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  1. I have a similar problem and I'm looking for good reasons why it would be a problem in a country with healthcare cover. One pill a day doesn't seem like a big deal...
  2. I see! I guess I'm mostly trying to find out the effects, specifically those that aren't to do with health costs and stigma as that's mentioned a lot elsewhere! I'm trying to find out if it's really as many posts here, and the health sites present, like it's non issue nowdays as long as you're on meds, by asking specifically about the effects or changes that are not stigma or medical bills/daily medication!
  3. Hi guys! I've looked around many threads and the biggest negatives that seem to be listed are medical bills and stigma. Other than these, what are the effects of medicated HIV? What happens long term if someone who is 20 or 30 gets it, compared to someone who is 50 getting it? Does it, or the medication harm you as the years go on? Does it cause other medical complications? It feels difficult to find out, the effects seem to even be downplayed by medical websites who seem to want to reassure people that it's not a problem anymore and always say people "live a relatively normal life"
  4. Hi guys! When I was 19 I travelled to London for work. During my visit I passed Chariots, which might be called Sailors Sauna now. I considered entering, but I was too anxious and shy to make the jump. I wonder now. What would have happened to me, a very slender 19 year old, who at the time would have had no concept of the risks there and would have bent over for anyone? I still haven't attended a sauna, so I am not sure what they're like. Would someone have stopped me? I wonder what kind of impact it might have had on my life, had I jumped! Thanks guys!
  5. Niiiice, shemales who top are hot af would love to bend over for one some day! Especially if they do that!
  6. Hey hey let me know when you'll be available!

  7. I would.. it's interesting and almost [banned word] because it's not supposed to happen. If they hate me enough I can rely on them being very dominant and abusive towards me and not hold back.
  8. Kissing is very intimate to me. I don't do it much at all even to my closest friends... But I do have a kink for being forced into a kiss the moment they finish inside me, forcing me into some kind of gay loving embrace.
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