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  1. So today i was sick of being indoors so i went out with my mask on to a local gloryhole. When i got there the place had a strong smell of piss and damp from the lack of maintenance, which got me very horny so i got in the cubicle and took a seat and got my phone out to cruise and play games while i waited. It was a hot day so before long i striped down to my jock and the long wait started, was there about 2 hours with nothing before i heard someone come in and came into the next cubicle and tapped away. when i tapped back he was quick to get up and push his cock through the hole, he had a nice 6inch cut cock which i got on my knees to suck, he moaned alot and dumped his load in my throat and gave me a gruff thanks before leaving. It was a few hours more before someone else came, there had been a few come in to actually use the place for its actual use, the next guy entered the cubicle and tapped away, this guy wasnt so quick so i got a little look at him through the hole, he had a high vis vest on and looked a bit overweight which was hot. he got his cock through and i took that 7inch uncut cock, i could smell his sweat and dirty crotch and i gave him a good blow and was glad to hear him mutter "show me that hole". pulling off i pushed my hole to the gh and felt a slick finger push into my ass, he fingered me for a bit before he asked "you got rubber mate?" when i gave him a "dont care" i felt his head against my hole pushing into me hard. I wish he lasted a while but within a couple of thrust he blew filling my hole and just pulled out and left. Sitting again i didnt have to wait very long for another guy to walk in, he passed a slip of paper under the stall wall (which i am reading now) saying "you up for a fuck?" i spoke quietly "yeah" passing the slip back, i again snuck a look and found a topless guy with a hairy body and looked early 20ies, he passed the slip back "you ok with just me fucking you? you got a condom?" i grinned and just pushed my ass up against the hole i heard him gasp before licking my cum filled hole. he ate me out a while before i felt his cock push into my fucked ass, he fucked me a good long while, he passed the slip through one last time "want my load in your hole?". i just laughed and moaned out "bred me man". this fuck lasted a little longer before he grunted and came hard into me. i sat on the floor recovering while he left. I stayed a bit longer but nothing else happened, was a good day and 3 anon loads, one in my mouth and two in my hole, so a good day.
  2. I love anon, saves time just bend over and get fucked. I would probably say I knew 20% of the guys that have fucked me, knew 60% of their faces at least and the rest I just know how big they felt
  3. So as planned I met the guys again in an alley not far from my home, I was a bit nervous about getting caught by someone I knew but I wanted their cocks and loads too much to care. when they arrived they ordered me to strip for them, then got me on my knees to suck their cocks, took my time on each of them making sure I got them nice and wet, before long they had me up against a wall, legs spread and fingers spreading my hole ready for them. the guys tossed a coin for who got to bred me first and once decided I felt the cock just slam into me, tbh I wasn’t expecting it that fast and both moaned and gasped from the pain. He didn’t wait for me to adjust and just pounded my ass while the other guy slapped me and told me to be quiet unless I wanna be a whore tonight. no idea how long the first guy fucked my hole as hard as he could but before long I felt the massive slam and the leaking cum out my hole. As he pulled out the second guy lined up and pushed in just as rough but also pushed my head down to take his buddies cock into my mouth to clean. the second guy wasn’t as rough as the first but he still fucked my brains out, I can’t be more descriptive cause tbh my head was totally spacing out from the pounding I was getting. When he came he wanted his cock cleaned and was only then I realised we had a little audience in the form of a geeky looking guy frozen watching us. i sucked the second guy taking the little cum he had left before both left laughing to each other bout how easy I was to use. By this point the geeky guy that had to be my age approached me and asked if I was ok and if he had to call the police, soo nice but saw his bulge in his jeans so just went for it (might have been still a bit out of it) I pulled his fly down and gripped his cock and told him I was fine just a bit empty, he just blushed and asked me back to his. having got dressed, well put my shirt and shorts on as the guys had stollen my boxers, got back to his place and before the door was closed my shorts were off and he was on my cock sucking me like a pro, had to stop him cause he got me close fast and I love edging. I got him to his room and stripped, he was a bit chubby and got embarrassed thinking I wouldn’t like him, proved him wrong by licking his body and pits before sucking his cock. We ended up on the bed me still sucking him when I heard a bottle open and he started fingering himself, I told him I was just a bottom but didn’t stop him laying me down and riding my cock till I filled his ass with cum, my first ever breeding of a guy. he didn’t even slow down when he pushed me on my front and fucked me, my hole still gapping from the punishment it took earlier so he slipped in easy, he fucked me for a while cause the sun started to come up before he was done. After we got dressed he asked me not to tell anyone specially not his girlfriend and it was a one time deal as he was curious and horny after seeing me getting used. when I got home I couldn’t stop myself running to my room and fingering the loads out my hole and into my mouth, I ended up jerking off thinking of the daddies and geeks body, still don’t know their names and don’t care, I def a lil slut for overweight guys.
  4. So with lockdown easing more i went out for drinks on saturday, having not drunk much in ages didnt take me long to get a bit tipsy so i left and walked home via the nearby park. i always cut through here as it shaves 10 minutes off my walk and sometimes i might watch some guys fuck. As i was walking through an older guy approached me, must have been in his late 40ies, and asked if i was looking for some fun. initially i went to say no but then i thought fuck it and told him yeah and if he had a place or wanted to do it out here. he was quick to say he wanted to do it out here so we left the path into the bushes to find a good spot to have fun, finding a good spot with enough light to see i got on my knees and he opened his fly up for me and gave me his semi hard cock. as i sucked he moaned and asked if he could invite a mate to join us, at the point i didnt care and motioned for him to do it as i sucked on his quickly hardening rod. he pulled me up soon after and pushed my shorts and boxers down telling me to step out of them and then pulled my top off so i just had socks and trainers on, he then got down and sucked me off while fingering my ass. when his mate arrived he gave me a good look before coming in behind me and eating my ass out, he had to be the same age as the first guy, his tongue was amazing and i was moaning fast, the guy sucking me got up and moved aside as the guy behind me turned me round and pushed me to the floor, forcing his cock into my open mouth the first guy pulling off his jeans and boxers and jerking his cock. before long i was up again, but this time i was pushed against a tree, the first guys boxers in my mouth and them deciding who gets first fuck, they also got their wallets out looking for condoms, i pushed the boxers out my mouth and said to just fuck me bare like the bitch i am. To say their eyes lit up is an understatement, within second one guy was behind me pushing his spat on cock against my hole, forcing it in, for the next half an hour they took turns fucking me, their cocks dirty cause i hadnt planned to be fucked but they didnt seem to care. at this point they pulled me away from the tree and lay me down on my clothes and fucked me hard twisting my nipples while the other held me down and kept the gag in. the second guy was the first to bred me, pumping his load into me on my back before the original guy took over, flipping me on my front and fucking me into the ground, his load not long after. they got me up and the first guy holding me from behind jerked me off till i came over the ground. once we were done the second guy just walked off but the original guy offered me a lift home, hoping for another round i jumped in but he was just being a gent and taking me home after using me, no names no real conversation just pure use. Meeting them again tonight, this time in an alley as they want more risk.
  5. With lockdown loosening up me and my housemates decided to take a trip to the coast, we all went our own way once we got there and i went exploring to find somewhere quiet to relax. Found a nice spot away from the crowds and laid down in my speedos to take in the rays, after a while a guy came up to me and asked if he could borrow some suncream, he was hot so i said yeah so i could eye rape him behind my shades. he ended up laying down next to me and we started talking, he turned out to be a local and wanted to get away from the day trippers, i did make a joke about being one of them but he said i was excused cause i was cute. After a while i managed to get him to admit he approached me hoping i was open to having fun with older guys, now he was probably mid 40ies, hairy chest, bit of a belly, wearing just some shorts with the outline of his soft cock clearly visible. I played it cool and asked what he wanted from a "cute" boy like me, he was nice and made it out he just wanted to suck me of and if i was up for it to fuck me, so i just said "know anywhere we can go?" the smile on his face, he made no effort to hide that he was a) hard and b) checking out my package. he took me a bit away from the beach into the woods until he pulled me into a clearing, got on his knees and pulled my cock out. he gave real good head and i was moaning away pretty fast, i couldnt stand it anymore, i pushed him off and stood next to a tree bending over and pushing my speedos totally off, he ate my ass out before he started going into his pockets finding a condom, his smile wasnt as big but he gave me the condom to put on his cock, i threw it away telling him to give me daddies load. he was keen at this point, spitting on his cock and slamming it into my hole, fucking me hard in the clearing, biting my neck and alternating between tugging my cock and twisting my nips. he didnt last too long before he was panting and pounding his load into my hole. he kissed me hard and as he seporated it was then i realised we had a little audience, little being two guys, both about my age, wearing tracksuit shorts that were bulging and metail chains, on had a tattoo of a snake on his chest the other had a massive bulge that caught my eye. there were no words just them coming over pushing the older guy aside and gripping my head pulling me into the tat guys crotch, the other lad hanging back rubbing his shorts. The tat guy pushed his shorts down and pushed his cock into my throat, made me gag alot but obviously didnt care, i could see the initial guy next to the other watching talking but i couldnt hear cause i was busy with the cock in my throat. after a bit he pulled out and called his mate over to "try out this bitch's throat" and then i saw the guys tool, older guys was 6inches cut, the tat guy was similar but uncut but this boy was closer to 8 inches uncut and didnt not even wait for me to open my mouth wide before forcing it into my mouth till i smelt his man scent pubes. he just held me there as his mate went to my hole and pushed into me, telling me i was a dirty little slut and gonna take his load like a good little bitch. i had to grip the dude in my mouth as the guy fucked me mercilessly, the guy in my throat pulled out and turned round making me eat out his dirty hole, my cock couldnt take anymore and exploded at some point before i felt the guy pounding me slam me one last time. as he pulled out i didnt even wait i just turned round to the big boy and begged for his cock, and he didn't disapoint, slamming it into me hard. unlike either guy he pulled me back and made out with me as he fucked me hard, the sound of his balls and hips slapping my ass was heavenly, but he didnt last long at all adding my third load. both chav lads slapped my ass pulled their trackies up and walked off laughing. the older guy moved in eating my ass wanting the lads loads. i felt empty by the time he was done licking my hole out so i begged him for a new load but he was still recovering which was a shame. If the day ended like that i would have been happy enough but i got one more load in me in the form of a quick ride on my housemate in the back of the van before heading home, he was horny and just said to follow him and got in the back, pulled his cock out and told me to do my job. needless to say i rode his cock while he texted his gf taking his hot load and leaving it in me till we got home.
  6. Well i said i would keep this updated .. and now there is something to add. So last night i was in my room in my boxers watching tv when my housemate walked in, been trying so much to convincee him i was up for more but he was having none of it, its nothing unusual for him to be after something from my bathroom or stuff so wasnt thinking he wanted some fun until i noticed two things, he was naked and hard. i didnt say anything just got up and got to my knees sucking him off, i heard him lock my door and grip my head thrusting into my mouth. i remember him moaning how much a little slut i am, looking up at him he slapped my face telling me to focus on his cock. no idea how long that lasted but before long he pulled my up by my hair and took me to my bed. he held a condom and was pulling it out when i begged him to fuck me bare, he didnt even hesitate pushing me down on my bed lining up and pushing into me hard, no prep just breaking open my ass. he fucked me for ages, telling me how i was his little slut till this lockdown is over, gave me two loads before he pulled out and made me suck his cock clean, slapping my face a few time. told me before he left if i see his cock then just bend over and open that hole, was soo hot specially him being so rough and dom, heard him foing that to his gf before so was horned up knowing i was taking his gf place but was just a slut hole to him
  7. When I see that look in a top say he is gonna pound me, the feeling when the head touches my hole and I know my place. And obviously the growls of pleasure from a top using me, what he calls me. Changing position is my fav, never letting the cock out of me as I am man handled into whatever position the top wants now. And finally the feel when he speeds up to finish off so he can call his mate to use me too
  8. Mine would be Leo Mack (or dan Dailey), Johnny rapid and/or hungyoungbrit
  9. Finally had some fun today. For the last week my housemate has gone on about being horny and his gf being miles away and not being able to see her. Been offering to help him out but no dice. today was in the bathroom when my phone went off with a text from my housemate asking if the offer was still on the table. I jumped for it and told him yeah and I would be in his room in a sec. quickly giving myself a clean cause with no chance of being fucked I haven’t done it lately. Once I was happy I was clean just in case I got out and knocked on his door. when I said it was me he told me to come in and the sight I saw sent my semi into a ragging hardon, he was naked on his bed, hairy chest, bit of a belly, 5 inches of cut semi hard meat and him on his phone watching porn. i didn’t care I just jumped into the bed and slid up his legs and took his cock into my mouth, he never looked at me he just kept watching porn. When I pulled off to lick his balls I looked at his 7 inches of meat and needed it so bad. So I went for it I got up turned my back to him and lined his cock with my hole, he didn’t say anything so I lowered and bounced on his cock for all my worth, I could feel him tense and unload into me. i got off and used my boxers to clean his cock, before leaving, he was still watching the porn eyes closed. Got to my room put in my butt plug and jerked off knowing his load was in my ass. Was soo horny had to write this right now. so I have his load still in me as I type this and hoping he might want more, will keep you posted if he does.
  10. I haven't really refused many loads, maybe 2-3. few tops ever rufuse to go bare when offered. it just feels much better going bare
  11. First time positing on here, been reading a while and decided to actually join up. My last load was a few month back before lockdown kicked in (trying to be good but i am def getting too horny), was late and couldn't sleep so went out for a drive to a cruising spot i know in the woods near by. it was 1ish so didnt really expect to get any action and when i got to the carpark it was empty. Rather than just go home i decided to go for a little walk down a path and jerk off. After walking for a bit i found a bench overlooking a valley and decided to strip down and sit on the bench and slowly jerk off in the open air, i was really horny so was jerking with my eyes closed remembering a guy i saw naked in the gym but couldnt get an interest from. Not sure when but after a while i realised i was being watched by an older guy, he was rubbing his crotch watching me jerk off so i got up and started giving him a show, he was obviously interested. he was probably late 40ies, muscular build, greying hair. as he came over and asked if he could help out i was more than up for it so let him rub my body and cock. i slipped my hand into his shorts and before long i had him naked with me on my knees sucking his uncut 6inch cock, my hands running through his hairy chest hair. when i got up i pushed his arm up licking his arm pits, he loved it and was moaning away. i then bent over the bench spreading my cheeks for him, he got on his knees and ate my ass out, he was good and i was moaning and losening up fast then he got up and asked if i had lube and condoms, i was a bit disapointed but said i had lube but no condoms, he said he was sorry he didnt bring any either but smiled when i said that he would just have to fuck me bare. He quickly lubed up and was in me hard enough that i yelped in pain a bit but he pushed on fucking me hard, before he was halfway done he picked me up and lay me on the bench fucking my hole hard as he spat into my mouth and held my throat. when he finally came he exploded making my hole leak with his cum. when he was done he walked off and i got up and jerked myself crazy fingering my cum filled hole.
  12. Let's give this a go gonna put little details and remove options i didnt do. total socre of 181 Done lots of times (1) Given/Received Blow Job, (1) Been Fucked, (1) Kissed A Guy, (1) Given a Handjob, (1) Watched Porn, (1) J/O With Others Watching, (1) Watched a Guy J/O, (1) Tasted Your Own Cum, (2) J/O in a Public Place (bathroom stalls), (2) J/O in a Public Place (Woods/Parks), (2) Rimmed a Hole, (2) Licked Armpits (both clean and sweaty), (2) Been Pissed On, (2) Had An Outdoor Fuck , (2) Fucked Inside Car/Truck, (2) Swallowed Spit, (2) Used a Gloryhole, (2) Been Gagged, (2) Used a Dildo/Vibrator, (2) Had Sex with a Bi Guy, (2) Had a Threesome, (2) Been Face Fucked, (2) Swallowed a Guys Cum (assuming he cums in my mouth), (2) Swallowed Your Own Cum, (2) Licked Feet, (2) Used Another Guys Cum as Lube (as a bottom), (3) Had an Anonymous Fuck, (3) Fucked in a Public Restroom, (3) Dirty Talked (if im not gagged), (3) Been Bound/Restrained, (3) Spanked/Been Spanked, (3) Been to a Bathhouse, (3) Been to a Sex/Cruising Club, (3) Been in/Part of a Circle Jerk/Bukkake, (3) Had Sex with Someone 20+ Years Older, (5) Eaten Cum From a Used Condom, (5) Sucked/Been Sucked on Train, (5) Been a Slave/Owned Done once or a couple of times (1) Fucked A Hole [didnt like it], (1) Own a Jockstrap [got a few], (2) Used Craigslist to Hook Up with Stranger [twice] (2) Pissed on a Guy [when they ask] (2) Roleplayed [patient, student, escort], (2) Swallowed Small Amount of Piss/Urine, 2) Voyeur/Spied on Guys Having Sex [mostly outdoors], (2) Had a Piss Enema, (2) Used Hoods/Masks, (2) Had Interracial Sex, (3) Been Caught Having Sex [by a mate once and my brother once], (3) Had Sex with a Married Guy [twice that i know of], (3) Had an Orgy/Group Session [twice, group of 6 and 8], (3) Been Fucked with Head in the Toilet, (3) Fucked in a Library, (3) Been Fucked in a Sling, (3) Fucked a Neighbour [was fucked by him in his backyard], (5) Lost Your Virginity Under 18 Years of Age [14yo], (5) Used an Escort [once was bored and had a bonus], (5) Been Gangbanged [once by 6] (5) Used Sex to Get Something (Upgrade/Product/Job/Clothing/'Get out of Jail' type situation etc) [boss fucked me weekly to keep my job for 3 months] (5) Used a Chastity Cage, (5) Had Sex with a Friend's BF / Partner [couple of flings with a mate's bf], (5) Had Sex with Someone Who's Cheated on Their Boyfriend [twice that i know of], (10) Had Sex with a Father & Son (Not related to you) [once was super hot], (10) Hooked Up Whilst in Uniform or with a Uniformed Guy (Cop/Firefighter/Doctor/UPS Guy etc) [twice, police and pizza delivery lad]

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