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    Frankfurt, Germany
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    Straight hetero Poz & Proud Barebacker for Girls, Couples, Gangbangs.
    Infectious HIV cum swapping in multiply used cunts, STD friendly - It's a give & take anyway.
    Pozzing deliberately bug chasing girls anytime.
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    Poz, Not On Meds
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    HIV Poz and Hep C, both not on meds since April 2010, only recently started with Antiretroviral Therapy in May 2020. Still with high VL and fully contagious and sharing strains.
    Quite some good contacts to pimps / into prostitution.
  • Porn Experience
    Over 3 years excessive Private PozPartying bareback gangbang experience with my HIV+ unmedicated girl friend, organized by ourselves - now stopped for good in May 2020.
  • Looking For
    Poz Girls,
    Bug Chaser Girls,
    HIV couples,
    Bareback Gangbangs without any tests,

    Girls ready to make money with sex, regardless of their HIV status or any health condition / STDs

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  1. This is Peter, the male part of our former HighVLPozCouple profile, back to breeding.zone

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