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  1. I tried to lean my head on my hands, but the smell of piss from the urinal was too strong. I looked down and realized I was probably kneeling in piss and cum too. Those floors hadn't been cleaned in a while. I'd never felt so degraded in my whole life. Suddenly, John got on his knees behind me, and I looked back to see a hard dick, hung, with a PA. "Whores don't get lube," was all he said before he shoved it inside me. I started to cry--from the pain, but more from the humiliation and the fear. He fucked me hard and fast. The pain was piercing, and I'm pretty sure my hole tore a little bit. But he didn't care. Five minutes of fucking, then he grunted, grabbed my hips, shoved himself all the way inside me, and came. He stood up, pulled his jeans back up, and reached into his pocket. I assumed it was for some scissors or a knife or something to let me go. But instead he pulled out a sharpie and uncapped it. He wrote something on my back, dropped the sharpie on the ground next to me, and walked out. I called after him, "Wait, what the..." but the door slammed shut and I was left alone again. I turned and looked in a mirror to see what he had written. It said, "POZ loads," and he had made a tally mark down below it. Holy fuck. I hadn't even thought about John having HIV. And he came inside me. What was I going to do? I'd heard if you got to the hospital fast after exposure, there was something they could give you, but I was zip tied to this urinal and I wasn' going anywhere. Then I realized... I was zip tied to a urinal in the bathroom of a sleazy gay bar. How long would it be before someone else found me? I didn't even want to consider the fact that it could be my own father who found me like that. I put the thought out of my mind--it was too scary to think about. Would the guy who found me let me go? Or would the night get worse? It wasn't long before I heard the door open behind me and turned to look. (to be continued)
  2. "You think you can tease someone like that and then just bolt?" John asked me with palpable frustration in the air. "You're rude. And rude boys need to be taught a lesson," he said, "Now get on your knees." I looked back at him like a deer in the headlights. "But, you don't underst--" I mumbled. "I understand perfectly well, boy," he replied, "now get on your knees." This wasn't how I wanted this to happen--in a dirty bathroom of a gay bar. And on top of that, with my dad lurking somewhere, ready to catch me at any moment. I hung my head low and begged him, "Please don--" but he cut me off. "Get on your FUCKING knees, you worthless piece of shit!" he yelled. And I did. He walked over and ripped my clothes off and threw them by the door. Then he pulled out some zip ties. I protested and tried to get up, but he knocked me down fast. One blow to the side of my head and I was on the floor. He zip tied my wrists while I laid there surprised. And then he pulled them up and zip tied them to the urinal so that I was facing the piss trough. He kicked my legs apart so he could see my hole and ran his hands over my body. I started begging him again not to, but he just laughed. He stood back and I felt a warm sensation on my back. He was pissing on me! What the fuck!? I yelled at him and tried to get away but the zip ties were tight. "Best not make noise, boy," he said, "you'll attract the others." Then he slapped me across my face. How did this happen to me? (to be continued)
  3. So I'd intended this to be a one-off story, but I like this character... he reminds me more of myself than any of the other characters I've written about. I'm thinking about doing a series of short stand-alone stories about him. Any scenarios you want to see him in? Requests? Hit me up.
  4. I walked into the bar. It wasn't packed. Mostly guys in their 30's and 40's. Depeche mode on the speakers. I was initially really disappointed in the vibe, but got over it fast. I was kind of into guys that age it turned out. Most of them were really hot. And I was glad I hadn't walked into some bumping dance craze. I didn't know what I was doing in a gay bar, and I figured a more low key setting was probably the place to start. I sat down at the bar and immediately felt eyes on me. Lots of them. I ordered a gin and tonic. It felt good to order a drink openly. The drinking age was lower in England than in the States. I'd never been able to do that before! The bartender gave me a wink and poured me a double. "On the house," he said. I wondered if he could tell how uncomfortable he was. In reality, the bartender just knew what a hot, tight boy like me was going to do for business that night. And sure enough, drinks started flying my way. Half the guys in the bar were sending booze over to me. I settled in, talked to a few guys, and started to get drunk. I looked around the bar. It was really pretty run down. It was kind of a dingy spot. If i'd known, I probably would have picked somewhere else. A hot guy introduced himself to me as John and sat down next to me. Before I knew it we were talking easily. He was charming, and he brought out something in my I hadn't experienced before. I was flirty. He had chiseled abs and a tight shirt that showed his physique. He had some stubble, but was pretty clean cut. Short hair. Very sexy. Kind of nerdy. Just my type. We talked for a while and he put a hand on my leg. It was like electricity flowing through me. I'd never felt anything like that before. He rubbed my crotch and a bulge started to form. He smiled. He liked that. And so did I. Suddenly, I heard the door open and turned to look. What the actual FUCK? It was my dad. What the fuck was he doing here? So may questions all at once... was he gay? Did he even know this was a gay bar? If not, why did he lie to me about having to go to Scotland for work? What was going to happen when he saw me? What the fuck?? Without saying a word, I broke away from John and slipped into the bathroom. He threw up his hands and gave me a look like 'what the fuck you pussy?' but it didn't matter. I had to get out of there before my dad saw me. I closed the bathroom door behind me. I thought I'd gotten away unnoticed. I looked around for a window to climb out for my escape. It was a big bathroom with a few stalls and a long trough urinal around 15 feet long. There wasn't a lock on the inside of the main door. And there were no windows. I was trapped. I started running through my options. As I looked around, the door flung open and John walked into the bathroom. And he looked pissed. (to be continued)
  5. I was a virgin, and not out to anyone yet. I'd never even kissed a guy. But I'd been jerking to gay porn for years, and I knew what I wanted. Or, at least I thought I did. I was tall and thin, with short brown hair and hazel eyes. I had a swimmer's body--well chiseled, but still relatively small. I had a decent dick, but nothing to write home about. 7" cut and not particularly thin. And a really tight hole. I'd tried fingering it, but it always hurt, even with proper lube, and I always stopped after just a few seconds. It was my 18th birthday, and I decided I was going to have an adventure. My parents wanted to throw me a family party, but I said no. I told them I was going to hang out with some friends instead. And I told them I was going to stay over at my best friend's house, so I wouldn't have to be home until the next day. I was in the clear. And even though I was still in high school, I had a fake ID, so I could pass for 21. I decided to go to a gay bar and dance the night away with some hot guy. It was the first 'gay' thing I'd ever even thought about doing. It was a huge step for me. But I didn't know where to begin. I lived in a suburb--no gay bars around. So I got online and started looking. Dallas was the closest city, and I knew there was bound to be a gay bar there. I relied on Google. One of the first places to pop up was called "Club Dallas," and I figured that sounded good. So I put the address in my phone and got ready to go. I was wearing tight jeans and a tight, hot t-shirt that showed my abs. I was excited. I got in the car and made the long drive into the city. When I got there, it wasn't quite what I expected. I figured it would be a busy dance club with big neon signs and lots of people. Instead it was an old building in a weird part of town. But I convinced myself that it was fine. Lots of warehouse districts had great clubs. I walked up to the door, which was glass, but it had been blacked out so you couldn't see in. When I opened it, I expected to see lots of people and strobing lights, but instead, there was just a foyer with a small window. The guy on the other side of the window was about 40, and had his shirt off, so I figured it had to be the right place. I walked up and asked to get in, and he just smiled back at me. "ID?" he asked. And I handed over my fake. He looked at it, looked at me, chuckled, and handed it back. "That'll be $20," he said, "unless you want a room." I was confused, so I said no. I gave him $20 and he buzzed me through a door. The other side of the door held a locker room. Still no dancing men and strobing lights. Though there was some dance music, so I still thought I was in the right place. There was no one in the locker room but me, and the guy at the window could tell I looked confused. "Never been here before, boy?" he asked. I shook my head no, and he walked around the counter. "We love new boys around here," he said with a genuine smile on his face. "Just take your clothes off here, and I'll show you where everyone hangs out," he said casually. My eyes about popped out of my head. "My clothes?" I asked timidly. "Yeah boy," he replied, "this is a gay sex club. Now get them off." I looked at him shocked, but then I saw a hot young college guy walk through the room. He was taller than me, and chiseled too, with strong arms and tan skin. I about melted. I looked back at the attendant, "I don't have to do anything I don't want, right?" I asked. He assured me that I didn't. "Just looking is fine," he said as he stripped my clothes off me and locked them away in a locker I wrapped the towel he handed me around my waist, and we walked back through a maze of rooms. Back there, I began to see more men. Some were standing in the hall jerking. Some were going into rooms or out of them. All oif them stopped to stare at me. The attendant pointed to a sauna, then a steam room. Each had a handful of men in them. He showed me where the shower room was. Another few guys were in there. He showed me a couple rooms for group fun. The movie theater room had porn playing and at least a dozen guys. And another room had a sling in one corner and a bed with handcuffs on it in another corner. That room was empty for now. Another room had glory holes with cocks sticking through them and a few guys sucking them. And last, he showed me a dark room. Then he told me any of the public play spaces were fine. The guys would respect my boundaries. "But," he said, "If you go into the dark room, or into a private room, I can't make any promises what'll happen to you." It was an ominous warning, and I was nervous, so I took it seriously. Then he showed me where the condoms were and told me to have fun. "Oh, and my name's Alex," he said, "in case you need anything." Then he walked back to his perch at the front desk. I walked into the porn room and sat down. There was a raw gangbang scene on the screen, and they were pounding the boy in the middle as rough as they could. None of the porn I'd watched at home had been this raunchy. But my dick did get hard. I looked around and noticed the other guys were mostly touching themselves too, and most of the towels had come off. So I pulled mine off too and started to play with my dick. I couldnt' believe I was doing this. In a public place. With other guys watching. Before long, one of the guys came up to me from behind and put his hands on my chest. He was mid-30's and hot as fuck. A little bit hairy with a shaved head and a short beard. So hot. I'd never been touched by a man before. Then another came over, and another. I started to panic, "No thanks!" I yelled awkwardly and slipped out of the room leaving my towel behind. I heard them laugh as I went. I thought about leaving but decided to step into the steam room instead. Just to calm down. I sat down inside, and looked at the guys on either side of me. One was bigger, and late 40's, and the other was tiny, about my age. The young guy got on his knees in front of me. Was he about to blow me, just like that? Sure enough, without saying a word, he took my dick in his mouth. It felt good. I was enjoying it. Then the guy on the other side reached over, grabbed my hand, and put it on his dick. I about jumped up, and the guy sucking me off almost fell backward. "Sorry," I apologized, and I bolted from the room. I wandered for a little while, everyone staring at me as I walked around. Then, a guy who about made me melt walked out of the room with the sling in it. He was tall, early 30's, muscled and hairless. His eyes were pure fuck. Their light blue contrasted his dark stubble. He was completely disarming. He smiled at me. "I'm Brad," he said, "I saw what happened ealier in the theater. They shouldn't have done that to you. Want to come in here for a bit?" I nodded my head yes, and followed him. When we were inside, his demeanor changed. "They should have treated you like this," he said with a sneer. And four other guys grabbed me. One stuffed some cummy undies in my mouth as I tried to scream. And they dragged me to the bed, where they cuffed me to the corners. I was crying and begging them to stop through the gag. I didn't want this to happen. I had never wanted this. Just a fun night dancing. Brad could see it in my eyes. "Don't worry," he said as I stopped struggling against the cuffs, "this'll all be over soon." A tear dropped from my eye. "You can't just go around here teasing everyone," he said as he walked around the bed I was cuffed to, "You've got to give up that hole eventually." He paused to trace his finger down my chest while the other guys watched, and he grabbed my dick and smiled. Then he let go and kept walking around the bed. He pulled the gag out and ordered me not to scream. Then, he explained what was going to happen, "I bet you're a virgin," he said with a sadistic smile, "Well not anymore. One of us is going to take your cherry tonight, boy. And you get to pick which one." I begged him to stop, but he threatened to put the gag back in if I didn't quiet down. "You see," he said, "Of the five of us, three are completely clean, and two have HIV. High viral loads too. Now you get to pick one guy to fuck you tonight. If you get one of the negative guys, then when you're done, we let you go home to your mommy. No harm no foul. But if you pick one of the positive guys, he gets to dump his seed in you, and then so do the rest of us." He paused for a minute, and added, "Oh, and none of us are gentle," he winked, "and none use condoms. Choose wisely." Then he stepped back and all five of them dropped their towels. Oh fuck. None of them would be easy. They were all in their 30's, white, and pretty hung. One was at least 7" soft. The others were hard. One was uncut, 8-9" and really thick. Another was probably 7" cut, but as big around as a baseball bat. The fourth was the biggest--10" and massively thick. Terrifying. And Brad, the ring leader, was 9" but not quite as thick. "Tick tock," Brad said, "We'll give you one question, but you can't ask status." I thought for a second. "Are the bigger cocks the positive ones?" I asked. "I said you can't ask about status," Brad replied, "But not necessarily. That wouldn't be any fun. Now your time's up. Decide which one of us gets to tear that little boy hole apart." I was terrified. They were playing mind games with me. I decided Brad was out right away. He was probably one of the positive guys since he set this up. And I didn't want to take the massive cock. The thick one didn't sound good either. And the one who was soft could have ended up growing huge. Not a chance I wanted to take. I gestured to the uncut guy. He was big. Probably 9" and thick, but I thought he was my best bet. They all cheered, and he stepped up. They uncuffed me, flipped me over, and held me down by my arms and legs. And then I felt it. A searing pain. He had shoved himself in my virgin hole all at once, as hard as he could, without lube. He drilled down as I cried and begged him to stop. I'd never felt pain like that in my life. He pulled out and smeared blood on my lower back, then shoved himself back in. He pummeled and pounded, and the other guys cheered him on. After what felt like hours, he moaned and I felt a warm sensation inside me. The guys let go, and I turned myself back over. And that's when I saw it. As he walked away from me, on his back, there was a biohazard tattoo. Brad leaned in close to my ear and whispered that I'd just been pozzed. Then, without warning, he lifted my ankles up by my head and shoved himself in me. I screamed as he did it, and he reached down and clamped his hands down on my throat. "I wouldn't do that if I were you, boy," he said menacingly. I laid there and stared into his cold eyes as he raped me. When he had dumped inside me, the others lined up and used me too. After each one, I sucked them clean. And when they were done, they disappeared out of the room, nowhere to be found. I stumbled back to the locker room, and Alex took one look at me and laughed. He abandoned the front desk and walked over to me. "Get on your knees," he said, and he whipped out his cock. I sucked him off, and he came down my throat. Then he patted me on the cheek, and said, "At least tell me you used condoms, boy?" I replied back, "No, this group of guys wouldn't let me." He got serious. "How many of them?" he asked. I told him there were five and described Brad to him. "Fuck!" he hollared. "I know them. All five of them were poz and not on meds, kid. Sorry." Then he handed me my clothes from the locker and walked back to the front desk. I got dressed in silence, trying to take in what had just happened to me. As I walked to the door, he didn't even bother looking up at me. He just said, "You'll be back boy, you've got nothing to lose now." And as I walked outside, the morning sunlight hit my face. How was I going to live with myself? What was I going to do? How could I let this happen? As I settled into my car to drive home, I noticed the cum still on my mouth, and rather than wiping it off, I licked my lips. He was right, I probably would be back. It had definitely been a birthday to remember.
  6. My name is Ben. I'm 18 years old, white, thin, and cute. I run a lot so I have a nice butt. I'm basically hairless below the neck. I have short brown hair with a tight fade and green eyes. I'm gay, but I'm not out. I've never told another soul that I like guys. And on top of that, I started watching gay porn when I was way too young. So my mind is all kinds of fucked up. I want to be a bottom, but I've never had sex. I met a guy online and sucked him off in his car one time, but that's as far as I've gotten. And yet, I imagine myself being strung up by my wrists by some hot, hung, muscle stud and beaten with his belt all over. I imagine getting throat fucked until I'm gasping for air. I imagine getting slapped around and choked. And I imagine my tight hole getting used raw by him when he was finally done hurting my worthless teen body. I imagine a lot. I got particularly excited when my dad announced he was taking me on a trip to London over my spring break. My dad had work there, and I was just going to tag along. But for three days of the trip, my dad was going to Scotland, and I was going to be left alone in a great city for gay bars all by myself. This was my chance. The trip was awesome. We ate good food, went to museums, and saw the sights in London together. And then the day came that he left. I had a pretty normal day. That night, I didn't eat dinner. And I douched. I had to watch videos online to figure out how. I'd never done anything like this before. And I looked around to figure out where to go online. I downloaded Grindr too and chatted up a few guys. I took sexy pics and posted them. I'd found a bar I was going to that night. And around 9:30pm, I started off across the city. (to be continued)
  7. Jason desperately needed the $800. And he couldn't afford to piss off Brent any further. He talked himself into believing this was a good idea. It would get him the money he needed, and then, he'd never be contacted again. He could go back to living his old life like none of this ever happened. What he failed to remember was that he had only ever been fucked a couple of times. And each time didn't last that long. He had no idea what a gangbang with 50+ dominant tops would be like. And he was intentionally ignoring the fact that a bunch of these guys had HIV and could change his life forever. But he couldn't think about those things. If he did, he would never go through with it. The day passed slowly, and Jason casually mentioned to his parents that he might go out and spend the night at a friend's house. Late in the afternoon, he jumped in the shower and cleaned himself out really well. And he snagged a drink from his father's stash for some liquid courage. Then, around 7:15pm, he jumped in his jeep and started off. He got to the house just before 8:00pm and there were cars all the way down the block. What had Jason gotten himself into? As he rung the doorbell, Jason thought about turning around and running. But before he could do it, Brent opened the door, completely naked. He had forgotten how good Brent looked. A big dick--even soft--toned abs, nice arms. Jason still wasn't into guys, but even he could admit that Brent was hot. He was ushered inside and ordered to strip again, like last time. And again, his clothes were deposited in the safe. He knew if he left before they were done with him that he would leave naked and without the cash. Jason didn't have a way out anymore. From the foyer, he could see and hear lots of guys, all naked, mingling around the living room and kitchen area and drinking. He started to get scared. Brent walked him into the living room and everyone cheered, then went back to their drinks and conversations. Brent hadn't lied. There were tons of guys there--way more than the Super Bowl party. Jason looked around and estimated at least 50, probably more. They were all naked too, and many of them seriously hung, even soft. Brent seemed to have a type. This wasn't a random group--it was more of a club. All the guys were in their 30's and 40's, white or latino, in good shape, and hung. Lots of them had tattoos. A bunch had scorpions and biohazards. And then Aaron saw him across the room--the man who fucked him at the Super Bowl party. The distinctive scorpion tattoo made him stand out. He raised a glass and gave a wink to Jason, then went back to his conversation. Brent asked Jason if he needed to shower, and Jason shook his head no. "I cleaned up at home," he said. "Good boy," replied Brent. He led Jason to the bar, where he set up four shots of whiskey. "Take all of them--now," he said impatiently. Jason looked back at him nervously. "I don't really want to dr--" he said, before Brent cut him off, "I said do the shots, boy. Trust me, you'll be glad you did later." Brent took the shots timidly, coughing and sputtering a little bit at the end. Then Brent led Jason down into the middle of the room. "Lay down on your back on the coffee table, and put your ankles up in the air," he said matter of factly. Jason did. And Brent walked away. The normal conversations kept going, but the men did take notice of him. First, he got glances, and then a few of them started touching him. Then one grabbed Jason's hand and put it around his cock, so Jason started stroking him. Then, another guy dropped his dick on Jason's face. Jason took it in his mouth and sucked it until it was hard. Another guy stepped up behind him, and another behind him. Jason looked back, and there was a line forming at his head. And then he felt it: a dick slammed into Jason's ass without warning or lube. Jason spit out the dick and screamed. The man at his head slapped him, hard. And then both began to fuck him mercilessly. Jason caught a glimpse at the guy fucking him and realized that there was a line behind him as well. At least 10 guys lined up for both his ass and mouth, and still tons of guys around the room watching. Neither of the two men lasted long. The guy in his ass came first, and the room erupted in cheers again when he did. And then the guy in his mouth came. Jason swallowed it all. The one in his ass leaned in and whispered, "Your first poz cum of the night, bitch," and then pulled his now limp dick out of the boy's already aching hole. A tear dropped from Jason's eye. Then the next men stepped up. The guy at his mouth was average size, not too thick, but on the long side. He didn't let Jason suck him though. He leaned in and fucked his throat. Jason could feel him pounding well past his gag reflex and he struggled against it. He glanced around him, and there seemed to be more guys than before watching expectantly, like they were waiting to see something. Then he felt something strange on his hole. He looked down and saw a dick with a PA, but it wasn't a circle like the others he had seen, it was a spike coming out of the end of the guy's dick. On top of that, he was hung like a horse. He leaned down and said, "I'm not on meds boy." Jason spit out the dick in his mouth, and yelled, "No, please do--" right as the spiked cock assaulted his hole, tearing him to shreds. The room cheered, and the guy who was throat fucking him slapped the shit out of him, then shoved his dick back in Jason's mouth. The spiked cock pulled out of his ass, and sure enough, he had blood on his dick. He smeared it on Jason's chest and went back to fucking him. Luckily, the man in his ass didn't last long and shot a huge load inside him. Another guy took his place quickly. It went on and on. It was way worse than Jason expected. He was counting his loads. By the time he had 6 in his ass and 8 in his mouth, he was starting to think about it being over. But there were dozens of men left. And then some might want to go again. An hour later, Jason had 11 in his ass and 14 down his throat, and he knew he couldn't go on. He didn't care about the money anymore. He just couldn't do this. He was in so much pain. As the dick in his ass slid out to make room for the next guy, Jason broke free and got off the coffee table. There were boo's from the room, and before he knew it, Brent was standing in front of him. "Where do you think you're going, boy?" he asked. Jason just stammered, "I can't do this, I need to leave. Please, I have to go. Please stop!" Tears streamed down his face. Brent patted him on the cheek condescendingly, "No boy, you're not going anywhere." Then he yelled to the room, "He wants to leave! What do you say, gents?" A resounding "Fuck no!" rung in Jason's ears as they laughed at him. "Looks like they're gonna rape you, boy. Don't think I could stop them if I wanted to," Brent said calmly, and he pushed Jason back into the crowd. They were rougher this time. They were hitting him and choking him just for fun. Then Jason was thrown to the ground and a strong muscled man with a massive dick stepped up. He slammed into Jason with one thrust and fucked the boy while he cried. The other men tied Jason's wrists up and spread them wide in the meantime. And one of the men slipped a belt around Jason's neck. He growled to Jason, "It's our way of tightening you up. You're getting loose." And he pulled tightly. Jason's whole body spasmed and he tightened his hole, and the room cheered. The night went on that way until slowly, one by one, the men got dressed and left. When Brent was the only one there, Jason stood up to leave. It had to be 10am. He had been getting fucked all night. He was filled with more loads in his mouth or ass than he could count. And his ass was torn to shreds. He'd stopped counting at 40, but that was still early in the night. Jason was just so thankful it was time to leave. And then Brent pushed him over the arm of the couch. "Please, no," Jason begged, but Brent didn't care. He slammed into the boy and fucked him until he blew one last load inside him. Then, before Jason even knew what was happening, Brent dragged him to the front door, pushed him out, and slammed the door behind him. He opened the door a few seconds later, and threw Jason's clothes at him. Then he opened it one more time and threw the money at him. Jason got dressed on the front porch and tucked the money in his pocket. He walked to his jeep, sat down in the driver's seat and began to cry. He was never going to gamble again. [End]
  8. In the days that followed, Jason got 1-2 text messages every day. There was a hot 40 year old fit daddy who wanted a blowjob in his garage while his wife slept. Then a young clean cut frat-looking guy with a PA who wanted a quick suck and fuck. And then there was a mid-40's toned biker looking leather guy with a biohazard tattoo who wanted to cum inside Jason and slurp it out. He was making about $50 a meet up. He tried complaining to Brent about the amount, but Brent explained that Jason was damaged goods after that first night. Nothing more than a cheap whore now. Then, there were a few days whereJason didn't hear from Brent at all. He thought maybe it was over. But then he got a text: Jason replied back fast. Of course he wanted that. He wanted both of those things more than anything in the world. He got the next text soon: Jason thought about it for a moment. That meant a lot of getting fucked. He'd only been fucked a couple times. The rest had been blowjobs. And he knew that the group was full of HIV positive guys. But he needed the money. He weighed his options and decided to at least try for more money. He sent back, "$3000?" and got his reply fast: "Yes sir," was Jason's timid reply. (to be continued... one last chapter coming!)
  9. Jason got home and immediately fell into bed. It was almost noon, and he was exhausted. He cried a little bit into his pillow as he fell asleep. He relived his hell from the night before in his dreams. His dad came in and woke him up at one point and yelled at him for sleeping all day. But Jason was too tired to care. He awoke again in one of those nap stupors. He didn't even know what day it was. And all of the sudden, he panicked. He had to be somewhere at 6pm. He looked at his clock. 5:15pm. Fuck. It wasn't close either. He jumped up, still in his trainers and t-shirt from the night before, grabbed his keys, and ran to the car. He barely made it to the motel by 6pm. There were lots of cars there. He walked up to the door of room 12, and found a note taped to it and waiting for him: Jason thought about it for a minute. How humiliating... but he needed the money. And anything he could make without getting fucked, he wanted. He stripped, then fumbled with the zip ties for a minute, but figured out how to do it. Then he got on his knees and said, "Let me in and use me like a worthless slut." He heard some shufflin around inside, and then someone said, "Louder boy!" He yelled it louder. The door opened slightly, but just enough for someone to reach out, grab his clothes, and shut the door again. Fuck! Now he was out there, zip tied, naked, with no clothes. He heard men laughing inside. How many guys were here? Fuck, he thought this was just going to be a simple blowjob. Then he heard someone say, "As loud as you can boy!" He yelled it again, as loud as he could. He looked around, afraid someone saw or heard him. He was visible from the street, after all. Then the door opened and they pulled him in by his hair. There were a dozen guys there. He didn't recognize any of them from last night. How many guys were there in this group? Or was Brent just whoring him out to random guys at this point? Immediately, they whipped out their cocks and one of them started to fuck Jason's throat. It wasn't the slow blowjobs he'd experienced so far. This was a full on throat rape. And with his wrists zip tied behind his back, he couldn't do a thing to stop it. It was one dick after another for almost an hour. They held their dicks down his throat and held his nose shut, laughing when he struggled to breathe. They slapped him around, hard enough to knock him over a couple times, and leave him feeling humiliated. They called him names and yelled things at him. They slapped him with their cocks. And one by one, they came on his face, zipped up, and left. The last guy pissed on him, and left him there, covered in jizz, crying. The money was by the door. Was this what his life was now? Maybe so. (to be continued)
  10. Jason woke in the morning, his hole in pain. He reached down to feel it. He was surprisingly not as broken as he thought. He was still tight. But his hole hurt to the touch. He knew it would take days before the pain subsided. He stood and stretched. Brent was nowhere to be found. He walked out into the living room and wandered into the kitchen and found Brent there making an egg white omelet. "Glad you're awake," he said as he poured Jason a cup of coffee. Jason sat down at the bar and rubbed his head. Brent scooped up the eggs onto a plate and handed them across the counter to him. Jason took a few bites, and then finally looked up and said, "Hey man, I need to get out of here. My parents are going to be wondering where I am soon." Brent stood there with a cold look on his face. "Yeah man, you can go," he said. Jason looked back at him awkwardly, and finally choked out the words, "I need my money." Brent just stood there. "Yeah man," he said, "Just one thing first. Say it. Say you're a worthless whore." Brent picked up his phone and started filming. "No," said Jason, "No man, I'm not going to do that." Brent just nodded to him and said, "Ok, then you can go," and he gestured toward the door. Jason hung his head low. "I'm a worthless whore," he mumbled in defeat. Brent gestured to him to say more. He lifted up his head and picked his voice up a bit, "I'm a worthless whore who takes cock in my ass and swallows cum for fun." He glared at Brent. "That'll do it," Brent replied as he set his phone down. "You know this isn't over, right boy?" Brent asked. Jason looked up at him with a sadly naive expression. "Oh no," said Brent, shaking his head, "Between the videos I have of you last night and that video I just took, I own you." He turned on the TV and began playing video of the night before as he continued to talk, "The guys really liked you. They'll all want a piece of your ass. And there's still money to be made off you. Showing you off last night was the preview, not the main event." Jason looked at him in disbelief and stammered, "But, but... that's not fair!" Brent laughed, "No boy, it's not fair. You gambled and you lost. And now you're going to have to pay." He pulled a wad of cash out of his pocket and handed it to Jason. "Here's what you've already earned," he said flippantly, "But on the up side, I'll make sure you get the $3k you need to pay off that credit card, boy." Jason couldn't believe what was happening. He tucked the cash into his pocket and started toward the door, hoping he would wake up from his nightmare. Brent didn't try to stop him. Jason got to his Jeep and hopped in. He hit the steering wheel and shook it in anger. How could he have let this happen? Then he got a text message from Brent: (to be continued)
  11. Honestly really hard. I've written a few stories on here. They're what I want to happen to me. And all the main characters are based on me haha. What city r u in?
  12. I've been on here for a while. I'm not on prep yet, and I want to take a few loads before I go get on it. I really get off on the risk. No, I'm not actually hoping to get pozzed. Yes, I know this is a bad idea. Don't lecture me. I get it. I'm cute, young, thin, and actually seem very normal. I'm just sexually repressed, and I want some rough dom top to take advantage of me. Hit me up if you want to abuse me.
  13. Ben pushed with all his weight and just a little bit of spit for lube. He was trying to hurt the boy. He only got a couple inches inside him, but Jason had never felt pain like this in his life. He screamed out as loud as he could and writhed in their hands. One of the men holding him down stuffed a pair of underwear in Jason's mouth to muffle him. The other guys laughed. Ben pulled back out, which hurt Jason even worse. Something about his hole trying to tighten back up, he guessed. He hadn't known what to expect, but it wasn't this. He had never expected it would be this bad. "Fuck he's tight!" Ben yelled to the room, "I'm going for blood this time, gents!" And they erupted in cheers and whistles. "Poz him!" one of the guys yelled. That caught Jason's attention, but he didn't know what it meant. As he looked around, he saw the other guys had mostly stripped and were jerking off watching him. He saw more scorpion tattoos. And a bunch of the biohazard symbol. Maybe they were some kind of club, he guessed. Just then, Ben went back for another thrust. He shoved himself into Jason with all his might. Tears streamed from Jason's eyes. He sobbed and begged through the undies stuffed in his mouth for them to stop. Ben looked to Brent, who shook his head no, and then he shoved again even harder. This time, Ben and Jason both felt a distinct tear, and Jason knew what had happened. Searing pain shot through his body and he screamed louder than he'd ever screamed before. Ben leaned over him so their faces were just inches apart, smiled, and gave another shove. Ben looked down to see that even after all that effort, his dick was only about halfway inside Jason. He pulled out again and smeared the blood from his dick on Jason's face, slapping him with his cock. Ben looked down at him and said, "If you want any more lube, I'd suggest you suck it." And Jason took it in his mouth for a while. He tried to get the cock as slobbery as possible. Then, Ben pulled his dick away from the boy's red-stained lips, and lined back up at his hole. With one giant thrust, he pushed all the way inside Jason, tearing him even worse. And he began to pummel him like a worthless whore. Jason just cried softly in defeat and pain. It went on for about 20 minutes. A few different positions. A lot of pain. And a truly gaped, broken, bleeding hole. Finally Ben began to grunt. He put Jason on his back again, and started fucking him hard and deep. He was getting ready to cum. He leaned in and whispered in Jason's ear, "Want to know what the scorpion means? It means I've got HIV. We all do. Every one of us here. And every year before the Super Bowl, we all go off our meds to try to poz the waiter Brent gets for us. Hope you got the money you needed. Because you earned everything you're getting tonight." Jason's face went pale, and he panicked. "Please, no," was all he could get out. Just then, Ben pushed balls deep inside him with all his might, tearing Jason's destroyed hole even worse, and he shot a massive load in the boy's once-virgin hole. He pulled out of the boy and looked at him. Pathetic. Blood smeared across his face. Cum from some of the bystanders on his chest. More cum leaking out of the boy's hole. He looked at Jason with contempt and disgust, slapped him across the face, and then kissed him deeply. Then he put his clothes back on, thanked Brent, paid him, and left. Jason laid there on the couch in disbelief while the other guys jerked off. A couple of them made him suck them off. He swallowed their loads too. One licked the boy's ass, but it hurt Jason too much, so he stopped. When they had all cum, put on their clothes, and left, Jason was left there with Brent. Brent took him to the same shower as before, cleaned him up, and gave him back his clothes from the safe. Then he sat Jason on the couch, cuddled up next to him, and caressed him, kissing him softly. "Well done," said Brent reassuringly, "You didn't earn all of the money you need, but I can help you earn the rest. Stay here with me tonight. We'll talk in the morning." And he ushered Jason to his bedroom, where the two fell asleep in each other's arms. (to be continued)
  14. Ha, damn it, I meant to do that too. lol

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