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  1. I have a buddy who loves to deep throat me and tickle my balls with his furry beard. He gets a huge creamy load every time.
  2. This thread is several years old, but I would be interested to hear what the scene is like in FTL now?
  3. Fair Theatre is open and busy
  4. Driving to Florida and will be taking plenty of breaks, mostly at rest areas. Can anyone recommend some good ones along the way on or right off I95? It could be truck stops, rest areas, wooded areas etc. Gracias!
  5. According to Squirt, the ESC should be opening buy June 7th, and the WSC is permanently closed. Supposedly this info came from a former ESC employee.
  6. I have this one bud who takes his dentures out and gives me the most amazing head. He has great suction, big lips and a silky tongue. A total vagina mouth! He tickles my balls while sucking and I just lay back and huff poppers. He gets a huge thick creamy load every time, swallows every drop and milks me completely dry.
  7. It gets worse as you get older hate to say, so get it all while you can. I am not photogenic in the least so I am very picky about the pics I will post, nor do I show my face in my profile pics. I have a decent gym body for a guy my age, I even made the "Most Woofed List" but when I'm asked to unlock, there's then crickets. Recently I was told by a 25 year old on Scruff that I have a sexy body but not a sexy face. That hurt. Guys can be very catty online, their true colors come out when they are not face to face. I do much better at rest areas, book stores and baths, Online hooking
  8. The biggest cock I ever sucked in my life was at the Adonis in 1981. Must have been 10 x 8
  9. What is the probability of catching a STD by just practicing oral? Mostly receiving...
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