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    Likes hairy masculine men. Tattoos, piercings always get my attention. Sexually agressive men. Being hurt. Being forced. Mind control. Total bottom. Prefer raw. Chem friendly.
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    None. But have filled in the "become a model" for TIM.
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    BDSM, Control, pain, breeding, piss, chastity forced slam. Being choked, hit, bruised and well marked.

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  1. being on BZ, has made my barriers come down and has "rewired" my brain to crave bare cock. I love it. I'm becoming the cum toilet i always wanted to be.
  2. Seeing as meeting up is going southwards, anyone want to talk dirty with me?

  3. Please let me know. Im very interested.
  4. I'd certainly be interested in attending.
  5. love that cock. Would quite enjoy it being rammed into my holes.....

  6. Not been around much here for a while. 


  7. I love it (I’ve posted previously on this thread). But after my initial (forced and controlled) introduction to ATM its a favourite of mine. I also, now prefer to NOT clean out as I’ve grown to love the whole taste of His/Their cocks and cum and my own arse funk. indeed, the Owner who introduced me to ATM preferred me not to be cleaned out. I think he got enjoyment from the added humiliation of sometimes having me suck him clean with some shit on his cock. Now, I just love the taste and smell of it.
  8. Totally. Big, beefy, hairy guys with guts = huge turn on.
  9. not getting bred/beaten/abused is startign to piss me off!!!! I need to submit to Superior Men and be their little cum sewer and punch bag.

  10. Right, I’ll get my hard limits out of the way; anything foot/feet related. Nappies, adult baby. All hard limits. i feel that I shouldn’t even have to list the following, but we live in strange times; Animals, kids, anyone who can’t/doesn’t consent or have the mental acuity to consent and make an informed choice. outside of those limits, I’m generally open to being used, however a Top wishes to use me. My last Boss (after discussion) told me that I was never allowed to say “no” and never allowed a safe word. He would decide, what happened to me, how it happened and where and with
  11. Better luck next time. Neg across the board on latest tests.

  12. I've been told that a bottom should have a tight throat and loose cunt. I agree with that.
  13. I love that asthetic of a leaking, ruined, loose hole.
  14. Well, im still quite tight - some Tops prefer tight, others loose. My prefernce for my cunt is to have it totally wrecked, i think loose cunts on bootoms are hot. I want a Man/Men to be able to get their cocks and hands in at he same time.
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