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    Sex Addict
  • Birthday 06/10/1982

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    Manchester UK
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    LOVE barebacking in public with Poz/Neg guys
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    Poz, Not On Meds
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    Versatile Top
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    Sleazy, friendly London or Manchester,c, travel worldwide, love being naked, fucking anywhere. Proud to be a POZ breeder and pig.
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    amateur porn only so far though up for anything
  • Looking For
    mates, fuckbuddies, sleazy sex, POZ BREEDING, PISS BB worldwide when travel, GROUP sex, SEX CLUBS, OUTDOOR SEX, WANT friendly guys, no attitude
    Although am mostly Top, i do flip, love fucking RAW with POZ and NEG guys

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  1. Hi hornynhung: thanks for very kind and hot posts!

    you unmedicated too?

    1. hornynhung


      Yeh sexy and love Poz breeding.   🙂

  2. When can you poz me I’m in the north west uk 

    willing neg hole needs charging up with toxic seed 

    1. hornynhung


      Love to get my Poz seed in your arse x

    2. Btm20


      Let’s do it and charge me to take my neg status away mate 

    3. Btm20
  3. Poz me

    1. hornynhung


      Love to Poz breed you  🙂

  4. Fucked mate BB in bar toilets. We were kissing in bar but went separately to toilets, fucked in cubicle , cum up his arse, come out hot, sweaty, sent back to seats in bar, continued drinking 🙂
  5. Hi. I have been recommended to you to poz me up. Would you be willing to do me? 

    1. hornynhung


      That's cool I love barebacking and Poz breeding. Am in bbrt too , profile name on here  🙂 x

    2. MarkyNakedFun


      My number is +447823777441 send me a text. 

  6. Woof! Hot profile. 

    1. hornynhung


      Thanks mate x


  7. Like your style, bro.

    1. hornynhung


      Thanks sexy man. I just love being a Pig, breeding with multiple guys is just so fun.   :-). X

    2. BareLover073


      PM me if you want to have fun.

  8. Hey hornynhung: thanks for your very fine profile - and Im so proud how you are UNMEDICATED and so EAGERLY FUCKING



    1. hornynhung


      Thanks sexy man x

  9. Perfect profile! 

    1. hornynhung


      Thanks sexy man love to Poz breed with you when am in California 🙂

  10. I need your toxic


    1. hornynhung


      Love to fuck raw and breed when in Paris x

    2. slampigFFnasty


      when are you in Paris?

  11. Love barebacking with multiple guys, only like anal sex raw, fucking with guys in cottages, outdoors, sex clubs, group sex even with guys met in bars, clubs raw sex was the immediate and natural option. Though am mostly Top take cumloads up my arse . I was barebacking with mates, bfs while I was Neg, they were Poz so knew would become Poz, now I love breeding too. 🙂
  12. Hot profile. Would love you to unload those balls churning with poz cum inside me. 

    1. hornynhung


      Thanks sexy love to fuck you Bareback and Poz breed you :-). X


    2. wantingnow


      lets talk some more ;) DM me ;) 

  13. Great album wish I was in the middle hope next time my hungry Whore hole need seeding

    1. hornynhung


      Love to fuck Bareback breed and seed with you . :-). 

    2. FillMyManhole


      My hungry manhole can't wait starved of seed since Nov' 19 also my throat yearns for cock sliding into the back of it.  I'm posting continuation of last Nov weekend that ended in an orgy

  14. Love to fuck Bareback and breed with you 

  15. Oh  My God !   Extremely GREAT taste in selections of pictures and information - Keep It Up !     

    1. hornynhung


      Thanks mate 🙂 x

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