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    After reading this site for years, I finally had to sign up and post.
    I used to only go bareback when I slipped up when drunk, and told myself it wouldn't happen again, though it always did. Now with PrEP I feel freed to enjoy it all bareback and make up for lost time.
    My personal best is now 18 loads in one day, a year ago it was just 3.
    I live in a commuter town near London and there's no decent cock here so I go all out when in London instead.
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    I like all sorts of guys, slim through to muscley or a little chunky. There just has to be that spark of sexual connection. Though sometimes in a group environment, I'll let almost anyone have a go in me.

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  1. I really hope to see a new series or one-off stories from you then, your writing is great.
  2. He has a hot ass. How many loads did he take?
  3. I got my PrEP refill. My clinic are still setting up to distribute it to anyone who needs it, but continuing to dispense to Impact Trial folk while that is being done.
  4. Some are open but I've no idea how they're working with the current rules. What restrictions they're under, etc. Covent Garden health spa is open. Someone mentioned on here that the locker is open too. I don't know about the others.
  5. I'm not in to pain, seeing actual pain is a turn off, but when I top I really get off on seeing them on the brink between pleasure and pain. Where it's almost too much for them and they wince and groan, but at the same time it feels so good to them that they're loving it and are in heaven. You know where you can see the bliss on their face.
  6. I'm still trying to get my PrEP prescription refill. Usually I'd get it on the impact trial when getting tested, but my local clinic aren't doing any in-person appointments and reception just keep telling me to ring back another day as there are no nurses available to approve the prescription. Doesn't quite make sense to me, but I don't exactly have other options. It's been almost a month now I've been trying to get the refill.
  7. I find the opposite, PrEP frees me (to a large degree) from those fears, allows me to manage my risks to a level I am comfortable with, and has dramatically improved and increased my sex life (before covid) while reducing my anxiety and feelings of guilt that used to accompany bareback sex (no doubt guilt caused by strict Christian upbringing). But I guess it depends what you want PrEP for, what you want from sex, why you bareback, and how you view your own personal risk management? If you're giving them advice as a doctor, of course pros and cons and the choice is theirs. If givin
  8. I have loved reading your posts and stories. It's a shame if some negative dickheads are ruining it for you.
  9. That's great news! I'm glad you're getting the rimming you deserve, and I'm sure he'll get better with practice. Just give him good feedback, tell him what you like and he'll learn. The waxing does get less painful the more it's done. Partly as I think the hair roots aren't as deep and partly you just get used to it.
  10. The wide number of options doesn't work here where multiple different options could apply but only one vote can be cast.
  11. I get my crack waxed and it's much better growing back after that than shaving or veet. Bokkierob, I'm glad you got an honest answer from him and like Canail said, hopefully he'll get used to the hair as it grows back rather than being overwhelmed by it all in one go at the moment. I know I used to be freaked out by a hairy ass but over time got over that and a hot ass is a joy ass, hairy or smooth is irrelevant now.
  12. If he isn't in to sweaty ass then expecting a shower or a flannel wipe isn't unreasonable. You're being reasonable too, expecting rimming reciprocation. As I see it you two need to decide if you'll wash when sweaty or he'll learn to like the sweat, or if you're just not compatible in this regard.
  13. If he says you're too sweaty, are you sweaty? Would cleaning off better help for him, or is he just making excuses cos he's not used to rimming?
  14. That'd work better for me. Means I can still catch a fast train home after. I always liked the Sunday afternoon/evening SBN for that same reason.
  15. You're absolutely right. I only started getting into sex parties the last few years and I could wander round getting no action for ages then the instant I got one guy in me, they'd all be queuing up. Best way to get action as a bottom at those was to go with a pal, or find a wingman there and fuck each other a bit in front of everyone and suddenly they all want some. I was then getting fucked constantly for a few hours. It was heaven. As a top, the most I got in was probably 8 asses spread across the event. Fucked each for a while before moving on. Only loaded one gorgeous Australian twi
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