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    Very active cumdumpster slut and looking to up my game in ATL and set goals. Consider myself a total cum slut. It’s all about taking loads from as many tops as I can. I also prefer to be a ‘No Cocks, No Loads refused’ slut. That’s the best part!
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    Not Sure, Probably Neg
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    Txt (678) 210-1633
    KIK: CumSlutATL
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    Looking for as many loads by as many different men in any session - on a single day or weekend

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  1. I recommend this slut to anyone who needs to drop a load in Atlanta.  Legit gym boy "ass up" cumdump.  I usually like longer play sessions, but I've only used him as a pump n dump a few times now - when I've got someplace to be and just wanna cum.,,,this weekend I didn't need any lube or spit - just his pre-lubed/pre-bred hole.  I can cum fast when a guy is hot and sleazy....but would like to have a longer session and more guys sometime.  I added the 10th hashtag on his ass when I finished :)

    1. AtlantaCumDumpster


      Thanks stud! You have a Great cock and a big load! Enjoyed milking that 10th load up my slut hole! 😉 And some more tops came over to continue breeding me until late. 

  2. 2 hung top breeders just tag teamed and took turns pumping multiple loads one after the next til they finished draining their balls. 6 big sloppy loads in 45 minutes pounded in and dripping out when they finished using my cum hungry slut hole. My cunt is so hungry for more! The more I get the more I need. Funny how that works!
  3. Your first name (or a name you'll respond to): CumWhore, Slut Your cell number (for texts): 678-210-1633 A location (be at least as specific as a zip code): 30308 Times you're generally not available: During the day, early afternoon. Free later evenings at end of the week and weekends Age: 39 Height: 6’2” Weight: 185, fit muscular Ethnicity: white
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