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  1. It happened to me a few times too. The top promised more than he could deliver;(-. I am sure that you will experience your first piss fuck soon enough too. As to how it feels, it all depends on how sensitive your rectum is. Many guys find the burning sensation of getting booty-bumped by inserting a shard directly inside the ass very uncomfortable. Not me though, I hardly feel a thing. All I feel is just a little tingling sensation which I rather enjoy. However, since my rectum is not sensitive, I hardly feel anything when someone pisses in me ;(-. The first time someone pissed in me, I
  2. Now that we are in the midst of the second wave, I have stopped looking for sex. Period. Yes, as someone said here, we shouldn’t hold other people but ourselves responsible for our own health. It would be very dangerous to me if I get infected because of my underlying health conditions;(-.
  3. I just love the tongue swirling kisses. To me, kisses have no emotional attachment. It is just purely the sensation that I am enjoying. I find it incredibly sexy, a huge turn-on to me. I definitely feel something missing if the guy fucking me does not kiss. However, I would hope that at least he would spit on my face or even in my mouth love. That would be so hot.
  4. Isn’t it strange how human beings perceive kissing. We are letting each other’s dicks getting in each other’s asses. There is nothing more personal than that and yet some people are feeling uncomfortable about kissing.
  5. Same here. I love kissing, with anyone! And you are right that many guys don’t do that. Come to think of it, I find it kind of ironic that while many guys would be gladly to receive cum or even piss in their mouth and yet they don’t like to kiss. Why? Is it because kissing implies intimacy and emotional involvement? Or are people afraid of bad breath? LOL
  6. I am probably the minority here but I think it is better for a classic story likes this one to end in a high note. To continue will just drag on the story. The big part of the appeal of this story is the process of seducing Dalton, getting him spun and use him. That part of the story which is its climax has been reached.
  7. Yeah you are right. What’s the point of having sex when you don’t feel anything or don’t even remember it afterwards. Some plays are only good in fantasy but not in reality.
  8. Sadly, Club 120 is now closed for good, another business which doesn’t make it through the pandemic;(-
  9. It looks like even the fukdto website does not exist anymore?!
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