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  1. Theaters are closed again. I haven't tried being a motel anon cumdump yet. Maybe I'll try it with my new chastity cage and blindfold.
  2. Adult Shoppe on Holly, and the one at 24st & Jefferson are open, Theater is now $8 for 4 hours. The pic is me in new stockings. any one need a sissy cumdump, lol.
  3. still looking to suck, get pounded, rim, ws. traveling valley wide, not hosting, but same phone number as before.
  4. can't host, bored/horny, traveling valley wide. breeding, cum, piss, rim...
  5. don’t have skype, but I do have FaceTime. Haven’t tried it out yet, so looking for a bud to see if it works.
  6. had some battery problems and had to charge it up by driving on the freeway. decided to head downtown and check out the Adult Shoppe on Holly, and the one at 24th St. Holly parking lot closed off with yellow caution tape, so it's closed. The one at 24th had the main parking areas close/roped off, but there's about 8 parking spaces by the front door, with about 5 cars parked there. I didn't go in, but they're probably restricting the amount of occupants. not sure if they're doing retail, or if the arcade or theater is open. i wonder if they practice social distance rules in there. i suppose u could wear a face mask, and arcade/theater cumdumps would only need to pull it down when we suck cock, drink piss, or lick ass. for breeding ass and anal play, both parties could keep them on. By the way, California has begun a state wide project for corona antibody testing. I haven't heard yet on how u can have proof to show your employer, etc, that ur not a threat, am are immune to it.
  7. In 2 weeks anti-body testing will begin across the country. In Germany, those who have anti-bodies are issued a corona immunity certificate. No word yet on what proof you'll be issued in this country. Will this mean they'll be exempt from social distancing? Could hookups begin again? I haven't had it yet, as far as I know. I'm wondering if I should be open to taking anti-body cum. If there's no risk of infection, and if there's a chance of acquiring corona immunity, should I go for it? Of course, I'll get tested for anti-bodies when testing begins as I may not have had any symptoms. Willing to consider taking or giving antibody cum, but would like to hear from others... By the way, Germany has an enhanced version of the TB shot which has already gone thru phase 1 clinical trials. They expect to finish phase 2 and 3 in 6 months and begin manufacturing it at that time. They estimate the increased immune response of the respiratory system will only last 1 year. By then, or sooner, a vaccine should be available.
  8. 4 days have passed and maricopa county has gone from 545 cases and no deaths to 961 cases and 12 deaths. That's the bad news. So continue to lay low till the worse is over. However, there is some good news. TB is a disease similar to the corona virus, and it seems the TB vaccination is providing some protection against getting it, and dying from it. This news has just come out, and there may be a little rush of people wanting to get the vaccination, or a booster shot. Check your shot records to see if you've had the shot. Later...
  9. 545 corona cases in maricopa county. best to lay low, and hope for moderate or low symptoms if u get it. good news for today is that survivors will have anti-bodies in their blood, which will provide them with immunity when the next wave of corona hits. the question i have is: can these "corona survivors" pass their immunity by breeding, and if they can, when this news gets out to the general public, will this result in a new wave of breeders and pigs in the breeding community?
  10. looking for truckers traveling thru phoenix who want a cumdump. let me know what truck stop, truck, and when you need to me to show.
  11. homeless guys over near 10 ave and Jefferson in downtown phoenix. not sure where the tweekers hang out. it's tough finding cock in phoenix, as there's more bottoms than tops. it's even tougher finding tops that host. i'm ok with taking cum, piss, and rimming ass, but I can't host, so i always have to travel. never done homeless cock, but willing to try it if a cock was available.
  12. holding off on new contacts till more info on corona virus is known. asu already has it's first case.
  13. poz bottom can't host, traveling valley wide for loads
  14. only drank piss twice, not thrilled with the taste, but i'm a sub, so my dick gets rock hard when i'm degraded. willing to try being a public urinal if there's any pissers in the phoenix metro area. can't host but will travel and hookup at your place or any local adult arcade, theater, or bathroom in phoenix. also into rimming if anyone likes a tongue in their ass...
  15. no longer hosting, but cumdump pig is still traveling valley wide... pete

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