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    Im a nasty POZZED up pig cum dump twink here looking to take as many loads from as many cocks as possible. I have virtually no standards at all and willingly accept loads from anyone. I dont care how old you are, how fat you are, how viral you are, how ugly you are. If you want to fuck me you can have me. I dont want your respect either. Men shouldnt respect trash like me after all and thats all I am - TRASH. Ive got one purpose and that is to be used and then thrown away. like the cheap piece of shit I am.

    Love being breeded by anon strangers; into bondage, leather, groups, anon, exhibitionism, face slapping, choking, spitting, glory holes, bathhouses, and being used like the worthless, pathetic, cum hungry slut I am.

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    Kyros Christian, the Candy Spookie (PZP, Helix Studios, BoyCrush, BareTwinks, College Dudes 24/7, Eurocreme, CitiBoyz, Straight Naked Thugs, JizzAddiction, ToeGasms, Boys-Pissing, etc)
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    If you want some pnp fun with me lets arrange a few days together and ill be your no limits slave from the minute I get there to the minute I leave. Youll have absolute control over me and everything I do, and you can slut my holes out when you arent using me too.

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    [think before following links] [think before following links] https://twitter.com/theCandySpookie

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  1. What a sexy slut!  I'm so into young n sleazy!!

    1. TwinkFoot


      You're fuckin' sexy, Daddy. I would absolutely love to serve You >:) Thinking about Your big dick breeding my ass has me so hard.

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