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    Bareback fucking, never pull out.
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    Just your ordinary gay guy that loves bareback fucking.
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    poz guys in my area!

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  1. I always said I was bi, finally just gave into it and accepted I was gay - happy with it.
  2. The risk really puts the edge to sex, when poz cum is involved.
  3. Rimming is such an erotic thing - such a tease before actual anal sex. Drives be crazy and produces one heck of an erection, either doing it or having it done to me.
  4. Truly amazing story that you were able to share your DNA with two lucky sexual partners and that you all considered it love making.
  5. Your BF ass definitely needs sharing - needs a nice big viral poz load in it.
  6. Outdoor sex is the best, in my opinion. Love being naked in the woods, next to a flowing stream.
  7. Chat works in Safari, just fine.
  8. If not in my ass, then in my mouth!!
  9. I love the way you think


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