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  1. There is no reason I can think of to not take the anon load. One of my dreams is to be a mare at a horse market and take any cummer who wants to use me. Before Covid, I always loved hanging out at the local bathhouse and taking random guys. Even though I knew a few of them by sight, and the feel of their cocks in my ass and mouth, I know none of their names, and that's perfectly fine for me. I also have a few guys who just have a vague descriptor as their name in my contact list.
  2. Hooked up with a guy who requires me to be generous. I regularly hook up with this guy and always enjoy paying for the opportunity. He's a good fuck with a giant cock who can split me open and lives my fat white ass. He dumped a big load in me.
  3. I wonder about this as well. I am looking for both a family and the chance to be the whore I am.
  4. I wish my conversion had been like that! So hot!
  5. I love being spitroasted. I love cock in my mouth and my ass at the same time. Even better when the guy fucking me has been lubed up by my throat.
  6. A minute from walking into the sleazy motel room to pulling out of my hole having dropped his load. Just spat on my hole, pushed it in, pumped a bit, shot his load and walked out.
  7. I love ass to mouth and poppers. Those are the hottest porn.
  8. Hmm, too many to list, but the top handful: Jessy Karson; Peto Coast; Blue Bailey; Brent Corrigan; Ethan Wolfe; Ethan Sexxtin; Tony Bishop; Igor; and Kurt Marshall, if he were still alive.
  9. 2 I can think of. Both are guys I meet at turn sex club. The first is a guy, late 40s. He has a very nice looking cock. He's long and thick, but not so much that I need huge doses of poppers to get him down my throat without gagging. He always gives me an incredible experience sucking him. It's always in public, too, which I love. The second is an older (60s) daddy. He's got a very hot cock. He likes to gag me and have me poppered up. I generally don't suck him to completion, just enough to get him wet enough to fuck me, and then to do ass to mout
  10. I am not concerned with whether or not he is uncut. I prefer spit for lube, but I love the pain.
  11. The posts on this topic are all correct. Trust and communication are key. I know that, for me, I rarely get into relationships for the very reason that I need and want one like @rawsatyr has. It's a matter of communicating your needs, wants, and expectations.
  12. Fuck! That would be my dream for quarantine!
  13. The cum makes the cock even better, so both.
  14. I was at the local bathhouse after work. There's a room with a fuck pew and there's porn playing and gloryholes in the room. There were a few guys in the room and I started blowing one of them. All were Daddies and horny. I spent about half an hour on my knees sucking maybe 7 or 8 different cocks. I walked over to the pew where one guy was sitting. I sucked him good, and then he had me kneel on the first level while he fucked me dry. It hurt like hell until he bred me, even though I was poppered out of my mind, but I took his load. Went and walked around for a
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