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    Fuck, I want to be that bottom!
  2. True Story

    Fuck, I want to be you!
  3. Any Bottoms Have A Fantasy About Jail Sex

    I have no desire to go to prison, but I would probably offer myself to be someone's botch for protection if I did go. I'm too soft otherwise. Of course, I also fantasize about being raped, and gangbangers or nazis seeding me.
  4. Secret Admirers

    If he can give me a load, that's all I care about. A dick pic yes. Anything else is wasted on me.
  5. Goals for 2018

    1) Continue to work towards being a no-loads-refused cumdump, 2) Actually submit to a dominant for longer than a play session, 3) Have a top sell my holes for use, 4) Get to some adult theaters, and get myself used, 5) Lose weight to be attractive to more men.
  6. Absolutely. Since I pretty much always consent willingly, I can't say yes.
  7. A Brother in Trouble

    Amazing story! I'm so boned after each chapter, and kept edging!
  8. young or old?

    I've had good fucks with guys at all age ranges, from 80s on down to just turned 18. The best I ever had, though, was this daddy in his 50s in DC in the early 2000s. I was just 18, and not that experienced, but he taught me to take cock. I wish I could find him again. I would love to take his load now that I have some real skill.
  9. Rochester bottom. Always looking for loads or the occasional hole.
  10. All in the Family

    Can I please join this family?
  11. Throat rape and gag the fag are what I like when I suck cock.
  12. My first known poz fuck was a BBC. I have had several fbs who are black, and they never fail to satisfy my hole.
  13. Twinkie Stealthing

    This story got me so hard. Man, I wish I could be pozzed like this!
  14. Lowering "standards" and raising pleasure

    Being a no loads refused bottom is something I am working towards. I crave cum constantly, and I want to make it about quantity instead of quality.
  15. Thanks for the follow, sexy!

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