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    Breeding, Men, Sex, Travel, Commercial Aircraft
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    Poz, Not On Meds
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    I'm a total slut when it comes to either poz or full blown men... I will do anything to get fucked!.
    I've stopped meds and looking to get as many strains as possible. I'd really like to find a full blown guy who isn't on meds..
    Also LOVE having my throat fucked hard... the harder the better!
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    none - yet!!
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    Poz (the more toxic the better) guys, friends... why not ask!

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  1. I don't know how many times I've read this and each time I end up shooting a huge toxic load!
  2. hello   I just down road from you  in market Harborough am  neg looking for  poz  guys  to  breed me  you interested let me  know 

  3. Thanks for following...poz is the best!

  4. I always lick and kiss bio/ scorpion tats... such a turn on to be looking at one while I'm being fucked and bred!
  5. The biggest turn on is either a scorpion or bio hazard tat....
  6. I love your pics! Looks like you've got a nice big pair of balls there... I'd love to feel them banging against my ass while you're breeding me!

    Very sexy guy!

  7. Hell yes! I would do anything to get knocked up by a full blown stud!
  8. Nothing better than taking loads from anonymous men!
  9. If it were me I'd wait until you are joking around then in a playful way say something about giving him a blow job. It's never failed me yet!
  10. I love sucking married cock. It's even better (for me anyway) knowing they have kids. There is nothing better than taking a big load, and I agree married men don't cum that often, from a frustrated man with kids. I love knowing the seed I'm going to swallow is good enough to make babies... and I'm going to swallow every one of his hundreds of thousands of individual sperm!
  11. I would love to feel that cock of your being rammed balls deep until you unload deep into me...

  12. My last 3 loads were last night. I stopped off on my way home at a cruising area and before long had a guy coming on to me. Being a good slut I never refuse any man if he is in need shooting his load somewhere warm. Before long he had me gagging on his cock, he rammed it to the back of my throat and started fucking. I love guys raping my throat as hard as possible. Anyway, we must have been making some noise as before long I felt someone fingering my ass then felt their tongue lubing me up. I felt back to help lines up and was really pleased to not feel a rubber. So there I was with one guy throat fucking me and another fucking my ass. They started to kiss while fucking both end and before long the guy in my throat fed me a quite decent sized load. I had no choice but to swallow his cum (although I always do) as he pushed his cock deep to the back of my throat while he emptied his rather large hairy balls into my throat. This in turn made the guy in my ass cum, I was in heaven. I was just about to zip up and leave when I noticed a guy in the shadows who had been watching us. I just motioned for him to come over then bent over to give him full access. He didn't take a second before he was deep inside me. Obviously watching the other guys fuck me had turned him on as within a few minutes he said (the only time he spoke) I'm gonna cum and I see you take it then before I could answer he was ramming deep into me and unloading. I came home with 3 unknown mens seed in my body... I'm going back there shortly as it's a nice day to see how many horny guys are around in the daytime... I'll let you know how I get on later!

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