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    Sex: BB, Bondage, outdoors, spanking, piss, spit, pits, toys are my favs
    hobbies: gaming, cycling, sleeping
    == Results from bdsmtest.org ==
    100% Exhibitionist
    100% Voyeur
    95% Rope bunny
    94% Submissive
    91% Degradee
    89% Boy/Girl
    75% Non-monogamist
    75% Pet
    70% Slave
    70% Primal (Prey)
    63% Experimentalist
    60% Masochist
    58% Ageplayer
    51% Brat
    44% Master/Mistress
    43% Vanilla
    25% Switch
    24% Degrader
    21% Rigger
    19% Owner
    11% Daddy/Mommy
    11% Sadist
    10% Dominant
    6% Primal (Hunter)
    3% Brat tamer
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    Neg, Recently Tested
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    a sub guy exploring his kinks while having fun. {tested 10/03/2020}
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    anyone ... long as they are willing to fuck me lol
    Anyone wanting to chat about kink/perv/tab wkr me on westboi00

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  1. Yeah it is such a hot thought, i love roleplaying as a furtile boy for men, talking bout him giving me his baby etc.
  2. 14 was with a guy bout my age that I cared for
  3. pre-covid i would put about 5-6 hours a week into fun with maybe another 3-4 hours a week in cultivating fun. to me it is fun but it is work as well as i need to be ready to be a hole for men to use. These days its so fluid with covid.
  4. Yeah my first time in a dark room I was nervous until the first guy bent me over and plowed me then I loved having no idea who was using me
  5. does through a gloryhole count ... if not then i like to lay and be fed cock to suck
  6. So with lockdown about to start my housemates all decided on the last day to spend it out having fun and getting as drunk as possible. Knowing this i hit up Grindr looking for anyone to breed my ass before lockdown finished off any chance of any meaningful fun, initially my first hour was spent dealing with ghosts/fakes and getting no where. By 2pm i was almost about to give up and find my housemates to get drunk instead when one guy asked for my addy and what i was into. Telling him i wanted to take as many loads as i could he said he knew a few guys that might be interested if i sent a
  7. Got lucky with an old fuck bud, he was in town and we bumped into eachother in the high street, almost didn’t recognise him with a mask on glad he saw me lol went back with him to his hotel room and met his new toy boy. Spent a good afternoon watching my bud fuck his toy and me, then sucking his toy off and the toy eating my cum filled ass out. he walked me home so he could dump another load behind his boy’s back outdoors so least I had a going away present.
  8. Some guys have made me cum before we start, one even made me do it naked before he would take of a stitch of clothing. my fav is cumming onto their cock so they use it as lube. But I have done it over myself my face and in my mouth for their amusement
  9. My fav cocksucking memory is when i was travelling last year i was staying at a hostel, during the night i heard two guys mates whispering and the tell tale sound of jerking. being horny i moved over to see but made a sound but they didnt seem bothered, they were early 20ies sweedish lads, they just showed off their cocks and pulled mine out. They were on bunk beds so i sucked the guy on top while his mate sucked me. it was the best head i ever got and sucking him like that was sweet too. After the guy on bottom filled my ass while his mate slept.
  10. This is a personal area, I know some bottoms that would never do anything with poz guys even ud. I started out that way then as I got to understand what Ud actually means I started accepting their loads and now I just accepts guys as they are. Should all bottoms accept poz loads my answer is no, because bottoms should have a choice in what they do with their bodies. Yes a lot of us on here made the choice to go bareback but not all want that and it is my choice to be a bareback slut but I would never think to force that decision on all bottoms cause we are all different.
  11. I go on and off PreP regularly m, I know I shouldn’t but I do. I accept that I risk becoming Poz and while yeah part of me would rather not a part of me accepts it is inevitable I will cause I get fucked bareback and rarely do I ask about status. And while there is good evidence PreP offers protection I know really only a condom gives the best protection so even on PreP I am prepared for the possibility I muck up or it doesn’t work for some reason. If I die neg than that is great but with the amount I fuck bare it would be a statistical miracle. I’m minor scared to be poz but I know it is
  12. I would love it, hate my face being involved but someone wanna record POV of them breeding me im cool with it
  13. hot profile, love it if your nearby

  14. Tbh if it takes too long i do get bored, if i can i try to move them to my ass i can take that for hours. but if not i just keep going i just only get interested when cum is coming
  15. yeah im over due getting a checkup so might book one in in a couple of weeks to see.
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