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    Older men to breed and seed my twink pussy. No condoms, no loads refused from mature daddies, as God intended!!
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    Young tight and slutty af for daddies, and poz daddies. W @ thisisfun01

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  1. Part IV Oh my god. My uncles are POZ?!?! "Are you okay, Aidan?" Uncle Brian asks. "Umm..ya, yea, yes. I just came all over myself." "I told you he was a little [banned word] boy." Uncle Jake says as I hear the unmistakable sound of fucking on the other end of the phone. "That's so fucking hot. I'm fucking your Uncle B's ass thinking about all that POZ DNA swimming around your gay little womb." "Jake!" Uncle B admonishes. "We both knew he was a little slut. He could never take his eyes off our speedo's and cocks when he visits. Isn't that right, Aidan." "Yes,
  2. Young dumb and I want daddy cum. Pure bottom, need to learn to be a piggy cumslut. W thisisfun01
  3. My parents divorced when I was 12. Since then I spent every other weekend at my father's. I started experimenting with a couple of friends not long after. When I was 13, My mom walked in on the three of us, me squatting on one of her dildos, my two friends in front of me taking turns with my mouth. She and I had a discussion about it and I came out to her. She told my father between that night and when he picked me up that weekend. He asked me about it and such on the drive to his house. His gym shorts tenting the whole drive. We get to his house and told me since I'm a little bottom, I s
  4. Part III [deleted] Group Conversation: SantaDaddy: Timeline has moved up. The bitch is gone. B went with her, for now. A is scratched and first dose received. :Image Sent: POZCoach (PC): Goddamn. He's such a slutty boy. You can see the blood and cum all over your cock too. good job! I had him earlier this week, sorry. Couldnt resist. But dont worry, I had my smallest PA in that day. I didn't see, or taste any blood when I ate my load out of him. I think we can count this one as converted by SD. Anyone have an issue with that? Godswrath(GW): Don't take the Lord's name in v
  5. "One of the women dad fucked at his company told mom." I knew his mom had to be lying. There was only one woman I knew that he fucked a couple times a while ago, but Mr. D was gay. That cant be true. But he didn't deny it when he saw my phone. Fuck, he scratched my hole up, there's no way I'm not going to get it...Shit, he told me he was going to impregnate me. Fucking asshole is trying to give me HIV. "That's insane man. What are you going to do?" "He's your dad, he loves you. You can't just abandon him. He's paying for you're college. You're mom isn't going to she
  6. I was looking forward to the weekend. I get to hang with my friend Bren, crash at his place this weekend. Sadly my parents are out of town so I wont get to celebrate my Birthday until they get back, but hopefully Bren's dad will give me a good late night birthday fuck since my birthday is tomorrow. Even not, I'm sure I can at least suck Bren's cock. Bren and I have experimented some since we've known each other, little does he know, I was only showing him what I already learned from his dad. Mr. Davis. I know Bren isn't gay, just bi, or at least I assume that since he loves fucking my ass
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