at every opportunity, and since my parents had sent me to a boy's only military boarding school "to make a man out of me" I was quite literally surrounded by teenage temptation, but in a school that was extremely homophobic I had to hide it as best I could - got caught more times than I can remember. I didn't care that my class mates all called me a wanker because that meant some of them watched me, plus I had a really hot blond girlfriend so 'obviousl
  11. Not now, but there was an overlap of a few years when I started topping what I convinced myself were carefully selected and therefore safe bottoms, usually by only looking for mwm who liked to wear panties and lingerie while being treated like a total cumslut by another mwm. By then sex with my wife was very vanilla compared to when we first met, and a lot less frequent too.
  12. I'm married to a woman who accepts that I'm gay and that I'll fuck guys whether she likes it or not, so we have a deal that what I do in my own time is my own business. To make matters even stranger, she worries that one day I'll leave her for a guy, so she actually prefers that I screw around rather than having just one regular.
  13. That's me too. I have a few FWB who I use as and when the urge hits me, but I am always going to be on the lookout for the next new guy to breed.
  14. From 1974 to 1979 I was sexually active but nobody used condoms back then. For the next 20 years I played the straight married guy, but I never could forget how good it felt to cum in another guy's ass. Then a prolonged stay away from home gave me a chance to try it again, but by then the world was full of condom Nazis and something just never felt right about it. Thankfully I soon began to hook up with bottoms who never gave me a chance to put a condom on before sitting on my cock, and then I instantly knew what I was missing. So, the second time around that I started to only fuck bareba
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