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    Being a sissy, sucking cock, anal sex, drinking piss, ass-to-mouth, cum drinking, taking loads, being degraded, cumming
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    Neg, On PrEP
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    I’m a typical married sissy who’s into cock so much more than it is good, I need cock now.
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    Homemade only So really none, but would love to be exploited
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    This is weird but if I’m meeting a real dom I like to kind of piss him off so I’m roughed up a bit, I like mean older guys, pervy guys who for example play for two hours fingering your butt, I don’t have a ton of experience so I’m open

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  1. I think BlackDude makes the best point, just because you’re white and will have sex with any race doesn’t mean you aren’t racist, you have to examine your actions outside of sexual preference. Here I was just bragging about how I am attracted to all races. m
  2. I don’t like being asked if I can turn off being a sissy and have sex “as a man” and leave the panties behind. I’ve been told that “I don’t have sex with fags.” I have an attraction to nearly any male of any race, weight, age 18+ or cock size, I’m just really crazy about cock. I can find something fun to do with any guy. But with women I’m much pickier, and have a hard time being aroused by women who are obese or let themselves go. A kinky older guy who is obese and dirty would turn me on, though. This is all very interesting to me particularly now because I am sooooo close to get
  3. Thank you for following me!32E4F331-1250-4E60-B17B-915F376862B0.jpeg.113626e5842fe167a9f766cee14ff918.jpeg

  4. That’s exactly what I need is a fisting top who will piss all over/inside me and is overall raunchy. Makes me incredibly wet. I need to be sweated upon and drooled upon.
  5. BreedingZone and RawTop have given me a place I can go where I know I will be desired, so long as I’m willing to take loads, piss, abuse, filth and a lot of demented tops. BZ is exactly where I like to go and I wish the BZ was on a cruise ship and everyone and every topic and discussion were on that ship for a round the world cruise. I’d hope for an invitation to Captain RawTop’s captain’s table for dinner, and later I’d suck his cock and take his hot load in my cunt. So you see I can’t even answer the question without getting horny. I can’t wait to get back on Prep after a couple years w
  6. I’d like to see more real people with very little experience, with interviews capturing their nervousness, then get fucked by real experienced men, and do dirty stuff they’ve never done before captured on video.
  7. TinyClit


    I love it when someone will enjoy slapping my balls and tiny cock around and make fun of my size.
  8. I can’t say it strongly enough that I crave being pissed on and having fists or giant dildos shoved in my pussy.
  9. I like the Prep option. But I also want to use condoms with anal sex, but something will go wrong with condoms occasionally so they suck as protection by themselves. I have a renewed chance at a prep prescription this month. I’m going to stay on it because I am planning to go hard and take more risks by meeting very often with a lot of different people. Looking forward to being bred.
  10. Yummy looking good girl!



  11. I checked out your profile, love it all can we talk?
  12. Here’s my fuck hole; anyone is welcome to taste it and duck just
  13. Thanks for all the replies. I feel like keeping fit and well-groomed is all the more important, and I’m going to take as much cum piss and cock as I can possibly handle. I also am attracted to all 18-100 ages.
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