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  1. I definitely need more cock and cum in my fat ass.
  2. One of the ones that might qualify is getting a bunch of members of the A Brotherhood prison gang, having them kidnap me, tie me up, Chem me up, and rape me for days on end.
  3. An ideal life for me...independently wealthy, so I would have no need to work. A stunning, sleazy, smart, sweet, and sexy husband, and otherwise the apparent life of a bottom in a SketchySex movie, only with a much wider array of men.
  4. Every boy needs a daddy like this to show him what he needs.
  5. So, you followed me and I follow back! Thanks!

  6. I love the idea of a guy with a gun dominating me. Such a fucking turnon.
  7. I have a few reasons. I am a dominant bottom, most of the time. 1) it feels amazing to get fucked. I just love the feeling, from the first stretch to the slam of his body into me as he cums, it is the best physical feeling; 2) it feels right. It feels like it is where I should be, using men for their cocks, and the pleasure they can give me. 3) I love showing off my skills as a bottom. Being a slut allows me to do so more easily.
  8. Thanks for the follow mate

    1000s more pics and vids on www.twitter.com/jonny4dad or www.xhamster.com/gay/creators/jonny4dad 


    1. mjkuhl


      two fisted fucker

    2. jonny4dad


      there's room for a third 😉

  9. I agree with this totally! Do what you want, but be honest.
  10. A bit of both. I definitely crave being a cumdump, always have, but I also started hardcore with bathhouses and theatres rather than boyfriends.
  11. Hi suckerboi, thanks for following me - very sexy guy indeed and not on meds..


  12. I love the idea of a fellow cumdump as a wingman. It would be great to encourage each other to be sluttier and more perverted.
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