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    phoenix az
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    taking cum, service, humiliation
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    poz bottom, undetectable, can't host
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    open to homemade vids
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    loads. will travel valley wide

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  1. poz bottom can't host, traveling valley wide for loads
  2. only drank piss twice, not thrilled with the taste, but i'm a sub, so my dick gets rock hard when i'm degraded. willing to try being a public urinal if there's any pissers in the phoenix metro area. can't host but will travel and hookup at your place or any local adult arcade, theater, or bathroom in phoenix. also into rimming if anyone likes a tongue in their ass...
  3. no longer hosting, but cumdump pig is still traveling valley wide... pete
  4. poz phoenix cumdump, can't host. looking for loads and traveling valley wide to get them.
  5. not on kik, but can travel for cock and cum
  6. 60's poz cumdump willing to travel to Bckeye, both holes open

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