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  1. love that profile pic, just curious if that is you loading that bottom

    1. latinPOZjock


      No man ... thats me getting loaded up =)

    2. hornycumslut91
    3. SuccumbingToBlue


      So sexy! Wish it was me. 

  2. Fuuuuck bro, your icon is wicked hot- what movie is it from? Or is that your giant tool dumping pozsauce up some pig's hole?

  3. What Is Your Current Hiv Status? (Poll)

    HIV Positive (+)
  4. hot looking jockstrap you are showing off.  What is it made of?  latex? or the usual cotton/poly blend. 

    1. latinPOZjock


      usual cotton ply ... love the jock especially when I'm getting gang bang. Wore it to the bathhouse one night walked around in my jock showing off my pig hole. Love how guys knew right away I was a dirty cum pig ;) 

    2. funsizepig


      appreciate the quick response and that attention is exactly why I want a pair. closest thing I've seen so far is this one: http://nyjox.com/product/pigoink-jockstrap/

      Oink, sexy!

  5. Lick lick ;)  can't wait to swap poz seed with u and have our babies ;)

    1. funkmeup


      My hole is craving your AIDS wasting babies, to grow them into mutant bug strains for fag annihilation. 

      We can be fathers to dozens of yng tightneg boys we impregnate our superseed into. 

      I want to marry your toxic body and to be consumed by your cum


    2. latinPOZjock


      ohh babe lets get married...  Two toxic poz studs swapping toxic poz seed into each other forever ;)  


    3. funkmeup


      Well until one of us blossoms with our AIDS baby and wastes out skinny, covered in sores and hot with our sickness showing! I'd love to be destroyed by your constant bug breeding of me and let your DNA take over me

  6. Who wants to swap poz loads ?

  7. Dallas

    Hey @ChargedupI love to cum up to Dallas and breed with you
  8. Looking for poz tops to dump their loads in my smooth hole (+)

  9. Hey pig.  I want you to fuck me hard and perv.  Without meds I enjoy the loads. 

  10. would love to swap loads with u stud ;)

  11. Thanks for following pig

  12. Hey stud.. would love to swap charged + loads with you ;)

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