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    chasing, poz, daddys
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    Recently discovered the amazing world of chasing. Finally realised what I was born to be- a toxic pig. Toxic daddys turn me on.

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  1. Where can we find the videos of your little cumdumpster faggot getting loaded?

  2. Beautiful cock pic

    1. wantingnow


      Thank you- would happily share the real thing  with you

  3. Would love you to be my nasty pig daddy! 😉

    1. Sfmike64


      Then you should be sitting on my cock, faggot......

    2. wantingnow


      This faggot will make your daddy cock feel the best it’s ever felt. It’s what I’m meant to do. DM and tell me exactly how this faggot can make daddy feel good 😉

  4. I need you to give birth to me. Breed me. Seed me. Make me. I'll then worship you, the bug and the darkness

  5. Love worshipping on poppers
  6. Each of your gifs you post is making me hornier and harder. 

  7. Hot fucker. You can destroy me any day. 

  8. Nasty poz pig daddy bug worshipping chat gets me super hard (though not as hard as a warm poz load being shot into my arse). Always up for chatting- DM if keen, or leave your W k r . ...cock is twitching 

  9. Beautiful man 🙂

    1. negbtm


      Thanks! So are you

  10. wish you were closer.   Id enjoy abusing you.  taking you down a path you wont turn back from.

  11. Would love to have abuse me....

  12. high hard and edging. hit me up if you want to blast poz cum into my arese. 

  13. Haven’t blown for a week. Will be spending a good few hours edging with poppers and stroking the hopefully soon to be last few neg loads out of my dick, as I think about a hot poz daddy knocking me up with his gift!

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