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    Men, Sex, punishment, control, breeding, pain
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    Likes hairy masculine men. Tattoos, piercings always get my attention. Sexually agressive men. Being hurt. Being forced. Mind control. Total bottom. Prefer raw. Chem friendly.
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    None. But have filled in the "become a model" for TIM.
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    BDSM, Control, pain, breeding, piss, chastity forced slam. Being choked, hit, bruised and well marked.

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  1. I dunno. Either I’ve been super, super lucky. Or something else. But I’ve never had any STI. Period. Full stop. and I’ve been an absolute cum sewer of a pig as well., less so these days, but my late teens, 20s and 30s. I was a fucking whore.
  2. Thanks for the follow! You get mine in return. Cheers!

  3. Prefer being hooded, collared and jock strapped. Also having my little clit locked up nice and tight. Reduced to a set of warm homes.
  4. Love it. Being pissed on and in. Given no choice and being told its all im good for to be a fuckslut, cumdump urinal for Superior Men.
  5. Yes. I like being controlled (and being in a coercive controlling relationships), when I’m having my throat raped. having a Top force his Cock down my throat with little regard for me is hot and reinforces my position as a faggot cumdump.
  6. Cant begin to tell you how jealous I am! I so want to get raped by a Top (or Tops) wearing one of these!.
  7. Im desperate to be fucked by a Top wearing a cruel condom - Get my flying and fuck me up
  8. Looks beautiful. I bet you spread your legs swiftly and obiediently after receiving such "attention". I love the colours.
  9. This. I get off on being hurt. I hate it, but will always submit to it.
  10. Bloody hope so! Love that place.
  11. Force is major turn on for me. If a Top does this, i'll give in instantly and let him throat rape me. even if it hurts or i start gagging/crying. Experience suggests that most tops take this as sign to get even rougher with fags throats.
  12. Interesting topic. For me, sex with Men is about me being used. My desire to be utterly degraded, used, abused, hurt and controlled, is an instirinsic and instictive part of my sexuality. This is one reason, why i prefer sex with Men. I tend to enjoy the harder, more extreme end of things, so when i'm being fucked, i fully expect to be hit, choked, peirced, burnt (the only thing i'm not comfortable with is being deliberately cut). Most if not all of my fetishes are about myself being reduced, as a man (sexually, i don't see myself as a Man), as human. you could say with some confidence, that i would best identify, sexually, as an object. Which means that I don;t choose what a Man does to me, but i lilke men who are selfish, sexually violent and who openly identify as sadists. During sex, if a man wants to start hitting me with a belt/cane/paddle etc, it makes me more willing to push myself for him, not becuase of the pain (i actually don;t enjoy the pain, rather the effect, both visually and emotionally) but becuase it pushes my core sexuality and desire. The best sex i've had has involved severe beatings, being belted, having needles poushed through my tits. Or being made to crawl about on all fous with painfully large objects shoved inside me, and then being hit if I cant hold them in. I enjoy recovering and watching how my body responds to being brusied, marked, burnt and having a sore throat and a very stretched out cunt. Alas, it's been harder to find a partner, who is into the same level of deravity as I am. And certianly one who is a sadisitic as I am masochistic.
  13. So..... On a whim, i completed the "model for us" form on TIM website. Has anyone had any experience with modelling or modelling with TIM? I find their content really, really hot. Ideally i'd like to do some pron shoots; BDSM, BD, Fisting, WS, etc. Would welcome suggesitons, advice, etc.
  14. Fancy meeting there when it re-opens?

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