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  1. suckerboi


    I wish there were still AIDS hospices around. I would love to imitate the narrator here.
  2. He is, and he could breed me whenever he wants, and I enjoy getting hit while getting fucked.
  3. suckerboi


    My fat, chub ass needs breeding deep, and cum from many guys dripping out of me.
  4. As a bottom, the big cocks are fun, and as a cumdump whore, I will gladly take any cock, no matter the size or wildness. I would rather the fuck be boring than not happen. Thus, size, while nice, does not truly matter to me.
  5. For me, Jared Kushner l, Aaron Schock, Kanye West, and Chris Brown could all breed me whenever they wanted.
  6. suckerboi

    Sluts, what's your proudest achievment?

    This was the old one that got bulldozed to make way for the stadium. It was far sleazier then.
  7. suckerboi

    Sluts, what's your proudest achievment?

    Mine was spending 2 days at the Glorious Health Club in DC, where I just took load after load in a darkroom. The guys ranged from trolls to homeless guys to DL guys. It was incredibly hot. My hole ached for weeks.
  8. suckerboi


    CumUnion is a regular thing now, I think.
  9. I've been trying to meet up with this local guy off bbrt. Finally did. He seeded me well. Nice, average sized uncut duck.
  10. Shot some loads to this. So hot this story.
  11. Fuck, what a hot story.
  12. suckerboi

    Do any guys like sucking/fucking small cocks?

    A cock is a cock, and so long as it's in me, I don't care about the size.
  13. suckerboi

    FRIEND(S) who are PORN STARS???

    I have a friend who has done a film. I have thought about doing it myself.
  14. suckerboi

    Are you capable of monogamy?

    I am not capable of monogamy. I am looking for what one profile on bbrt termed my "Forever Freak". Like one previous poster said, sex is a sport, skin on skin. I would need someone who both would allow me to slut it up, and would go out and fuck around himself. Sleazy sex is ideal, and I want someone who I can come home to, and whom I can fuck around on, as well.
  15. I have got to get to NorCal to take your loads!

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