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    getting bred raw, taking anon cock, being filmed and photographed and letting guys show everyone what a cum whore I am, being completely pounded and destroyed by BBC. I will do absolutely anything for cum. Obviously toxic Poz cum is a plus. I'm so desperate for it that I'm buying toxic cum filled condoms off the internet from a unmedicated AIDS guy.
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    Poz, On Meds
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    I had a fantasy to get pozzed but my fantasy turned into my reality when I found out I was now Poz. I got fucked by 3 to 4 cocks every night. Many of those guys were anon so I have no idea who the gift giving stealther was, not that I would have remembered in the spun high state I was in. I'm extremely grateful for his seed. Now his DNA is a part of every cell in my body. I was a young twink who would never fuck raw, hookup with any guy who had or has an STD (even undetectable guys) and was extremely careful. After I took my first slam of T, I snapped and went crazy for cum, BBC, and quickly developed a fantasy of being pozzed. From there, I was cheating on my boyfriend/ fiance (who lived in CT while i was in MA) getting as many loads as I could each night. I even got 15 loads of cum in less than 20 hours. I have absolutely no idea what any of those men looked like. I got an anonymous message on Grindr saying that two guy with AIDS had breed me. I was surprised because I thought I had only taken undetectable poz cum. I was so spun on T that it only made me hornier. He probably thought it was funny and well deserved for being such a slut who (as far as he knew) was an untreated Poz biohazard. Thats what you get for playing Russian Roulette with anon cocks. He promised to bring me down, which I though was amusing at the time. In my mind (when I wasn't completely spun or high on T,G, and poppers), I still thought of being Poz as a fantasy that would never actually happen or infect my invincible body. After an anonymous source shared a ton of info with my fiance, I knew that my days as cum dump were over...at least temporarily. He sent him my private perverted texts and Grindr messages saying how much I needed BBC, anon cum, and was begging to be infected with HIV so that I could be a one time top and stealth him and other guys if they became that lucky, proposed to the "clueless dumbass" on my knee as 6 loads of cum from that afternoon dripped out of my ass into my underwear, and how I would secretly get loaded up with anon cum before going to his house where he would unknowingly be getting sloppy seconds (or sloppy 15ths!) and unknowingly be using their creamy cum as lube. The anonymous source sent him my Pornhub Channel, that had over 20 videos of me getting bred by multiple men in both my apartment and in his bed, men pouring piss into my ass in his bathtub, me drinking piss and cum, holding down crying 18 year old teens as black tops pounded them, and me smoking, snorting, and being slammed with T. And of course there were over 60 hot photos of me with 9 inch black dicks in my mouth or ass, cum on my face, bruises and bites on my neck, chest, and stomach, and BUG CHASER, POZ WHORE, BIOHAZARD, TOXIC, INFECT ME WITH AIDS!, HIV CUM DUMP, I HAVE AIDS, or GIFT GIVING STEALTHER, written in Sharpie in giant bold letters across my chest, ass, stomach, arms, thighs, legs, back, and even face. A month later, tests showed that despite the idea of being Poz was a hot fantasy, I actually did become HIV positive. My shock was soon replaced by an amazing feeling of being filled with a toxic virus that inhabitted every tiny corner of my body. This was an actual dream come true. I think about all the men who might have fucked me, eaten my hole out, or slurped up my cum and piss AFTER I had become toxic. I guess I become an accidental gift giver just after my birth as a Poz whore. Eventually I went right back to becoming a PnP whore, taking anon cum from group fucks, putting my Pornhub channel back up, and decided (for real this time!) how I wanted to become a gift giver and keep the Poz family tree going or when I was going to go off my meds so that my undetectable cum went back to being completely toxic with every drop. Unfortunately I don't really top but fortunately there are other ways of creating Poz children out of naive 18 year old twink boys. I can't wait until I become a Poz detectable or AIDS daddy. I will have to train my poz offspring so that they learn how to become cum addicted whores who will one day stealth unsuspecting neg twink with the gift. It's so hot knowing that my status as a poz whore makes me undesirable to most guys out there who believe undetectable is the same thing as AIDS. I have absolutely no objection to them thinking that. In fact, I don't even correct them and love how all these men think I have full blown AIDS. I have become the definition of a used, damaged cum dump. I have no desire to use condoms now or ever again. I need that raw seed inside me. I often think about the 150 (yes I did the math!) plus strands of DNA and protein from countless men (over a period of 4 years) are now a permanent part of my body, just like the Poz gift that is slowing destroying my body even though I am currently taking meds. I can honestly say that being "stealthed" into a Poz whore is the best thing that has ever happened to me and my body. I love how it is permanent, like a tattoo, except spread through my whole body so that the virus and me are inseparable, fused into one being. I know that as an innocent 18 year old twink, I would never in a million years think that I would be Poz, and moreover be almost constantly turned on by it and beyond grateful for it and the ability I gifted in being able to convert other men.
  • Porn Experience
    Pornhub channel under Ptolemyblue1995
  • Looking For
    bug chaser who want to be converted FOR REAL! Gift givers who can put toxic loads into my ass with the hope that one of their strains might be drug resistant, Guys with untreated HIV and AIDS who can give me guidance and advice for my next stage as a Poz whore. Anyone who wants to just share conversion and stealthing stories should definitely dm me.

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  1. Your first name (or a name you'll respond to): Nick Your cell number (TEXTS ONLY ) (860)2304925 A location (be at least as specific as a zip code): Windham CT 06226 Times you're generally not available: Friday, Saturday, and Sunday any time Age: 25 Height: 5'9 Weight: 145 Ethnicity: mixed
  2. I love your honesty about your situation.  Hot as fuck!!! Keep on enjoying your life!!!

  3. Progress and Future Timeline

    ==> Cum Slut(2017-18) ==> Bug Chaser/ slave (2018-19)==> Poz Undetectable(2019-20) ==> Gift Giver (ASAP!) ==> Wasting AIDS Pig(?) ==> RIP(?)  :)


    Fat Gainer and Chaser fetish begins via websites and cam  (2014)

    Relationship begins with Boyfriend #1 forms from that fetish (June 2016)

    First fuck as top with Bf (Nov. 2016)

    First time using Grindr and first time cheating on bf: first time bottoming (with random hookup using condom) and first time sleeping overnight at a hookup's house (Dec. 28 2016)

    End of relationship with Bf #1 (Dec 31 2016)

    First Raw fuck with 9 inch BBC (late spring 2017)

    Started Using poppers and toys  and Uber rides around CT for hookups (summer 2017)

    First group fuck: firsT Time wiTh The pipe, using first time being filmed and photographed by someone else, first time eating out a hole, first time being fisted, first time getting fucked by a ex convict with "dormant" Herpes, first piss in mouth (with ex convict ) and life as a cock and breeding whore begins with almost no condoms (early fall 2016)

    Close friendship begins with  Boyfriend #2 in CT (May 2017)

    First tattoo (shoulder) and nipple rings (Summer 2017)

    First trip to bathhouse (in Providence, Rhode Island with Bf #2)

    Moving to Boston MA by myself and open relationship begins with Bf #2 (from CT), (late August 2017)

    First apartment with roommates, first double penetration, Sub for Dom, more videos and filming, lots of hookups throughout city (late Aug. 2017- Jan. 2018) 

    Beginning of "exclusive relationship" with Bf#2 (Jan. 2018)

    Becoming more of a cock and raw bred cum slut with 1-2 cocks every 2 days (Jan. 2018- late Aug 2018)

    Two roommates replace old ones in my apartment (Sept 1, 2018)

    More anon dick and BBC (Sept 2018-late Oct. 2018)

    FirsT Time wiTh the a poinT creaTes a menTal snap from junior cum slut into a permanent cum whore. Played with my first Poz undetectable fuck (raw but no cum, did not know his status until Jan 2019). Gifted a 9 inch very thick  used dildo by him. Douching with my piss and cum. Following this 3 hour hookup with  a 8 hour breeding session with BBC (late Oct. 2018)

    Spending time as a new extreme whore life with a friend with benefits in Boston: first RAW Poz undetectable stealth by FWB,   more groups, filming & photographing, bathhouse trip #2 in RI, inTro To more addicTive fun and other things, and writing humiliating words on body by me and anon men. Dec. 2018-Jan. 3, 2019)

    Proposing to bf (response: Yes) with cum dripping out of my ass into my underwear, less than 8 hours after cheating with  2 or 3 anon  cocks (Dec. 9, 2019) 

    FirsT purchase of two producTs from my FWB and fun alone in secreT at fiancé's apartment over The nexT week. More vids and pics taken and I created my first  Pornhub account (Jan 3, 2019)

    First time cheating with hookups at fiancé's apartment when he is away. My first master uses me and photographs and films entire session: has me by having me lick his feet, get pounded and bred raw, eating and tongue fucking his hole, drinking his piss, letting him piss in my ass and pour a bowl full of piss into my ass and over my entire body, destroying my ass with a dildo, finding random men to fuck me (early Jan. 2019)

    Went back to Boston after winter break at fiancé's apartment. Daily hookups resume. I leave the front doors, back doors, and bedroom door open so random men that I never see can use me and leave (Jan 11, 2019)


    Frequent group fucks at FWB's house. Intro by FWB into Pozzing and my training as a bug chaser begins as somewhere between fantasy and actually wanting it) Told by my Poz FWB that he and his friend (Poz hookup #1)  are Poz undetectable but don't tell their daily hookups. I search my two roommates bedroom's and steal jockstrap which I then use for breeding  sessions, unwashed(Jan, 2019)

    First time knowingly searching for a Poz undetectable man and being bred by him (Jan 2019)

    Now taking 2-3 cocks per night. BBC preferred but any cum is welcome and needed. Raw only unless he is hot and wants to only do safe; then I say I do safe always. Pouring his used condom into my ass in front of his face or after he leaves. (Jan 2019) 

    3-5 cock minimum every weekday when I am in Boston. A hookup in my fiancé's neighborhood while i tell him I'm going for a run. Frequent Thursday night/ Friday morning cheating/ anon breeding in Boston and then letting my clueless fiancé fuck me that night in CT (beginning of Feb. 2019). Labeled as the POZ SLUT, CUM PIG, and M*TH WHORE by local men. More filming and pics taken of me and other guys (sometimes secretly) for my Pornhub Channel. Sharing the videos and pics with as many people as possible. Back to back (or overlapping) hookup sessions through entire nights. (late Jan.- Feb. 2019)

    Frequent Threesomes or groups with latino, black, and white men or combinations of black and white twinks, etc. Discovering 18 and 19 year old black, latino teens to pair with bigger BBC and me as a cum whore. Inviting over white 18 yr old teens for surprise BBC.  (Feb. 2019)

    Telling a top to send nudes of me to roommate. Other roommate catches waiting at the front door naked for hookup. (Feb. 2019)

    Finding my favorite BBC to date (9.5 inches and VERY THICK AND VEINY!) on large semi-homeless man. Paying for a Uber to bring him from him to my apartment several times for night long hookups. Keeping him in the basement or my bedroom when I am working etc. Now unable to keep track of the amount of cocks and loads I have had since mid January. ( early to mid Feb. 2019)

    Record of  15LOADS IN LESS THAN 12 HOURS! 11 loads in ass from 9 different cocks, 2 additional loads on the outside of my ass and hole (pushed deep into me after), 1 fuck with a condom (poured into my ass afterwards), 1 cum load swallowed, and 1 hookup with piss in my mouth and ass (Feb. 2019)

    Email sent to me by roommates demanding the immediate end of the "constant stream of men throughout the day and odd hours of the night", leaving the apartment doors "wide open", the constant smell of "semen, poppers, piss, shit, and weed" (noT acTually weed) throughout the entire apartment, the use of their soap, shampoo, wash towels, etc. thrown on the floor(by hookups), finding puddles of "semen and shit" on the bathroom floor and hallway, a large black hookup looses his way to the bathroom (right outside my bedroom door) and heads into my sleeping roommates' bedroom looking to pound him (probably). The roommates makes him leave, leaving random men in my bedroom to fuck and come and go as they please. (mid Feb. 2019)

    I get sick with fever. I assume its from standing in outside on a cold, windy, rainy night the day before. (Feb 2019)

    I head back to Boston and secretly resume nightly breeding hookups after a few days rest in response to email. Continuing to join hookups at my FWB house and elsewhere. Last clip for the porn channel is a secret video I take of a Top using a 18 yr old white twink (a black cock virgin) with his thick meat and my used big butt plug.  (Feb. 2019)

    I receive a anonymous Grindr message saying, "I know two guys with AIDS who have fucked (and bred) you..." (third week of Feb. 2019)

    "Anonymous" source sends my POZ SLUT, BREED ME, M*TH WHORE, CUM PIG, INFECT ME WITH HIV, AIDS WHORE, TOXIC BIOHAZARD, biohazard symbol,  photos with those words written over me as humiliation for a cum whore. Over 40 photos and over 20 videos of my cum breeding, dildo fucking, cock sucking , piss poured in ass and swallowed in mouth, vids of anon men fucking me in fiancé's bed, vids of BBC fucking 18 and 19 year olds, me begging for Poz cum and big black cock, etc. are given to him via URL links and texted to him. Texts about needing Poz seed, teen ass, constantly using producTs for a greaT Time at his CT apartment bathroom and my apartment in Boston, sniffing poppers, etc. (Feb. 23, 2019)

    Dumped by  fiancé (Feb. 23, 2019)

    Steal jockstrap and two pairs of underwear from roommates before moving out. Moved back to CT and so thirsty for dick and cum. Fucked (with condom) by neighbor  that night for the first time in a long time. I put a nice load into him bed sheets as he fucks my ass. (second week of Mar, 2019)

    I found out I am Poz from testing. Initial shock disappears quickly. I am eager to shoot my toxic high viral load cum onto my body and eat it or shove it in my ass. Beginning of Poz meds (late Mar 2019)

    A nighT of fucks and absoluTe fun at a nearby FWB's house (beginning of Oct. 2019)

    Joining a group in CT for some greaT fun and breeding ThaT nighT (Oct. 4, 2019)

    Resuming occasional long nighTs and a few back To back cum breeding hookups To fulfill my  cum whore needs (Aug - Nov. 2020).

    Intro to BZ. Find websites to buy (and sell) cum filled jockstraps and underwear to build a collection of random men's underwear to go along with the jockstrap and underwear that I stole from my Boston roommates ( 7+ months of jerked off loads in it). 

    Considering stop taking meds and becoming a Gift Giving viral whore to pass on the viral DNA to the next generation of Poz whores created from vanilla twinks. I'm looking for a Poz daddy since I don't know who gave me their precious viral seed. (Present)





    1. Greim


      Definitely go for it. Drop the meds, seek med-resistant strains, and spread your seed with that gorgeous weapon of yours. 😈 

  4. Definitely. I started out only letting STD free men (which in my mind were guys who have never had an STD and were absoultely negative, not Poz undetectable or anything worse, and tested very regularly) with condoms, fuck me. The first time without one happened with my first black cock (9 inches!). He convinced me that he was 100% clean and that it was way better without the condom. He came deep inside my ass. Quickly after that, my growing sex addiction conditioned me to become desperate for raw unwrapped cock and warm creamy cum. I decided that I only wanted raw dick in my hole. The exceptio
  5. I absolutely took, and still take, loads from basically any man. I don't care if they are homeless, unclean, smell bad, fat, old, or ugly. At this point, I am bred anon mostly anyways so I don't know what they actually look like. I'm here to collect as much cum inside of me, as possible. I don't care where it came from or how many STDs are in it. Absorbing the DNA from a countless stream of random men is my only concern as a Cum Whore. Those sorts of guys might think they are stealthing or they might not even know their status. I have left my apartment door wide open for repugnant anon guys t
  6. I regret that I never found out who stealth my ass. Now I will never know my Poz (or in this case, AIDS) daddy
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