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    30y. Inappropriate daddy who is always horny. Like to expose myself and be perverted.
    Wickr: littlestboylove
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    My cock is all over the place. Who knows...
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  1. 97164E6F-4C4E-418C-B9B3-C380506C5C3F.thumb.jpeg.a3921ba35fe4124770e16fdbd4174c1c.jpegDaddy is so hard.

     I hate that I have to reduce the file size so much. 

  2. I have never used condoms at all. Ever. In the beginning when I first got penetrated, my first penetration of my friend, not now, nor will I in the future. I simply enjoy every raw bit of it and always cum inside.
  3. Absolutely. Scoop the cum up off the floor and suck it off of my hand, suck it off toilet rims, licked it off stall walls and doors. Used it as a snack or as lube for my dick or my ass.
  4. Hundreds of loads over several states and I don’t know who’s cum was in me except for maybe a couple dozen regulars. Several orgies, 10 or more men with me as the hooded bottom. Just rampant fun fucking.
  5. Neighbor's son's birthday today so invited him and his friends over for his "gift".  


  6. Mmmm some hot public exhibition.  I’m stroking to pics on public cam. AF9808F4-AC32-40B4-A7E1-9D1CBC1D1F91.thumb.jpeg.d1d2f1f7b511d2ce011cc3803badf89c.jpeg

  7. These horny boys sending me pics on snapchat are making me leak like crazy. They wanna taste daddy’s cum 😉EDFF5624-06E7-4189-BF18-2748589EBD94.thumb.jpeg.fdc5a974aeb48a1b88537c07eea6c2f0.jpeg

  8. Stroking to sexy boys for an audience on public cam.  So fucking hot! 


  9. Stroking to sweet sexy boys.  Need one sitting on meh face right now.


  10. I’ve never used a condom for my whole life since I started fucking. Neither on my dick or in my ass. if wanna see me stroke then check out my profile and add me on Twitter
  11. Horny man into voyeur, exhibition, public, etc. love exposing myself so follow me on Twitter and like/retweet me @ bearluvsboys
  12. Add me, like and retweet me too: bearluvsboys
  13. I’ve taken a hundred anon loads and have seen faces. I’ve even had meetups with the same anon or groups without knowing who they are. A phone number and a description is all I need to have an idea of who is breeding me. Hundreds of loads in me. Knew less than 10 of the cocks that bred me.
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