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    Submissive-minded cub being made to put myself back out there. What I'm on here for is already posted on a forum.
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    I'm ordered to seek out a gangbang for my bareback initiation.

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  1. I got into BB'ing just from chatting with dudes online, but I never had the courage to start doing it. Last week I got blackout drunk watching Chaturbate and met this guy in a room we were both watching. We got to talking about it and eventually he got me on Skype with him. I don't remember doing it, but he secretly started recording me and got me drunkenly doxxing myself, holding my ID up to the camera, and saying I consented. Two days later I got a text on my Whatsapp with the video of that and another video I made of me putting on my cockring. He told me it wasn't a game any more, he wanted to be claim me as his sub, and that all I had to do was follow his instructions. He doesn't live anywhere near me, but he wanted me to get my profile here going again and put an ad up to be "initiated" via a gangbang of local guys. He wants me to document it for him as proof, and I'm pretty sure he has an account here to verify I did what I was told because he messaged me last night to tell me he was glad I was posting here. At first I was really ashamed of what I did and kind of nervous, but I have been so turned on since I did I can't stop. It's a huge turn on that I ran into the dude who really is serious about me taking the plunge. I'm sure I still sound like a pussy, but we'll see if somebody local contacts me to set it up. I can't believe I did that, but honestly I've been so horny about it since last week I think I probably will now. I can't really explain it otherwise.
  2. Hey guys! My Sir has ordered me to take the plunge of being turned into a cum dump and had me come back to my profile here. I'm ordered to submit to a guy in the Bay Area willing to turn me out and turn me into a cum dump. I'm expected to submit myself to a request and am required to accept any favors offered. Either you set up the group meeting or we hit Powerhouse or Eagle to meet some guys. I am required to have pics and vids of me getting bred and passed around for my Sir. I'm in big trouble if I don't. Not on Prep.
  3. WOOF! Hot stud!

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