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  1. Poz bottom here in Austin. Love to let you breed my hole soon stud ;-)  U charged up>? :)

  2. thanks for the follow!

  3. latinPOZjock

    Deleting Images

    HI MOderator Can you delete my "me" album please. Thank you
  4. Hey stud ;-) would love to breed u??

  5. Hey sexy ;-)  Love to play with u?

    1. Atnrave


      That'd be way hot, man.

  6. Hey sexy... Love to swap poz loads with u :)

  7. Hey sexy ;-) I would love to breed you deep with my poz cock :)

  8. love the pic of you taking a raw load. addicted indeed.

    1. latinPOZjock


      Thanks took that last night ;-)

  9. Took 3 loads last night... layen here in bed fingering my hole and tasting all that cum.. mmhm taste soo good 

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. latinPOZjock


      fucking hot...  us piggies ;-)

    3. jaybird


      fuck .. **fuckhole spasms

    4. workmyhole


      Absolutely -- love being a cum pig

  10. hi latinPOZjock: just want to let you know how SEXY! you are! and unmedicated too:-)



    1. latinPOZjock


      Thanks ;-)  Love being a poz pig 

  11. latinPOZjock

    Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    Just took 2 loads tonight (Friday) hole is full and hopefully get a few more before the night is over ;-) Met a guy off bbrt came over and bred me then as soon as he left went down the street and took another load from a guy off bbrt ;-)
  12.  Love the feeling of fresh cum in my hole.. Got 2 fresh loads in me... hoping for more tonight  #cumpig

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    2. Chargedup


      pay it forward !

    3. alwaysready


      would be a hot 3 way...u and lpjock and moi

    4. Chargedup


      that would be hot  !  taste each others cocks and holes

  13. Any tops wana breed me hole tonight. Im feeing REALLY piggy and ready to be used as a cumdump

    1. Poz2play


      I wish I was closer to breed your hole. Very horny too!

  14. my cummy hole after a few loads ;)


    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. Poz2play


      I love that feel on the way home too! 

    3. backpackguy


      Yup, nothing better than an well bred ass full of cum...dripping out of my well fucked hole and running down my leg as I return home from a night at the sex club...HOT!!!!! Such a whore!!!! ;)

    4. ronnie4u


      Fucking HOT ! My Dream - multi Poz loads - being the 5th raw fucker - my dick bathing in poz loads - asorbing - poz bttm - fucking while sucking dicks and being fucked too - being abused and high at party's !  :P

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