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  1. Bumping my own thread for un update: I changed hospital to a closer one to my hometown and I noticed different doctors have different methods, as well as hospitals. Previously I was told to bring two urine samples, now it's just one taken right before talking to the doctor specialized in infectivology, which is the one handling the whole Prep thing. This time the swab was actually an internal one (two of them to be precise), checking for different STDs. The doctor while he was there checked the status of my rectum with a lubed gloved finger. It was the apex of my sexual activity sinc
  2. Thanks everyone for the answers. I'm aware of metamucil as it's been my favorite source of psyllium husk until the price skyrocketed all of sudden. Tried pills from a very popular brand but for some reason the effects have been quite subdued, I'm not sure why but loose psyllium works better than pills for me. I've bought bran, chia and flaxseed and will give it a try. Definitely cheaper and healthier than the alternatives. Being a dedicated bottom takes so much effort! Tops should be way more grateful.
  3. Likewise, I've never been there myself but this stuff I'm reading is legendary
  4. Crabs AND anal warts from a seedy looking guy back in my early 20s, it was like my 2nd or 3rd sexual experience ever, with condoms and all nonetheless. Got crabs once again in my later 20s, twice from the guy I was casually dating back then. I deleted him from my contacts right after it was obvious it was him and he acted like he didn't care. Whatever. Strangely enough I found out I had syphilis in my 30s (which could have come from anywhere at that point) and that was all. No crabs ever again, they seem to have almost disappeared from the scene all of sudden (or I don't fuck enough in c
  5. On top of the advice you received here so far, your doctor will explain you in detail every step of the procedure and might even have a printed pamphlet. Don't be afraid to ask questions as they're there to help. The daily vs on-demand 2-1-1 has been debated quite a lot here already, you might ask your doctor about this too but I'm inclined to believe he/she'll recommend taking prep according to your sexual habits (hence the need to be completely honest) and your own country's guidelines.
  6. I've read here and there that psyllium husk could possibly interfere with prep if taken at the same time. It does make sense if you think about it, but do we have actual medical opinions or is it just hearsay? While we're at it, when do you take your psyllium husk in the first place? Before, during, after meals, all the above?
  7. Very envious here 🙂 keep up the good work
  8. What is the deal with tops expecting you to be ready in 5 minutes and berating you if you decline? Is it common or do I live in an area of jerks?
  9. Still stuck at zero, at this rate my hole is going to become virgin again (yeah right)
  10. So tired of grindr, it really brings the worst out of people. Now the behavior is spreading to other apps and sites like romeo, where the "culture" used to be different. I've noticed I've been blocked by people who obviously aren't attracted to me, which would be fine but these are people I never chatted with or even clicked on their profile even once. It's like seeing my face on the grid somewhat bothers them, which is a bit disheartening. And the difference with grindr is that I can see that they blocked me, their profiles don't just disappear. Whatever.
  11. I've been contacted by a guy I went to highschool with, he mentioned my first name and surname initial, and the name of the school. Now the ridiculous part: he's obviously attracted and sent me several xxx pics of himself a night, but the next day he said it was too awkward and everything went silent. This is a guy I went to highschool with like 2 decades ago, don't remember a single thing of, don't even know his name and we weren't even in the same classroom, telling me he's attracted but chooses not to because "it's awkward". Small city gays can be ridiculously repressed it's not even
  12. A psyllium husk smoothie solves 99% of a bottom's worries. If on holidays, I'll go OMAD (one meal a day). These two alone make sure I'm ready to go with a relatively short warning and time to check everything is in order.
  13. Impatient tops are jerks, any men who bottomed at least once knows it's in his own interest to give the bottom the time to get ready. Of course there's also the bottoms who you take home after a dinner out and head straight for the bedroom. Huh, no. I'm going to point out politely but firmly that they can use the bathroom "in case they need it", while I open the wine bottle.
  14. That's the method it's being recommended in many European countries for those who don't need (or can't really afford) a daily pill 365 days a year. According to my doctor it's considered to be as reliable as the daily therapy, but some research papers mighr disagree on that. Still I've chosen to trust my doctor who for sure knows more than I do on this subject.
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