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  1. I’m alwaysbareb on w
  2. Slutting out a sub in Atlanta. No load refused ☢️🐷

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. AlwaysBareback


      Can’t say I wouldn’t enjoy being whored out to all men 😈

    3. SmoothATLBttm


      Just don't let that perfect cock of yours go to waste 🙏

    4. boybottom4use


      Atlanta here too, you can slut me out anytime!!

  3. Fucking hot story. Wish I was Ryan right about now.
  4. Hey thanks for the follow, hot profile

    1. AlwaysBareback


      Thanks. Hot ass slut. 

  5. I’m interested in this scene for sure.
  6. thanks for the follow

    1. AlwaysBareback
    2. J0nn1eb0y


      thank you. im a work in progress. Came out very late in life at 45. I'm 59 now. I vowed i would try anything and had to try it 3 tines before i said i didnt like it. I now have a very broad sexual appetite  

  7. Would love for a guy to fill my ass with piss. I’d empty my bladder in an ass too.
  8. I’d say around 200 men have bred me. Haven’t always been super active. Need more practice for sure. 😏
  9. Thanks for the follow 🙂

    1. AlwaysBareback
    2. alessandro


      Thanks, where are you at, you can fuck it if you want to 🙂

  10. Hey. Thanks for the follow!
    Would swear with you anday!

    1. AlwaysBareback


      Thanks sexy. Love a used hole 😉

  11. We’re about a you live at ??

  12. Thank you for the follow, stud. Beautiful ass you've got there.

  13. After using it for a little while, you’re totally right. I wish it was used more to protect user privacy over anything. I prefer it over sms, skype, kik, and similar apps because it’s encrypted end to end and has pretty good security features.
  14. Fuckin'Oink~!🐷Please keep sharing your pix, and adventures. Pigs like you make visiting BZ the best part of my day. Thanks for your follow too. I gotta visit ATL more often. X☣️X

    1. AlwaysBareback


      Thank you! Would love to take your load sometime. Gift me with your poz cum ☢️🐷

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