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    next door nerdy looking guy with an older bf. About to open the relationship so others can breed me. I realize I'm missing lots in my sex life. And this site corrupts me slowly. I'm getting into more and more pervy depraved stuff
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    Guidance, Affirmation, Information, maybe you?
    Also I do enjoy the stories on here. I used to do text rps and I'd love to do one with a literate filthy partner. So if you're up for that, tell me.

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  1. Until recently I've never been in the situation myself. I don't touch myself when getting fucked and never had an anal orgasm. However my current top demanded that I cum for him while he fucks me, because he suspected that my sphincter will clench and he likes that sensation. I was actually pretty afraid that getting fucked afterwards was unbearable. It did hurt and I felt sore and sort of like my insides hardened up a bit, but then again I do like some pain while getting fucked and quickly forgot about it. To sum up I'd say I can take it, but I bet there are some fuckers out th
  2. About two minutes ago. My bf forced himself on me with his rock hard dick. We did non-con play until he eventually overpowered me and forced his dick inside me. We struggled, but eventually he dropped his load deep in my guts.
  3. Hello fellow guys, so my start into fucking was kind of rough as I didn't enjoy it for a couple of years. Now I had lovely tops, who would indulge in long sessions of foreplay, lubrication, 1 finger, 2 fingers, yadda yadda yadda. I did not enjoy getting fucked one bit. Then, a top came along that didn't care at all. He dropped some spit on my hole and rammed his cock in. Sure it hurt, but then I just loved it. And my hole opened up so much easier. Ever since then, I just tell the top to spit or grease up and just put it in. What I'm wandering or wanting to discuss is: Are there other bott
  4. I love older tops as well. The body hair, the streaks of silver in their hair, their scent, the way their body feels. Oh and their experience in most cases. All of that makes older tops superior to younger ones in my opinion. But I also know I might be biased in the sense that I've always loved older men.
  5. Hello, longtime lurker here. Currently exploring the possibility to open my relationship. I've come to love bareback and cum so I'm not going back. And even though my man fucks me almost daily I feel a need for more. I'm here to see how others have dealt with similar situations.
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