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    Kinky total bottom here looking to be bred and used. Love piggy, kinky, taboo sex. Love Daddy role play and servicing all big dicked kinky makes, from young to old and all body types and races. Also interested in servicing k9 and other farm animals. Love drinking piss and eating buttholes. bbcumholenyc on bbrt
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    Don't Ask, Don't Tell
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    Handsome fit lean muscled white bottom. Brown hair, blue eyes.
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    None. Love being slutty whore but not on camera.
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    Kinky big dicked tops who want to use a kinky bottom. Will eat your hole for hours if you like that and drink all your piss and take all your loads. Daddies (young or old) to the front of the line. Up for being whored out blindfolded if my Daddy wants that. bbcumholenyc at bbrt

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  1. Thanks for following. Hit me up on bbrt. 

  2. Thanks for following. Hit me up on bbrt. Would love to get piggy some day. 

  3. Hot profile, Daddy. Would love to get piggy with you. 

  4. Would love to have you spunk in my wet, slutty, hungry hole and would love to drink your piss and eat your hole.
  5. Would love to be a submissive cum dump for you. Hot bottom here.
  6. Hot profile and post! Late 40s. Lean, smooth muscled body. Very handsome face. Love to be whored out as a slutty cunt for raw loads. I’m bbcumholenyc on bbrt.
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