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  1. I've never ever asked a guy pull out to shoot. I would hope they would breed me hard and deep even if I did ask them to pull out
  2. I've never really thought of myself as versatile. There have been times in my life when I've been a top. There have been times in my life when I've been a bottom. As of a couple of hours ago me fucking any hole with the last thing on my mind. But I was definitely horny tonight. And I decided that I was going to get laid. But I also wanted it to be an early night, so when I opened Grindr I had a time limit. No fucking around and wasting time. Find a dick and take that load. That was the plan. I found a top about 15 minutes away who could host. I made my way to his place and found myself quickly gagging on his 8 inch cock. It was nice. But something felt a little like he wasn't totally into it. We took a break and chatted. He was cute and nice but not completely turned on. I didn't take it personally. Sometimes anon hookups aren't what you had in mind. I was getting ready to politely excuse myself and let him off the hook with no hard feelings. But I decided to do something to change the dynamic. I started licking his balls, and then started working my tongue into his hairy hole. God it tasted good. And he fucking lost his mind. Suddenly he's sitting on my face and I'm eating him out while he's giving me the best head I've has in years. For the first time since I showed up we were both in sync with each other's body and pleasuring each other. I pulled my mouth from his ass and told him I'd he wanted to get my cum I would give it to him but he wasn't going to take it in his mouth. In a split second he was on his back with his legs in the air. I mounted him, grinned and evil grin, and I told him what a nasty little slut he was as I worked my cock into his hole. I wish I could say that I fucked him for a long time, but at this point I was so turned on and worked up that he got maybe 3 minutes of pounding from me before I started grunting and moaning. He knew how to get me to shoot even faster. He started telling me how much he wanted me to breed him, and pulling my hips to him to get me deeper inside. I literally howled as I shot my load inside him, and I kept thrusting inside him long enough to make him shoot all over his chest. Both of us, out of breath and smiling from ear to ear, said that the night had not ended anything like we had planned. But man, it was a night (and a load) I won't soon forget.
  3. The smell of bleach in the air makes me think about bathhouses 😍
  4. I want to start a thread about public cruising spots where people can find raw sex in public. Let me know what places you like. I'll try to share some other favorites of mine too. The Apache Drive-In Theater on Hwy 31 in Tyler, TX is a legendary East Texas cruising spot. Apache Drive-In Theatre 13180 TX-31, Tyler, TX 75705 The drive in plays straight porn on the big screen after dark but there are group rooms and buddy booths playing vids inside all day too. I've taken lots of loads there. If you're there when I am, I'll probably take yours too.
  5. I love kissing on the mouth but I let the top make the first move.
  6. Today I did something I try not to do: I went to work spun. Of course, I got no work done. I looked at porn all day and finally broke down and went on Grindr looking for cock. Found a str8 guy who likes to fuck dudes when he parties. He went home early, and I left work to go to his apartment. He had me put on his girlfriend's panties and he pounded a load in me. their bed and chased me off before she came homw.
  7. Cheated on my husband with his ex. We made a list of things we wanted to do that my husband is too vanilla for and piss play was at the top of the list.
  8. I was 10 and it was done by my 16 year old cousin
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