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    Men, Sex, punishment, control, breeding, pain
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    Likes hairy masculine men. Tattoos, piercings always get my attention. Sexually agressive men. Being hurt. Being forced. Mind control. Total bottom. Prefer raw. Chem friendly.
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    None. But have filled in the "become a model" for TIM.
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    BDSM, Control, pain, breeding, piss, chastity forced slam. Being choked, hit, bruised and well marked.

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  1. With his hands. With my panties. With a belt. I dont care. Being choked is a sign of attention. I crave attention.
  2. Yes. Totally. I'm becoming more and more driven to "enjoying" being humiliated and degraded. My mind still wants to push back against this, so long term id be looking for someone to completely re-program my mind. Whihc itself is degrading and humiliating.
  3. New profile pic. Locked and pantied. Ready to serve.

  4. No. I love the whole sleazy nature of it -love being on dark rooms, and not knowing who is fucking me, who is molesting me. It's the thrill, the smell, the feeling. It's just sheer piggy sex.
  5. I do as I’m told. If He wants to rape my throat, it’s his choice. I’m just a hole.
  6. Thanks for the following

    1. BradStevens


      Thanks so much!

  7. Barely there.......want to pull them off and breed me?


  8. This will be on all fours, face down ass up, legs spread. Fell feel to hit/slap/spank it, while you breed it.
  9. Vault139 - going to get passed around like a piece of trash and get fucked whilt in panties and wearing my cage.
  10. Poppered up, locked up, fuck trash.

  11. fucken hot profile photo! love to see you smkoe a big one while you pound my desperate and needy fuckhole.

  12. Best sex has been anon encounters in clubs; when a Man starts mauling me. I don;t resist. The best bit is when he pushes me over and i feel his hands grabbing my arse. Its the anticpation.
  13. It's biologically possible. Of course it is. But in practice? The risk is more theoretical. Don't quote me on this (as I cant remember the exacrt source material) but it sits int eh range 0-0.04% per 10,000 exposures. Takehome: You're not going to get poz through sucking cock or being sucked off.
  14. Looks like Vault is re-opening on the 21st June 2021. I. Can't. Fucking (pun intended). Wait.
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