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    Poz, Not On Meds
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    Poz since the first wave..turned on bigtime as I converted..stopped meds to increase my charged virals..VERY verbal and into many other kinks..Leather/raunch Dad with a sleazy mind and erotic imagination...getting "The Look"..wasting face..veiny legs/arms..protruding stomach...
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    negs looking to convert..poz/aids pigs to share our toxic sperm and spread it ..

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    wickr not msn ..dadsdick

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  1. Hey, thanks for the follow


  2. Demon Seed

    full blown and death...the ultimate turnons bros..
  3. I was just feeling a bit guilty cause last night I had pervy nasty top pig fuck the hell out of my hole with his ex bf and ripped up my hole and tried fisting me and putting trash in my hole it was burning and I took  of his dirty hep c infected blood slams to try to infect myself and they gave me his anal warts too ... which could be cancerous and I drank his piss , a bunch of it .... my cock gets sooooo  hard doing this bugchasing infecting myself with diseases and I flushed my meds today and I am willing to have a high vl aids cum and aids blood slams and I was always undetectable but this fucking turns me on and rock hard..... I don't get it, but I'm just trying to embrace it and have other twisted diseased bug chasing pigs influence me to continue and get me hard loving doing this stuff, and theres no turning back..... fuck yea right, I want all feed back, I'm going in bathroom on floor in front of mirror injecting my dark chemmed  up urine in my hole and hope to get high off it!!!! I'm so devilish and twisted now... omg  

  4. I love your asshole. Thank you for making that your profile picture.. since I saw it, I can't stop staring at it. I want to taste your insides so bad. 

  5. perv/taboo chat

    dadsdick on wickr..no limits no morals chat about any perv taboo subject..
  6. Thanks for the follow, sexy! 👅

  7. Would love to have Poz me up even AIDS and STD'S 

  8. Where u located pig dad?

  9. Hot and would travel to you to prove it!

  10. Public or Private

    public is best..may bring in some new shitpigs that a priivate group would not..total aids shit pig here..OINK
  11. Hey there PigDad, thanks for following ;) 

  12. How would you feel about converting me and gifting me your strain?

    1. Sydneybbfucker


      I'm more than willing to offer my services


  13. only BB my whole life..AIDS only turned me on more to the risk and adventure of raw sex....still the hottest way to breed for sure..
  14. hello sexy poz dad


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