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    Breeding, Men, Sex, Travel, Commercial Aircraft
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    Poz, On Meds
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    I'm a total slut when it comes to either poz or full blown men... I will do anything to get fucked!.
    Also LOVE having my throat fucked hard... the harder the better!
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    none - yet!!
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    Poz (the more toxic the better) guys, friends... why not ask!

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  1. hello   I just down road from you  in market Harborough am  neg looking for  poz  guys  to  breed me  you interested let me  know 

  2. Me

    You are a really sexy man! I'd love to get together with you...
  3. Thanks for following...poz is the best!

  4. Craigslist Ad

    I always lick and kiss bio/ scorpion tats... such a turn on to be looking at one while I'm being fucked and bred!
  5. Craigslist Ad

    The biggest turn on is either a scorpion or bio hazard tat....
  6. I love your pics! Looks like you've got a nice big pair of balls there... I'd love to feel them banging against my ass while you're breeding me!

    Very sexy guy!

  7. Hey Wanna Get Aids?

    Hell yes! I would do anything to get knocked up by a full blown stud!
  8. I would go for as many different guys as possible. I like the way different guys fuck and feel deep inside me. Also you get more strains (hopefully)
  9. Under the Stall - Bareback

    Nothing better than taking loads from anonymous men!
  10. Trying to suck my cousin

    If it were me I'd wait until you are joking around then in a playful way say something about giving him a blow job. It's never failed me yet!
  11. Sucking Married Guys

    I love sucking married cock. It's even better (for me anyway) knowing they have kids. There is nothing better than taking a big load, and I agree married men don't cum that often, from a frustrated man with kids. I love knowing the seed I'm going to swallow is good enough to make babies... and I'm going to swallow every one of his hundreds of thousands of individual sperm!
  12. I would love to feel that cock of your being rammed balls deep until you unload deep into me...

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