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  1. Thanks for this, I was going to write the same 🙂 OK thanks a lot. It's quite certain to me that I'll turn into an absolute cumdum slut after this corona. A bit scared of security, etc but that's not for this topic. Will be following this, as I love hearing from other sluts! 🙂
  2. Thanks for the responses so far, people. The urge to become a cumdump for men is really taking over me. And I really need to know if I'll put myself in HIV risk even on daily prep. I guess a slut can only enjoy this if his mind is at peace. Never heard this one before. Just searched this on the net but couldn't find anything. I know having other STIs make transmission easier, but never heard of it actually breaking the prep barrier. If you could share any sources you have, that would be highly appreciated
  3. New member here Just really created membership for this. Read some other topics. And so, please let me tell first that I'm really not writing to hear how a good bottom should destroy his health and welcome viruses and sicknesses from tops. My fear of HIV has always been extreme. And I've been doing daily prep+condoms for years. Lately, finally made the step to try bb with tops who want it. And yes, I love it. Now, I feel like a gate I locked has been opened. And I want to go total slut. Especially anon or not cumdump where the wrecked cunt is filled and dripping with cum and tops keep cumfucking, churning the cum inside me, 40-50 loads a day sort of scenario. But nowhere does it say that Prep is 100% effective. I realise this threat started a few years ago. So, I want to ask the biggest prep whores and cumdumps on this site: have you ever heard or encountered a daily prep taker cumdump get positive? Help a fellow slut out please. I wanna go full cumdump, without the fear of catching HIV. I don't do bad in the demand area thankfully and I'm always horny, so I feel in general can get around 1K loads a year or something. But need to know about the HIV risk. Let me know of your thoughts please!

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