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  1. With a cock like that, I wouldn't give a shit what your face looked like
  2. I was horny as fuck all day running errands wishing I could bend over for any hard cock I could find. As soon as I get home, I log onto BBRT and start hitting on any top nearby. I was fucking desperate. This older guy hits me up. He's 58, 5'9", about 275lbs, not someone people would expect that I would hook up with, but he had a huge 9" cock. I was salivating over it. His third message to me is "Get your ass over here, slut". I could not get out the door fast enough. I get to his place - not the nicest place, but I was there to take his dick, not marry him. He answers the door, takes one
  3. Hey, thanks for the follow. Great pix there!!

  4. Love taking raw dick


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    2. Read1


      Your body is arched perfectly for loads! OINK!

    3. mmaarrkk2


      Damn you are hot. Would love to add my load 

    4. Read1


      Mmarrk, I'll be behind you, ready to blast in you! HOT!

  5. Fuck yes, love taking anon loads! Bathhouses are a great place to take multiple anon loads, but I meet guys everywhere. Even taken a few loads from customers at work!
  6. Getting rimmed


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    2. blmusc1985


      I am the rimmee

    3. puphawaii


      fuck yeah!  love eating & getting eaten!


    4. Read1


      gay men love a GOOD meal - especially ASS!

  7. fuck me 667AD9AB-5873-46FD-9242-A9A03A28FC22.thumb.jpeg.8bec2cc5133b12df3b71e57bafa788a3.jpeg

    1. Gingerloadchaser


      I could spend all day in that ass



      Where's the cum dripping outta it?

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