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    Germany, NRW, OWL
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    Female and Shemale BB Contacts
    Exploring new kinky things together
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    Not Sure, Probably Neg
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    well educated business man
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    Nice strong-bear-type bisexual guy searching mainly for a nice Woman or Shemale/TS as regular (not monogamic!) bb-partner.
    I am top, and If we like each other, your age, size and skin color is not important to me. If you are a dirty AO/Bareback slut i would like to get to know you regardless of your Status (neg/poz).

    Chat and new friendly Contac's also very welcome!

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  1. 4,7,9,12 Love anon "no load refused" bottoms
  2. I do not care getting filmed as long my face is not visible. Every regular bottom of me knows and respects that. On anon Dates i ask if they film, if they do wear a mask 🙂
  3. Damn hot, but like always sadly to far away
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