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    Peterborough UK
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    Breeding, Getting knocked up, AIDS, STI's, Men, Sex, Travel, Commercial Aircraft
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    Poz, Not On Meds
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    I'm a total slut when it comes to either poz or full-blown men... I will do anything to get fucked by a highly charged man or men.
    I've stopped meds (over 8 months) and looking to get as many strains as possible. I'd really like to find a full-blown guy who isn't on meds..
    Also, LOVE having my throat fucked hard... the harder the better!

    I'm a committed and genuine chaser and never back out of a meeting. In fact, I like to send a breeder a front door key so they can come in a just fuck me when it suits them.
    I've already taken a few loads from a guy who is Hep C+ and will be taking a lot more of his tainted semen in the next few weeks.

    I always like guys to watch as I tear my cunt up with a toothbrush before they fuck me to show how committed I am to taking toxic cum.

    Willing to pay (sensible amount) towards travel costs for highly toxic men to breed me
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    none - yet but would really like to make a video of me taking cum from full blown men...
  • Looking For
    AIDS, Poz, STI's, sleazy friends etc.
    Ask me for more details!

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  1. Can I be your aids boy? Taking your tainted semen and becoming full blown like you? I'm 23 years old and want to be a whore with you

  2. Such a sexy guy!

    You can breed me anytime....

    1. hornynhung


      Love to fuck you raw and Poz breed you.   🙂

  3. I can say, hand on heart, I have never used and never will use a condom. Men are on this planet to breed and spread their semen so why on earth would you mess with the natural order?
  4. Ever in susex Hastings 

  5. I have never refused anyone who wants a fuck. I'm a bug chasing slut who loves men using my throat and ass....
  6. I love the way you think edward! I want that cock of yours deep inside me.
  7. Very erotic! Similar to my own breeding although we weren't married. My breeder took me out for dinner, wined and dined me before taking me to his place and 'performing his duty' Never once looked back!
  8. Hi there pozguy, thanks for following me in here 😊

  9. Poz 24 years. Now off meds - been off for 9 months. Wanting med resistant/ full blown
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