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    Bareback fucking, never pull out.
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    poz guys in my area!

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  1. What this question points out is there is no right answer. It all comes down to the two guys fucking and what their likes and dislikes are.
  2. I think fucking outdoors and in the woods is pretty damn HOT.
  3. Hi  cum whore bill here . love your profile . 

    always nice to see other Chasers on here . 

    1. PhillyBBGuy


      Yes, to chasing!!

  4. That's the best outcome...love that thought!!!
  5. I would love to fuck your wife...
  6. You are damn right it adds to the excitement!!!
  7. Well, if you weren't on meds I'd take your loads.
  8. Hope you pozzed that guy with those 11 loads.
  9. Yes, that is the way it was. I've always been slow to recover from cumming, even when young. Happy to say I still can, but slow is better than not at all. - LoL
  10. Yeah, about getting older - but it is worth it.
  11. You can sleep with me anytime - that is one fine looking cock.
  12. Yes, but I bet I would have converted then and likely would be long gone...

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