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  1. A sissy should have their hole clean and ready for use at all times. That includes keeping it clean of STI's. Pozzing might be part of the sissy's fantasy headspace, but who cares? Their wants aren't important. A man should be able to use a sissy's hole without having to worry about catching something. If a sissy isn't providing a worry-free hole, then they're just selfish. And if they're selfish, they're not a sissy - They're just another whore. So, the way I see it, all sissies should be on PrEP.
  2. That's my take on the hanky code. I came across one description that read, "Orange is what you wear if you have so many interests that your back pockets couldn't possibly fit all the hankies of the kinks you're into." I'm a simple guy with simple pleasures. I just want to communicate that I'm two holes for use for any man at any time. I really didn't come across anything which would communicate something as apparently vanilla as that. I guess I'm just going to have to tattoo "Fuck my holes" across my forehead! LOL
  3. Hi! 40 y/o bi guy here, going through a divorce. I have enough money to live on for a bit, so my current plan is to get myself on PrEP, move to a different town, and do nothing but work out, take some online classes, work from home, and be a 24/7 freeuse cumdump. I'd love any tips or advice, so feel free to contact me! I'd especially love advice on how to SAFELY ensure that when I'm out and around town, any man who might want it knows he can use me right then and there.

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