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    Hiking, motorcycle, skiing, sucking cock, getting sucked, fucking and getting fucked.
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    Single white male, used to be all top, but now I prefer to suck cock and get fucked. I'm still open to getting sucked and maybe fucking a nice, tight ass.
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    Preferably looking for tops that I'm comfortable with, for sessions from mild to wild. I love to be an anonymous bottom and not knowing who it is in my mouth or in my ass.

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  1. I'm probably a rarity and all alone in how I feel when sucking or getting topped. There's probably a couple exceptions when I'm sucking, though. If I'm sucking cock through a gloryhole that is pretty raunchy and definitely feels submissive to me. Or sucking more than one guy and being watched. But my favorite is getting fucked, having some guy pounding my hole while I beg for it and beg for his load.
  2. For some reason I feel a big difference in the power position when sucking as compared to getting fucked. When I'm sucking I really don't feel submissive. I actually feel like I'm in charge and if not being face fucked then I really an in control. I love edging a guy, taking my time, having him begging for release and being in control of when he cums. When I'm getting fucked it's the total opposite. If I'm on my knees or on my back I'm providing the hole but the top is in complete control of the whole show. In this case I love the feeling of being completely submissive, to be use
  3. I love to film and be filmed. I have two video cameras and tripods for both. Usually one will stay on the tripod and the top can hold the other for closeups, point-of-view shots, etc. Since they are my cameras I'm not worried about my face in the videos. I think that it's the hottest while having sex and taking the video but it's great to view them afterwards. Plus the videos give me a view that I would never ever see, like when I'm sucking cock or getting pounded from behind. It's so damn hot!
  4. On my knees with the feeder either sitting or standing. But no face fucking or rough stuff. When sucking cock I like to be in control, make love to the cock and balls but slowly bring him along so that he's all hot and begging. I make him cum with my mouth when I'm ready to suck and swallow his load.
  5. Another fellow that replied to my post had me go to his place. He instructed me to come in the back door, put on a blindfold that was waiting for me, then strip naked which I did. Once naked and blindfolded he cuffed my hands behind my back then lead me through the house to the living room, telling me the things that he was going to do to me. I was both excited and scared as he had me kneel on the floor and bend over the seat of his sofa with my legs spread and ass on display. He then proceeded to suck my cock and ball, rim my ass, work my eager hole open with his toy collection and take m
  6. If we lived near each other I would love trying to take the dominant role with you. Do to you what I love done to me. But it would NOT be a loose hogtie or tiny dildo. How about a ten incher?
  7. There are guys out there who are definitely into it. I post on DL but any hookup site should work. Just say what you are looking for in your ad then work out details when you chat or email with the guy. If that's really your ass in the photo yiu should have no trouble connecting.
  8. As a bottom I like the lights dim or now light at all. I don't have to be concerned with finding the target, I only have to supply the target. For me it's way more hot, horny and erotic that way. The exception is if we are taking videos of the action.
  9. One of my favorite things to do is post an ad for somebody to come to my place and tie me spread-eagle and face down on my bed, pillows under my hips, ass up high and my cock and balls available. In the ad I say to use my ass with tongue, fingers, toys and most of all a cock. I also ask to be spanked with my braided leather belt. I've had a number of takers but let me write about the first time I did this. Well, when this man arrived we went up to my spare bedroom where he had me strip naked and tied me face down like I requested, tying my wrists and ankles to the four corners of the b
  10. When I get fucked I want to know that I was thoroughly fucked. Like everybody else I like a big cock pumping my ass, and I love it deep, hard and long lasting. With a long lasting top we can do all sorts of positions, and when he's getting ready to cum I like to get on my back, legs pulled back and ass up high, and watch his face as he's pumping his load in me. Maybe a one hour fuck is too long but its way better than a 3 minute dump and run.
  11. I have a regular that I suck off who shoots big loads. The main reason that I suck cock is for the cum so this guy never fails. I never swallow right away. I keep it in my mouth as long as possible before swallowing and enjoy the after taste for as long as it lasts.
  12. A huge waste of cum. It should always go into one of our holes.
  13. I can't imagine why anybody would pull out. The best part about getting my cock sucked is cumming in the guys mouth. The best part of me sucking a guy is hime cumming in my mouth. I can't imagine anything other than in the mouth except to cum in the guy's ass.
  14. It was right here in my spare bedroom which is my designated play room. I chatted with this local guy for ages but it never seemed to work out. Then one evening it just clicked and a short while later I was naked, on my knees and sucking his cock. When he was good and hard he ordered me to kneel on the edge of the bed and started rimming me and getting me good and wet. Suddenly the tongue stopped and moments later I felt his cock head at my back door. When he tried to enter it hurt so I asked him to lube up which he did pretty quickly. And in one quick thrust he entered my tight ass unti
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