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    Older men to breed and seed my twink pussy. No condoms, no loads refused from mature daddies, as God intended!!
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    Young tight and slutty af for daddies, and poz daddies. W @ thisisfun01
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  1. One of my dreams is finally coming true. Chuck is fucking me. His fat and pierced daddy cock is pistoning in and out of my boipussy. The burning sensation is subsiding funally after what feels like an eternity. "Goddamn, your pussy feels amazing. Looks like your pussy it's ready for my baby makers to knock you up. Nice and torn. A little bit of blood mixed in with those loads of cum. Dont worry, well have plenty of attempts to make sure it takes. Let daddy Chuck and Mike take care of you. Knock you up and turn you out." He starts fucking me harder and harder with full deep strokes. I feel the weight of his piercing hitting the walls of my bowels. He flips me over and ties my hands together behind my legs with his belt. My ass is now in the air, legs being held up by my bound hands. He shows me his blood and cum covered cock. As he runs it all over my face then plunges it deep into my now gaping pussy. "Don't worry, Jamie. We will fully convert you into the sluttiest cumdump you could have ever imagined being. All of our friends want to help convert you. Would you want that?" I enthusiastically shake my head as he keeps fucking me. "Would you deny any man the use of your pussy?" Aggressively, I shake my head no. "Would you refuse any load in your mouth or pussy?" Again, I shake my head no. "I'll test that loyalty soon." He pushes my legs back further, nearly folding me in half and methodically pounding my hole with deep, hard, thrusts. His hands are around the base of my neck pulling me onto him as he thrusts. He pauses and then makes out with me for a moment. The burning cines back briefly but I'm too overwhelmed by everything else to pay it any attention. He turns me onto my side and starts pounding into my hole. Creating new sensations I've never dreamt of feeling. He begins to plow into me like a machine. Deep, high tempo, skin slapping skin. His sweat dripping onto my used body. He rolls me onto my stomach as much as I can with how I'm bound. He pulls on my head with a handful of my hair. He roars loudly as he cums deep in me. The burning sensation is back again. He slowly slides his phallus in and out of my opening. I feel his cum spreading through my bowels as his cock continues to twitch. This causes my cock to erupt onto my sheets again. "Mmm. How my times did you breed our new slut?" A new and familiar voice asks. I'm unable to turn my head to see who it is in my position. "Just two so far. Where was everyone else?" Chuck replies. "They were finishing up and about to leave. Kayla said to have fun when I started up the stairs." The new voice approaches as he continues. "Damn, frothy bloodied, and slightly gaping. That PA is gonna work charms on his conversion. Let's continue shall we?" I am pushe into the bed away from the two men. I feel weight on the bed on either side of my hips as a warm hard cock slides up and down my crack. The head gains entry into into my opening. My pussy is stretched again. I moan in agony as I know my ring's limits are tested. "Dont worry little Jamie, it'll only take you a few minutes for that head to fully enter your pussy. Daddy Mike has a comically thick mushroom." Chuck tells me as he kneels on my bed in front of my face. I stair at his cum and blood coated PA. I swear I see bits of flesh around the ball ends of his piercing. "You ready for my viral load, Boi?" Mike asks. Again all I can manage is to nod my head in excitement.
  2. Two Weeks Later After we left the resort and headed home, Chad got Adam and I a very nice apartment in the financial district of the city. Of course he came in from New York to help us move in and celebrate with a couple of his friends. By the time I got up on Monday, I felt very worn out but I also finally felt completely happy with my life for the first time that I can remember. I have a sexy mature boyfriend with an amazing cock. We are very open in our relationship and communicate very well. My roommate it's my best friend. And I have a very strong social group that I can talk to about anything I feel like. The only thing that could improve is work and the lack of respect we've gotten for the time we've put in. But you can't have it all right? Adam and I leave Chad and his friends from New York at our apartment after taking care of their needs for the morning and walk the two blocks to work. "Man, there's nothing like a stomach full of cum to start your day!" Adam chides. "Speak for yourself. Chad and Leo both shot huge loads up my hole after dp'ing me. I feel like my plug is working overtime to keep their cum in me. I doubt the bosses will understand why my pants have a wet cum stain done midday." "No wonder you were moaning so much. God, you've grown up so fast. I'm so proud of the slut you've be come!" "Thanks mom!" "Are you refreshed and ready to take on your work more after taking two and a half weeks off?" "I wouldn't say refreshed, maybe well used. Haha. But yes I think this was a reset that I needed. I feel like today will be a big day for some reason. It's kinda weird." "Yea, I get the same feeling. Yin and Leo also work for our new corporate overlords, I feel like they're here for other reasons than just hanging with Chad for the weekend and breeding us." We continue into work and get started with our day. By 9:30am, the upper level management is losing their minds. Rumors about massive layoffs, restructuring, closing of the office are floating around. I get a message on my phone from Chad, "Are you my slut?" "Of course, Daddy." "Good boy. I need you and Adam to find a 3rd slutty cumdump in 20 minutes that works there." "Yes sir, Daddy." I get a message on our inter office chat program from Adam, I just got a text from Yin. Chad just sent me one as well. Is there anyone you can think of? Not anyone that I think could be as...strong as us. What about you? Theo? The temp in customer service. I noticed a closeted profile in grindr when he started here. Cute lil femme. The profile rings similar to how I was. Also, the wrist tattoo matches up. Wanna grab him and see? Sexy little minx. I'd fuck him if that's his profile I'm seeing. I have seen him walk by my favorite gay club a few times. Eyeing it up but not courageous enough to follow through. I'll meet you at his desk.
  3. Sorry if it isn't clear, most of the previous chapter was a dream, the last few paragraphs are reality. Again I'm typing this while at work on breaks
  4. I'm walking out of a strange room. And into the middle of some sort of gathering. Adam and Stefan are there waiting for me. Both of their bellies swollen with child. Adam leans into my ear and whispers to me, "I'm so glad you decided to join our family. I feel like you and I were destined to be here." Stefan leans over, "You're a natural, just like Adam and myself. Soon you're womb will flower with new life, just as mine and Adam's. Im glad they unlocked your key so you could discover who you really are." They are both caressing my strong hairy abs as I see their hard cocks sticking out from their pregnant bellies. I look down at my own stomach to see their hands rubbing oil over me. I'm wearing a lace black jock that my cock is pushing out against. They both stick a finger in my mouth and I naturally begin to suck on them. I feel their sharp nails leave my mouth and both enter my boipussy. Scraping my womb. I moan in pain and pleasure. Adam looks at Stefan, "Our slutty sister is ready for his wedding night." They both lock arms with me and we proceed through a set of doors into a room where 100s of people are gathered. My parents, coworkers, old friends, new friends I meet on vacation. I think most of the men from that small mountain town are here. We walk down the middle of the room with the guests parting in front of us the closing in behind us. As they do, I can see for daddies in the front of the room waiting for us. After we make our way through the last part of the crowd, I can finally make out who the men waiting for us. Sten and Doc are on the side, with Erik and Chad in the middle. Erik speaks loudly, "Who gives this boi to be joined with one of our Daddies?" Stefan and Adam respond in unison, "We do, Sir!" They both make out with me passionately and smile. "Good sluts!" Erik praises them and points towards Sten and Doc. Adam makes his way over to Sten, Stefan to Doc. Both get on their knees and lightly suckle their respective Daddy's cock before turning around to face me. I step forward and Chad welcomes me in an intimate embrace. I bury my face in his thick chest hair, while he kisses my head gently. I lightly caress his chest and nipples prompting Chad to moan in hunger. He bends down to lock lips with me as my hand snakes it way onto his leather jock and caresses the pouch. "Chad, do you take Ronan to be your main boi? To give your seed, and generate a better life?" Erik asks. "I do." "Ronan, do you take Chad to be your Daddy? To take not, just his seed, but the seed of any man he tells you to? To allow him to impregnate you? And to bring new sluts into our fold?" I look up into Chad's eyes. "I do, Sir!" "I now pronounce you lifelong Daddy and Boi. Chad, you may now breed your Boi and consummate the union." Erik's voice booms across the room. I'm pushed onto my back with my legs in the air as the crowd gathers round to watch and verify the union. Chad kneels below me and penetrates me with his large cock in one go. We moan in unison as Chad bends down and passionately makes out with me as he fucks me with purpose. After a few minutes of fucking me, Chad sits up, pulling on my hips to fuck deeper into my pussy. "Will you have my kids?" "Anything for you, Daddy." I moan and pull on his stiff nipples. "Here it comes boi! Take all my seed!" Chad plows into me, putting all his weight on my thighs to plant his seed as far in me as possible. We make out more passionately, we make out as lovers, as Daddy and Son. "Does the mighty Scorpion bless this mating?" Erik asks. Suddenly I feel a glow deep in my boipussy and womb. It spreads through my body. Chad takes my cock deep into his throat as the glow moves through my body and my cock erupts into his mouth. Suddenly I feel a sharp twinge in my boipussy. My belly expands and everyone cheers as I have borne Chad's fruit, His offspring. I lock eyes with Chad, "I love you." "I love you, too." I hear Chad say, but his lips don't move. I feel him kiss me but he's still looking at me. I start hearing skin smacking skin and the moans of pleasure from Adam and Stefan. Look to where they are and they're still sitting on their knees looking at me in happiness and love. I hear Sten and Erik grunting but they're not moving. "It's time to wake up, Ro." I hear Chad say and a warm tongue is running circles around the entrance to my womb. I feel the pressure of a cock penetrate me, and both of my nipples are being suckled. The room spins and shifts into darkness. Suddenly the light comes back and I'm in my room at the Bed and Breakfast. Adam and Stefan are both sucking my nipples. Adam stops and asks, "Did you have a good dream?" I hear more people chuckle. Sten is stretching and hole with his viking cock, while Erik is plowing Stefan. I look at who is in me and see Chad. "Good evening sexy." I push Adam and Sten off me and wrap my legs around Chad, pulling him deeper into me and his face closer to mine. "I love you, Daddy. " I tell him. The fucking around us slows down. And everyone gets quiet. Chad smiles, "I love you too, Son." He kisses me passionately as though we are long lost lovers. "Now knock me up with your Poz babies!" The room cheers and immediately we all start fucking and moaning.
  5. I let the hot water run over my body. I keep slowly pulling on my plug just before it releases from my hole and push it back in as hard as I can, fucking myself with my plug. My cock is hard again and leaking pre. I lean my head against the shower wall, tweak my nipples and whimper in hunger as I lightly fuck myself. I stop my pleasure, and focus on actually cleaning myself. I use my moisturizing body wash so I'm nice and soft for my next session I have. I dry myself off and go into my bedroom to get dressed. I crawl up on my bed and turn my music up on my phone and slide my tight shorts on and get back on my hands and knees and lightly dance on my bed keeping my ass in the air. I love the feel of my plug moving and pushing against the inner walls of my boipussy. I keep dancing and gyrating my ass in the air lightly "fucking" myself. I hear a notification from my phone but keep gyrating thinking about what happened earlier, and avoiding the trouble I'm going to get into downstairs. I'm lost in my head and the sensations from my hole and I don't notice the change of shadows due to my bedroom door opening. My bed suddenly shifts around me as a hand grabs the back of my neck pushing my face into my pillow. Some lays their body weight on my waist pinning to the bed. I lift my head up to scream and have some cloth stuff in my mouth and straps twist and wrap around my head pulling the cloth tighter against my mouth. There is a very salty, almost cum like, taste to the fabric. "I've wanted this since the first moment I laid eyes on your bubble but in the pool. Normally I'd take care of you until you're pussy is use to my cock. Not this time. I'm going to fucking destroy your freshly deflowered pussy. Your mom gave me permission to make you my personal cumdump. My cock and cum will change your life. Do you want me to fuck you." Chuck asks me. I cant talk with the cloth in my mouth. All I can do is moan and shake my head yes. "I'll take that as a yes. I guess you can't really talk with my jock in your mouth. Trust me you'll need it. You'll learn to take my cock in your mouth later. But for now, your pussy is mine and you will learn to take it raw and unlubricated. Lucky for you, you took a few loads from a couple other daddies so that's all the lube you're getting." He smacks my ass hard. "Goddamn, we've been waiting for the opportunity to ruin this pussy." He says as he caresses my ass. I feel him push my plug causing me to moan. suddenly he tears a hole in my shorts and I feel his cock and cold PA slide against my balls leaving them coated in precum. He slowly pulls out my plug and licks my hole. "Mmmm, good and load with seed still." I feel his cock touch my hole as his hand pushes the back of my head smothering me in my own pillow. "I'm going to destroy your hole, the once Mike gets here we will destroy it together." He pushes his whole cock into my boipussy in one go, burying it to the hilt. I moan in pain as I feel like my ass is on fire.
  6. Uncle Jake plants one foot on the bumper and grabs a handful of hair on the back of my head and pulls for leverage as he starts fucking me with purpose. His spare hand is slapping my ass aggressively, "You're temporarily neg pussy it's going to be the talk of the beach. Every POZ daddy in town already knows you're here to get knocked up by your uncle's. But they all want their sperm be the one that fertilizes your womb. And you know what? Mine is going to be there first and the most. Im going to preload your pussy for your gift when we get home!" Cum it's now pouring out of my flaccid cock as he slams his porn star sized monster against my second ring. "Take your uncle's seed you sick slut!!" He finally roars as his cock shoots a huge rope of cum against my prostate. This is the first time I can honestly say that I've felt cum blast into my boipussy. Not warmth, but actual man seed. This causes my cock to pulse and shoot cum on the hood of his Corvette. My balls are in pain almost from how hard they're pushing my neg seed out. His cock continues to shoot huge ropes into my pussy before he quickly pulls out and spins me around and shoots 4 huge ropes on my face and pushes his cock head into my mouth and leaks more cum. I swallow all that I can before he pulls out. "Jesus Fuck! How much did you cum?" I ask feeling cum drip off my face and ooze out of my hole. "You're a one man bukkake." He grabs a handful of hair and pushed my face towards my cum on the hood of his car. "Lick up your mess." Off course I comply as he walks to the back of the car. He opens and close the truck as he tells me, "I was diagnosed in high school with hyperspermia. Your uncle couldn't get enough of my cum then. Put this in then put these on. He hands me a stainless plug and a skimpy speedo. I slide the plug in to my freshly bred pussy. I look at the speedo. It's sexy as hell, but small. "Was this in the juniors slut section?" I ask. "Something like that. We want to advertise your fresh pussy don't we?" He laughs as I slide it on. I watch him adjust his cock as he licks his lips. The speedo is clearly a size too small. But perfect for me here. It barely hides any skin in the inch tall strip of fabric that stretches across my ass cheeks. The pouch barely holds my cock and balls with the base of my cock clearly visible. The fabric wrapping around the left side of my hip is just three straps before it becomes solid on my left cheek. I finger the two strips of bare skin it shows. "A lot of guys like putting their biohazard tattoo in that area. Maybe it's to show that off? We met a couple of twinks and femboys wearing these in the past few weeks. Thought you'd look perfect in it. I'd say that's a fuck yes. We better get going before I breed you again. Plus im sure your uncle and our daddies and grandaddies are anxious to see you." Uncle Jake informs me. "Your dad and grandfathers?" I ask. "Our Daddies and Grandaddies. They are in town to celebrate 50 years together. They infected our daddies, or gifters, with their HIV strain, which then was given to your uncle and I by our Daddies. Hopefully we will gift it to you this week and become your Daddies, but we figured a little group fun with your potential grandaddies and great grandaddies would be a good welcome for you here, as well as a present for your great grandaddies," Jake explains. "They've been together for 50 years? That'll make them..." "65. Times were rough for them growing up. But they're living it up now. What a better way to to celebrate the next step of their life than possibly pozzing a 18 year old twink fresh out of High School?" "Wow. Well this should be fun. What's their next step of life?" "Are you 100 percent sure you want to do this? Become HIV positive? Like in all seriousness, you will be impregnated guaranteed by the time you leave to go back. You can approach it chance of getting it blindly. Maybe you don't know when or where you got knocked up. Maybe you won't ever get it. But you can get out on your terms. You know who, or who facilitated your gifting. The best week of sex in your life, that was also the entry to the best sex life any bottom could hope to have. But I need to know now." "What's their next step in life, Uncle Jake?" "What's your answer?" I take a moment of reflection about everything my life up until here. It's this a change I want? No I need it. I can't stop getting bred. Especially by Coach or Bren's father. "I want you two to be my daddies." "Good answer." We cross over a bridge to what looks to be a semi-private island in the sound. I see lots of men on the beach to our left. We make our way towards a beach parking area near their new house. "They were diagnosed with AIDS on Monday. Both sets of daddies, and your uncle, have been saving their loads for a week now just for you. You will be infected with in the next 12 hours. Last chance to back out, maybe. My load is plugged in your boipussy and in your stomach now." "I want to be fucked by every daddy in Fort Laud." "Good little slut. Now our new house is the orange one 5 houses down the beach, about a half a mile. You're going to advertise your body for all these men. You are not too suck or be fucked by any of them. You can kiss, tease, and grind. But you have 10 minutes to get there or we find a different twink to breed tonight in front of you. Got me?" I lean over and make out with Uncle Jake, kissing my way down his chest to his hard cock. I suck in it through his shorts, then pull it out through one of the legs and suck the pre cum off the tip. "Yes. Daddy." "Cock teasing slut. Tell them if they want to fuck you, that they'll need to be at your conversion party for your 18 year old negative boipussy at the orange house tomorrow at 1pm. Now go, and hurry up to the house for your first poz gangbang of the week." "Yes sir, Daddy." I get out of car and step my bare feet onto the warm sand. I look down and see my cock is semi hard and pushing against the too small pouch of my tiny swimming thong. I look up and see that several men have turned their heads towards me. I seriously feel like fresh meat about be tossed to a pack of horny hyenas. I see the orange house sticking out at the bend of the beach and take my first steps towards my rebirth.
  7. Adam collapsed on top of me in exhaustion as his cock continues to pump his load deep into my boipussy. We briefly make out as his cock finally stops. "I've been waiting for days to give you this load." Doc and Jake approach the alter and help Adam back to his chair. I watch as the rest of the group removes their robes and masks. I note several men I've seen around town, the men from the pub that all bred me, patients from the doctor's office, everyone from the bed and breakfast, and many many more. They all approach me with their multitude of erect cocks. They swarm the alter and the man in the black robe climbs on top of the altar, "And now the time of the scorpions has come." He preaches, his manly feet on either side of my head. I stare up his hairy legs into his robe. A large drop of precum drips off his cock head and lands on my lips. I quickly lick it off and need more of it. He continues, "Dumpsters must only suck cocks of the Elders until they have done their tasks. Elders, you must administer two shots of your toxic DNA into the sacrifice. One orally, one deep into his womb. After all Elders have given their gift, Dumpsters must donate one to the sacrifice as well. Your choice of locations. Once all members have planted into the sacrifice, you may continue the service however you wish." At this, his robes drop revealing him to be Erik. He kneels down and rubs hits cock all over my face. "Godspeed, young Ronan." He whispers as he shoves his cock all the way down my throat. I feel another cock burrow into my pussy and both cocks start pistoning in their chosen hole. _____________________________ Ronan's cum filled and limp body is carried off of the alter after two hours and every member has given him the correct number of loads. He's placed on his bed in the inn. Adam snuggles next to his best friend, admiring his cum soaked body. Stefan, with several loads of seed within his own bowels and stomach crawls on the bed and makes out with Adam. They both clean the excess cum off of Ronan's body. They lick every inch of Ro's exposed skin. Both rub and kiss Ro's swollen belly. Ronan wakes up briefly and kisses the two other twinks in his bed. "It's okay. The fun party starts tomorrow. Round two of celebrating, it's more of a poz orgy instead of a gangbang breeding." Stefan tells them. The trio makes out before they all pass out for the night.
  8. Moderator's Note: There is a brief passing moment of heterosexual contact in this Interlude. Interlude ___________________________ "He's discovering his sexuality, and it looks like he may be a natural born slut. It's not a bad thing. A lot of men like slutty twinks." Chuck tells Jamie's mom. "I know. I thought moving back here would give him more opportunity to ease into it. This is a far more liberal town than where we were." "I think the kids in his class, or the school in general is more conservative than it was before they moved it. I dont sense it has the same sense of openess and the ability to explore yourself like when we were kids. Hell, his friends group has pretty religious parents. Look at Ashley's family. Her mom runs that school as much if not more than the Board does." My Aunt adds. "I know. I just...I feel like I've made him hide who he is and it's all come flooding out at once. I don't want him to feel like he has to go all the way to the depths of depravity to figure out where he belongs," Jamie's mom responds. "I do recall all five of us doing the same thing, just a couple years younger. Aside from you having Jamie, have you really changed. I mean I haven't. Aside from my taste in men, I like playing with men my age sure, but I like awakening young twinks and showing them their full potential. We haven't changed one bit. We just use it to our advantage more. I know you've slept your way to where you are at the Hospital. Morgan is all but a prostitute, but that's why she doesn't work and can afford to buy her own house. Chris and Tom have fucked most of the moms, bored housewives, and executive women in there county. We're all sluts." Chuck declares. Jamie's momm pauses and looks at Chuck mischievously, "Well, if Jamie is a slut, which clearly looks like he is." "It does run in the family," Jamie's aunt, Morgan adds. "That's for damn sure!" Tom adds. "It was your mom that popped most of the j.v. team's cherry after we won state I do recall." Chris recalls. They all laugh and the mood is lightened. Jamie's mom continues, "So he's a slut. I don't want to hamper his journey of discovery. But I want him to be careful. Can you guide him Chuck? Help him to learn how to be safe? The rest of us have no experience with gay men. We don't know the life styles there are. Would you be willing to do that? Take him under your wing." "I don't think you know what you're asking of me. I'm not the safe gay man you think I am. And as Jamie is a slutty bottom that clearly needs older cock, he will want mine. And there is no turning back from this." Chuck answers. "It's his choice what he wants. And there are always consequences for our actions. Whether it's getting pregnant or catching HIV. You've had it 10 years and you're not dying. But, he is a gay boy and needs to know what the risk-benefits are. We will support and love him no matter what," The mom responds looking Chuck in the eyes. "I'm the big bad wolf," Chuck declares as his breathing increases slightly. His cock starts to engorge as he knows he's about to get his prey. "We all are," Aunt Morgan answers stroking Chris's cock as he caresses her ass under her skirt. Clearly the sexual tension in the room has increased to an unbearable level for everyone there. Jamie's mom grabs Tom's cock through his pants and leads both of them over to Chuck. Tom grinds on my mom's ass as he caresses her breasts under her shirt. She lets out a slight moan as she pulls Chuck's monster out of his shorts and plays with the heavy PA and strokes the shaft. "You're little red riding hood is upstairs. Give him what Morgan and I dreamed about getting since high school." Tom has pulled his cock out and pushed it against my mom's slit as she bends down and kisses Chuck's beefy sausage. Chuck shivers and heads up the stairs towards Jamie's shower. Tucking his cock back into his shorts.
  9. "Jamie... who's cum is all over your face?" My mom asks. Unsure of what's the right response for her, I look at my aunt. She's barely containing a laugh. Chuck is smirking at me with pride and hunger in his eyes. I look down Chuck's body. He's wearing a tight workout shirt and some sort running shorts that are clearly taught from his large cock. His muscular thighs spread and framed nicely by his light blue shorts. I think back to all the men both my mom and aunt have brought home over the years. Many I never saw more than once, never knew their names. How many more fucked them elsewhere. I remember counting 80 men between the two of them on summer years ago. Fuck it. "I don't know two of them, I never got their names before the third told me to drop to my knees. His name was Josh, we met Friday at the competition." Chuck is clearly smirking now. My aunt chuckles and the two strangers openly laugh. "Like mother, like son," mom says under her breath. She speaks up, "Alright. Upstairs you go. Clean up and come back down as soon as you're done. We need to discuss what you've been up to." I head upstairs and pass my window and take the needed selfie and send it to Josh. I grab my princess plug, shorty shorts and a tank top and head into the bathroom. I set my phone on the counter and video myself stripping completely naked, making sure to show my well used boipussy to the camera. I slide the plug in. I need to get a larger one as this one went in too easily. Later. I take another video of me cleaning the cum of my face, eating every bit that I can. I get a washcloth and scrub more off. I show the cum on the cloth to the camera then suck it off as best as I can. I look straight at the camera. "I wish this was your cum daddies." I send the videos to Mike and Chuck. I get into the shower and let the warm water wash over me. ------------------------------------------------ Thanks for all the positive words. Im enjoying writing this quite a bit!
  10. Although Mr. Maxwell's cock was shorter than the stranger's that just ravaged my body for an hour, he was much thicker and stretched my boipussy out quite a bit, even with the three loads the stranger left in me. "Oh God Mr. Maxwell, you're so thick. Please don't stop fucking me." "Call me daddy!" "Thank you daddy! I want your cum daddy!" "I'm going to knock you up!" "Please daddy, breed me!" Mr. Maxwell had a lot of stamina for a guy that hasn't been laid for a while. He fucked me in different positions, made me clean the stranger's cum off of his fat cock and then face fucked me for a few minutes before shoving his fuck meat back into my boipussy. After another 30 minutes of fucking my hole, he flips me onto my stomach, I turn my head to face him and he shoves two fingers in my mouth. I of course naturalist naturally begin to suck on them. He leans on me fully, his big beer gut covering my back. Her whispers into my ear, "Does my little girl want daddy's load in her slutty pussy?" "Please daddy!" He tongues my ear as he fucks me with a passion that I haven't witnessed yet. "Here it cums. My sperm is going to fertilize your womb and impregnate you, Ashley!!!!!" He screams. Hearing him call me his daughter, my best friend's name, caused my cock to spurt all over the floor underneath me. He slams deep into my ass and roars loudly as I feel him unload inside of me. His cock twitching for what feels like for many minutes. I feel cum gush out of my hole and over my balls, and coating my inner thighs. After a few minutes he pulls out of me, and I feel even more cum ooze out if me as though his cock was a dam being removed from a reservoir. "Jesus fuck, Mr. Maxwell. How much did you cum in me?" "You're going to be my new cumdump, Jamie. I want you to wear your girliest underwear, or sleaziest swimsuit everytime you come over." "Yes sir! Did you mean to call me Ashley?" "I did." He says as he pulls his pants on and walks out of the office. I decide not to stay at the competition since Josh's races were already over. I pull my speedo on and finished getting dressed. I look at my phone and see that Mike and Chuck liked the video. I told them that he bred me three times and wanted them to know that I took three undetectable. Also Mr. Maxwell walked in as he left and flooded my pussy with cum. I sent them the pic of the two cum puddles on the floor, my normal size one and one that could fill a coke can. I flipped over to my texting app to see what the stranger was talking about, but he deleted all of my text messages. I gingerly walked to my car. As I approached, I saw Josh and two of his team mates leaning against my car. Josh was rubbing his cock through his loose shorts. His team mates were both doing the same. "You missed my heats! Where were you?" "I got pulled aside by your coach." They all laughed. "Did he fuck you?" Josh asked. I looked down in shame. "Three times." "You're a natural slut aren't you? That wasn't our coach. He was at the pool the whole morning. It was our bus driver. Looks like plan B, boys. That asshole is a dirty old fucker. I'm not having his sloppy seconds. You're going to suck all three of us off right here and now. On your knees, Jamie." I comply, dropping to my knees and licking my lips. "Feed me your cocks please!" I beg while caressing the thighs of two teammates on either side of Josh. Josh pulls his cock out and pushes it into my mouth. I pull the other two guys cocks out and pull them towards my face. I take turns licking, sucking, and stroking the three cocks. They take turns fucking my face. I feel my cock leaking precum into my saturated speedos. After a few minutes, the first one starts jerking his cock aggressively. "Cover the slut's face," Josh commands. The first guy's shot hits my left temple, and he continues to shoot five more ropes across my left cheek, lips, and forehead. Then the second guy shoots all over thr right side of my face, a couple ropes end in my hair. Then Josh's cock erupts, covering my forehead, nose, and lips in his sperm. "Thank you," I tell them as I lick their seed off of my lips. Josh takes a pic of my face covered in their cum. "Go home. And take a selfie in your room overlooking your neighbors house with our jizz still on your face. If you don't, we will blast this pic of you all over Facebook and tell everyone that you let dirty old Frank breed you three times. Now go!" They move away from my car and let me leave. The short drive home takes forever. I'm caught by several men that stop next to me. A couple of them shift uncomfortably in their seats at I wink and blow a kiss at them. I finally pull into my driveway and open WhatsApp and send a text to Chuck and Mike about what happened in the parking lot. I then take a selfie with the cum still covering my face, the ropes in my hair clearly visible as some cum is oozing of my nose. "I want a video of you cleaning it all off of you. And you eating it all. Then we can start your training in ernest," Mike commands. "Yes sir, Daddy." I text back. I get out of my car and make my way into my house. As I open the door, I start to feel cum about to run off my brow into my eyes. I turn around after shutting the door, scooping cum off of my brow and then put my cum covered fingers in my mouth to suck it off. I open my eyes as I'm pulling my fingers out if my mouth to see Chuck, my aunt, two muscled older men, and my mother all staring at me. "We need to talk," my mom tells me.
  11. This coach that I've never seen before, is rubbing his thick bare cock up and down my ass crack driving me crazy. "Please sir, fuck me." "In due time my boy. Josh was bragging that he made you cum hands free. What did he do that felt so good?" The man asks. "Nothing, sir. HE didn't make me cum. It was watching the two daddies that bought this speedo for me...it was watching them both fuck another boy while they watched Josh fuck me, Sir. The one that was my neighbor locked eyes with me and shoved his whole cock down the boys pussy in one quick go after the other daddy bred him." "Is this the toxic twink you were texting?" "No, sir. Those were a group chat from the two daddies. It just happened to the same twink in the pics." "You like daddies?" "I've fantasized about daddies. But always been too nervous." "I'm your daddy for the next two hours." He flipped me over in one swift motion onto my back and pushed my legs back to my chest. "Now I'm going to have a snack." He licked my boipussy for my first time. "Ohhhhhh, Daddy!!" I immediately came all over my chest and face and started seeing stars as doin as his tongue penetrated me. "You taste so good my little cock puppet," My daddy of the hour tells me. All I can do is moan in ecstacy as he eats my boipussy. He licks, sucks, and tongue fucks my glory hole. He slowly inserts three fingers into me as he slowly licks my testicles and makes his way up my shaft. I grab the back of my legs to hold them wide to give daddy better access. "Good. I like bois that act instinctually." He deepthroats my 5.5in cock as he pushes a fourth finger into me. "Do you know what that twink's tattoo means my little slut in training?" "No daddy. I think it's a club though. One daddy has the symbol as well." "Sort of. You have a lot to learn, but im not going to ruin your other daddy's gifts." He walks away leaving me whimpering on the desk. He comes back holding my phone clearly videoing me. "Do you want my daddy dick, boi?" He points the phone at my ready hole as he slaps it with his thick cock. He points the phone at my face. "Please fuck me sir! I need daddy's cock drop in me." I beg. He points the phone at my chest, scooping my own cum into his hand. "Who's cum is this?" "Mine, daddy. I came when your tongue entered my boipussy." "What's my name?" "Daddy." "No, my real name." "I.." oh my God, I'm becoming a slut. "I don't know sir." "How long have you known me?" Shit, my cock get even harder. "Maybe 10 minutes." "How long did it take me to get you to strip for me?" "Three minutes, maybe five, Sir." "Where do you want my cum deposited?" "Deep in my pussy!" I moan as he slams his cock in me to the hilt again. I feel his belly rest on the back of my thighs. He puts the camera close to my face. 'This fresh slut is in ecstacy from a real man's cock. Not some 20 year old. He wants all daddy cocks in him raw. Dumping their loads deep in his womb or down his throat. He can and should be a no loads refused slut. You two should impregnate him. Knock him up with your babies. Isn't that right, boi?" "Yes! Please! Daddies. Fuck me. Breed me. Impregnate me. Knock me up with your babies." I beg into the camera as he starts peeing my hole on ernest and points the phone camera at my hole. "I just sent this to your daddies in WhatsApp... and let's see... your last text was an Ashley Maxwell, so she should know you're really a slut... and... oh what a stupid slut you are.. hahaha. Looks like you sent your facial and creampie pics to someone you probably shouldn't. They'll love this video too." He does a couple other things in my phone and puts it down and he starts fucking me aggressively. ---------------- After an hour, and three large loads later, and me coming hands free for times, this stranger pulls his pants up and kisses me deeply. "Tell your daddy you took three loads undetectable from a stranger." He puts his hat on and walks into the hall. He leaves the door open and I'm on my back with my used pussy facing the door. I hear from the hallway, "Hey, if you want a fresh piece of freshly deflowered boipussy there's one on the desk in there with three loads in him." Fuck yes. Hopefully another daddy. "Goddamn, what do we have here?" I recognize the voice and look up between my legs, "Shit! Mr. Maxwell!!" "Jamie?! I always knew you'd be a good little fairy slut! Ashley always complained about how jealous of your ass she was. Stand up and let me see it." I comply. I stand up and spin slowly. I slowly squat down with my ass facing him. "Fuck, boy. " I stand back up and bend at the waist over the desk. "Mr. Maxwell, I want to be your cumdump." Ashley's dad locks the door and strips down to just his socks. "Donna hasn't let me fuck her in months. You're pussy is gonna make up the difference. I've wanted to fuck your ass since Ashley first brought you over and you wore her leggings years ago. Clearly you're a slut by the amount of cum in and all over you. Im going to drain my balls into you." He strokes his fat short cock as he approaches me. I take in his balding hair, obscenely hairy body, and bloated beer gut. No wonder Donna hasn't fucked him. But damn that's a thick cock. I drool as I admire the beer can thick, thick purple mushroom headed beast. He slams it in me in one go. Stretching me more than the stranger that left. "Oh God, Mr. Maxwell. You're so thick!! Fuck me, daddy!"
  12. I woke up Sunday morning in bliss, but a sexual hunger creeping forward. I think back to yesterdays events. I reached down to feel my very slightly sore hole and felt the dried cum encrusting my rosebud. Irun everything through my head. I loved worshipping Josh's cock. I enjoyed giving him pleasure and having him cum in my mouth. I really liked the fucking and riding, especially when he was rough with me. Why do i feel like I am missing something? Why am I still not satisfied with what happened? It was fun, but it's not like what I thought it would be. I replay the events in my head as I insert my dildo into my boipussy, I moan as the image of the twink between Chuck and Mike takes center stage. I am transported into the body of the twink. I'm being filled by two older men. I'm awakened back to reality by my phone vibrating. I pick it up and see I have several missed notifications from WhatsApp and texts from Ashley. I open the texts from Ashley. Hey! I tried to congratulate you after the competition a few minutes ago but you ran off pretty quickly. Everything okay? Really? You couldn't see me parked in front of you? Who's the sexy guy you just left with? Don't do anything I wouldn't do 😉 I text her back and tell her all about Josh. She then calls me. "What did you do?" She starts to interrogate me. I tell her about going down on him, and that we head sex twice. I leave out everything related to Mike and Chuck. "You slut! Did you swallow. " "Of course! You said it yourself I'm a slut." "Hah, well I don't think you can call yourself a slut after sleeping with your first person. Did you fuck each other?" "Haha, I guess that is true. No I have no interest in topping." "I knew it! Did you use protection?" "No. I didn't want my first time to be all rubbered up." "I'm not judging, I hate rubbers. Luckily you can't get knocked up! Where did he cum?" "After I swallowed his load, he came in my boipussy, sorry, ass. And the third time he came on my face." "Hot! I love when Mark cums on my face, I love feeling like he's marking his territory. Did you cum?" Josh didn't make me cum...I only came from watching them use the twink. I was jealous of him the whole time. I remember watching Mike breed the twink, and then Chuck and I locked eyes as he planted his large pierced cock to the hilt in motion. That's what was missing. I didnt orgasm from Josh. "Of course!" "Awesome. I'm surprised that you'd choose him as your first. I always figured you'd go for older men. I mean all your moms and aunts lovers and boyfriends are significantly older than them." "Well I've been super horny for a new daddy in the neighborhood. Josh was cute and wanted me. Honestly I only came when I thought I thought of this new neighbor offering into me. Hey I'll talk later. I gotta get to the competition." We hang up. I open up WhatsApp and see a flood of pics of their cum covered cocks, the twinks gaping hole, lightly bloodied and over filled with cum. "This is how a real slut's pussy should look!" Chuck asks. "What did you do with the cum that he covered your cheek with?" Mike asks. "I washed it off. " I realized this was the incorrect answer as I hit send. "Shame, kinda makes me less interested in making you a REAL slut if you waste that type of gift. What would you do if we gave you a real gift then?" Mike responds disappointedly. I throw the green speedo on and put a pair of shorts on and a shirt to go watch Josh's races. As I get in my car I respond, "I wouldn't waste any gift from you!" I respond and head to the competition. I walk into the athlete entrance as my phone goes off. There are several pics of them fucking the twink. Close ups of their cocks in his hole, him sucking one while being fucked on his back. I realized that there were more cocks than just Chuck and Mike's in these pictures, I scrolled through them and guess there were 6 men fucking the twink. Every pic of his face has his eyes looking as he's in pure ecstacy. The last image is of his ass with cum leaking out and a huge puddle of cum pooled underneath him with streams going down both thighs and balls. Then I see a tramp stamp in the final picture. A small biohazard symbol in the middle of his back. "Do you want us to fuck you like we did him?" Mike asks. "Yes, Sir." "Prove to us you're a slut then, a no loads refused slut." Chuck instructs me. I feel someone behind me and see a tall man, probably 5ft 11in, lingering behind me. I turn around and take him in. He's overweight, but not obese. He's got piercing green eyes and a chub in his pants. I'd say he's in his 50s. He looks a lot like Ashley's dad honestly. "Jamie?" "That's me. Can I help you?" "I'm one of Josh's coaches. I heard about your night. Can you step into the office here?" He opens the door next to me. "Josh is going to be kicked off the team for leaving the grounds with a minor and having sex with one." "I just turned 18 Thursday, sir." "Did you now?" I hand him my driver's license. "I wanted to have sex with him. He didnt force me." "Was he really your first?" "Yes sir." "And you're okay with someone you'll never see again fucking you and taking your cherry?" "Yes sir." "You are a slut, well have potential at least." I see his cock pushing out his pants. Looks decently sized. I lick and then seductively bite my lip. "Thank you, daddy." "Good boy. Take your shirt off if you want to help Josh." I remove my shirt. I turn away from this man and slide my shorts off. Showing him my small dark green speedo covered ass. "What if I'd rather be fucked by you than help Josh?" He takes his shirt off revealing hairy dad bod. Then he slides his pants off. Revealing an 8 inch and thick cock with two large hairy balls. "You didnt even wash his cum off of your speedos. You know what that color speedo means in some parts of the gay community?" "No sir. My neighbor got them for me. He thought my ass would look good in them." He pushes me over the desk and pulls the speedo down to my ankles. "Haha. Good lil' slut. They definitely mean you're a boi in need of a daddy." He spits in my hole and pushes his cock against me.
  13. "I want your DNA in me," I told Josh as I rode his cock on my bed. "Breed my virgin pussy please!" I begged of him. "Take my seed you little slut!" He yells as he pumps his load deep into my hole. I feel his cock pulsate for several seconds and my bowels feel warmer as he cums in me. We make out with his cock still buried in me. I get up and slide my plug back into my freshly popped cherry. "I'll be right back, I need to pee." I tell him. I rush into the bathroom and slide my green tiny speedos on. I open my camera and take pics of my speedo covered ass, the plug pushing against the fabric. I then slide the speedo down to just below my plug. There's cum around the jeweled head of my princess plug. I snap a shot, and pull my plug out a little and push some cum out and it drools down my speedos. I put the plug back in and take another pic. I select the three pics and I open my texting app and quickly type 'm' in the contacts and hit send without looking to tease Mike and Chuck with my boipussy. I hit send and put my phone back on the bathroom counter. "Jamie, it looks like your neighbor is having some fun!" Josh yells at me. I come into my bedroom and I see Josh naked standing on my balcony stroking his hard cock while watching Mike and Chuck aggressively fucking the twink. I drop to my knees in the balcony and start sucking his cock again as we watch the other balcony. Both Mike and Chuck lock eyes on me. Something inside of me compels me to climb on my lounge chair, my bubble ass pointing at Josh. "Fuck me now!" Josh doesn't hesitate. He pushes my speedo down to my thighs, pulls my princess plug out, "Suck my seed and your ass juice off this while I destroy your pussy." He shoves the plug into my greedy mouth and I savor the taste of us. Josh grabs a handful of my hair and starts rutting my hole. Pure animal lust has taken over both of us. We are matching the thrusts of the balcony across the fenced as Mike and Chuck increase the fucking off the twink from both ends. My list and jealousy grows exponentially from the whole situation. I hear Mike roar and watch him slam his cock deep into the twink as he breeds him. Chuck quickly replaces Mike at the twinks ass and I finally see all of his glorious cock. I cum for my first time as I see the large piercing on the head of his cock get shoved into the twink. Chuck plows all 11 inches of his cock into the twink in one swift motion. Setting my eruption off. I cum all over my lounger. The largest orgasm I have ever had. Josh quickly pulls out of my boipussy and spins me around to face him. "Drown the bitch!" I hear Mike bellow. Josh contorts his face as his whole body flexes in ecstasy as his cock unleashes a third torrent of cum all over my face. "Take your fourth serving of toxic seed!" Chuck screams as he's looking at me and pulling the twink onto his cock by the twinks shoulders. Josh and I go inside. As Josh pee's I take a pic of my cum coated face and send it in the messenger app. "I hate to fuck and run but I need to get back." Josh says. I blindly hit send and wash my face. We leave my house and I drop Josh if at his team's motel. And head home. I open WhatsApp and am briefly confused by why the photos are not in the group text with Mike and Chuck. I reattach them and send the pics to the group message. Plop down on the bed and quickly fall asleep.
  14. A couple weeks later mom and I celebrated my birthday at the house with my aunt and Chuck over. Nothing fancy just burgers and a cake. That night Chuck and Mike are sending me pics of their naked cocks for the first time. I tease them by sending them pics of the speedo on while wearing my princess plug that is clearly visible in the speedo. I then fuck myself and blow my load all over my face and send them the selfie of my cum covered face. I still haven't sent them any nudes of me. I have to go to bed early because there is a swim club tournament all weekend that I'm competing in. During practice on Friday I meet Josh. He's also 18, more muscular than myself, close to 6 feet tall, and a nice package from what I can see. We talk during our down time at the tournament and quickly hit it off and realize we are both attracted to each other. Sadly he is from out of state so definitely not going to date each other. I take my first wins ever on Saturday afternoon and I'm over the moon and hornier than I've ever been. As I'm rinsing off in the shower, Josh congratulates me on my win. I smile and pull him into the nearest shower and make out with him. His hands are all over my speedo covered ass and I'm kissing his nipples and rubbing his cock through his speedo. His hand slips into my speedo and his finger grazes my hole. "I've been staring at your ass all weekend and all I can think about is fucking it." He tells me as his finger goes around my ring, lightly pushing in against it. "Can you get away for a few hours?" "My heats are tomorrow and the team is going shopping this evening. Shouldn't be a problem." "Good, I want you to come to my place and fuck me." I tell him where my car is and we meet after we change. We get in and I quickly drive the 5 minutes to my house. We are making out as soon as we get to the door and go upstairs to my room. "Get on the bed, I'll be right back." I run into the bathroom and put the green speedo on. I return to Josh who is fully naked with an erect 6 inch penis, slightly larger than my dildo. "I want to worship your cock first, then I want you to fuck me." I tell him. "Umm, yes please." I crawl up the bed and start sucking his cock. My first cock ever. He moans and runs his hands through my hair. "God you're amazing at this. Better than all my other boys and girlfriends." I keep sucking, worshiping his balls, shaft, and mushroom. He gets on his knees and caresses down my back and goes to finger my boipussy and finds my plug is in "Fuck you are a natural slut," He says as he starts fucking me with the plug. I moan and do everything I've seen in porn to make him cum. "I'm getting close." He says as he grabs my head with both hands and starts fucking my face. My hole is twiching, my cock is oozing pre cum into my speedo. I manage to deepthroat him and bury my nose in his pubes as he starts cumming down my throat. I manage to swallow it all somehow. I come off his cock and we make out for a moment. I look out my french doors and through my iron balcony to see Mike and Chuck standing on one of Chuck's balconies. Looking right at us. They are both naked and have a twink on his knees sucking their massive cocks. I immediately become jealous of the twink. "Josh I need you to fuck me now!" I lie on my back with my legs in the air. "Do you have a condom?" Josh asks. I see Mike slide bare into the other twink as Chuck is face fucking the twink. "No, fuck me bare. I'm a virgin and don't want a condom my first time. There was some lube on the plug. Just fuck me already." Josh smiles and pulls the plug out of my now slightly gaping hole. And slides his cock in. It feels way more intense that I could have ever thought. I moan loudly, not sure if it was natural, for Josh, or for Mike and Chuck. "God your pussy is so fucking tight!" Josh lets go and starts really fucking me. Pre is now pouring out of my cock into my speedo. I check on the neighbors and they have swapped positions. "I want you to ride my cock." Josh demands as he pulls out and lays on my bed. I quickly mount him and begin to work my hole up and down his cock. We continue to fuck each other for a few minutes and finally josh asks where he should cum. "Fuck in breed me, baby. Give me all that cum." I twist one of his nipples and he roars as his cock pumps in my boipussy.
  15. I've always lived with my mom. She got knocked up by my father when she was still in high school. He was a paramedic and fire fighter, mom was working at the hospital. Supposedly he seduced her and they would sneak off when he would drop a patient off and they fucked in one of the empty rooms. They married when I was one, and divorce a couple years later. I really dont have any memories of him. When I was 7 we moved to my mom's home town to live with my grandparents for a bit. Not long after my grandpa died. My aunt, mom's younger sister moved in with us after that and my grandmother moved into an assisted living facility. Needless to say, I was only raised by women, so I think it was natural that I am gay. My mom started working the night shifts at the hospital when I was 10, and my aunt was a partier and would get home late some nights instead of watching me. I could remember the hot men my aunt dated and I would sneak a peak in her room when she would bring one home late at night and get plowed by them. I though I was going to watch my naked aunt, but I couldn't take my eyes off the cocks as they fucked her or she sucked them off. I would try to watch them every chance I had. I loved it when they would cum all over her as I could see their bodies tighten up as they stroked their cocks and came. Not long after this I discovered a bin full of dildos in one of the closets in the house, and gay porn shortly after that. So I stole one and popped my own cherry so to speak. I knew I was destined to be a bottom at that point. A few years later, when I was in high school, my mom and I got our own house in a private community. It was glorious, the neighborhood had a couple of large pools, and was densely wooded with several hiking paths and picnic areas. I quickly made friends with some of the other kids in the neighborhood and we were all at the main pool hanging out when Ashley pointed out a older man across the pool from us. "Jamie, see that old guy over there?' She asks me. "Yea, what about him?" "Avoid him at all costs. He's a weirdo and a creepy ass guy. My daddy says that he's a pervert and a dirty gay fag. See all those tattoo? They mean the devil has gotten hold of him is what momma says. He even advertises that he's trash, look he's got a radioactive symbol around his belly button, and he wears speedo's. Eww." "Does your dad think that about me since I'm gay?" "Haha, no he just calls you my fairy best friend. It's not your fault, you didnt have a daddy growing up. But Daddy says to tell all our friends to keep away from him. He lives at the back of the neighborhood so we dont have to worry that much." I lock eyes with the man across the pool and he licks his lips at me. "You're just jealous that Mark doesn't look as good as him. He's got a monster cock from the looks of it. I know Mark isn't nearly that big AND he's a college freshman." "Well, it feels good most of the time. But seriously, keep away from him. I don't want him kidnapping you and converting you into a dirty fag!" I keep staring at the older man across the pool. He wont take his eyes off of me and keeps lightly grazing his cock. Luckily I have a school textbook with me so Ashley and the others dont see me get hard. He gets up from his chair and walks around the pool and I can finally see him in all his glory. He's over six feet tall, hairy chest, with salt and peppered chest hair. Tattoos up both his arms, and a couple on his chest. He has both nipples pierced. He has a dad-bod-esque belly, clearly he was super buff at one point but looks like he's put on a few pounds since. Then I look at his tattoo on his belly, It's not a radioactive symbol, it's a biological hazard symbol in mostly black with red and white drops on the tips. I've seen those at the hospital when I would visit mom while she's working, but never with the drops before. Then I see his fat sausages stuffed speedo's and my virgin hole twitches. A minute later he walks up to our group and turns his body to me as he stands between me and Ashley. "Ashley McAlister, don't spread lies about other people unless you know it to be fact, no matter who you hear it from. Yes, I have perversions like everyone else and I AM dirty, but at least I'm free." He turns to face me, "What's your name, sexy?" "Jamie, Sir." "MMM, my name is Mike, but I like that you're already calling me Sir, I like it. Hopefully I'll see you around more." "Yes, Sir. My mom and I just moved into a house on Cherry Blossom Lane." "Welcome to the neighborhood boy. You probably live behind my house, through the woods. Isn't there a second house for sale over there?" "Umm, yes. The one next door to us, Sir." "Good to know. FYI, the pool over there has a hot whirlpool also. In case you get tired of all the little kids at this big one." He wink's at me and leaves us. --------------------------------------------------------------- My senior year of high school the house next door to us is sold to a single man, my mom's age, very fit and muscular from hard manual labor and outdoor adventuring. I don't see too much of him as he's in and out a lot. One fall summer evening I'm swimming in the pool by my house getting some exercise when I hear the pool gate open and close. I hear two male voices before I see them. One is Mike and the other is our new neighbor. Both are wearing tight speedo's and both are filling them out quite nicely. "Hey Jamie, how are you doing this evening?" Mike asks. "Good, Sir. Just doing a couple of laps." "Always such a sub. Jamie have you me my friend Chuck. He's your new neighbor." "Not really. Nice to meet you, Chuck." "Hi boy, nice to finally meet you." Chuck gets down on the edge of the pool, his legs in the water and spread wide. He reaches his hand out to me between his open legs. I swim over to shake his hand and I see a ring of some sort pushing out his speedo on the tip of his penis. "You like what you see, boi?" "Umm, sorry sir." I push away from the edge and keep doing laps. The two of them laugh and get into the hot tub. From time to time I check them out from the pool and they are making out, rubbing each other's chests and arms. I see a tattoo on Chuck's upper bicep of a scorpion and think that it's kinda sexy on him. I finish my swim and get out to dry off. My towel is next to the hot tub so I'm forced to approach the two older men making out before me. "Tell me, Jamie," Mike asks. "Have you had a boyfriend yet?" "Ummm, no sir, I haven't had a girlfriend either." They both laugh. "We are two older gay men. We know when we see a true gay sub. And that's you." "Well I'm nervous about approaching guys at school." "Don't be, or don't approach them. You could always go for older men. Something tells us you like older men." Chuck tells me as they both are staring at my erect penis in my swim trunks. "Why don't you swim in a pair of speedo's? They'll make you faster swimming, and show off that sexy ass you have. Maybe you'll get lucky and turn one of the kids at school on and get fucked." Mike asks as they both smirk at Mike's last comment. "Umm, I dont have any and I don't know where to get them. I've thought about it. I also dont have a credit card or anything so I can't order online. And I'm only in swim club and not swim team so we don't get any from the school." "Shame," Mike says. "You wanna join us in here?" "Umm, I gotta go." I wrap my towel around me and run home. --------------------------------------------------------------------- "Jamie!!!" My mom calls from downstairs. "You have a package in the mail, and I want to introduce you to some one." I quickly pull some track pants on run downstairs. I see Chuck holding a package and smiling at me. "Chuck this is my son, Jamie. Jamie, this is my old junior high and high school friend Charles." "Nice to meet you again, Chuck..errr..Charles. We met a couple days ago in the pool." "Very good. I asked Chuck to keep an eye on you and the house while I'm working. He and I were very good friends in school. He says a package for you was delivered to his house." She takes the package and hands it to me. "Looks like just some computer parts," Chuck says and winks at me. "Yea, it's and adaptor for my calculator that I warrantied. Thanks for bringing it over, Mr. Charles." "No worries, and call me Chuck." "Yessir!" "Good respectable boy you've raised, Morgan. I have to get going but I'll keep an eye out on everything for you. Make sure he doesnt get into too much trouble." We all say our goodbyes as Chuck leaves. Mom shuts the door and looks at me, "Look, I know that growing up with out a male figure is hard, and I'm sorry. But I know the men I like wouldn't know how to deal with a gay step-son or what advice to give. Chuck was a good friend before I moved away, and I trust him. I talked to him and he says that he will help you and give you advice if you need it." "Thanks, mom." I rush upstairs and open the package. There are two speedo's in it, one all black and speedo brand, the other one is dark green and rather small. A note falls out of the package. Jamie, We decided that you'd be a better team member with proper equipment. The green one is for when you want to seduce the boys (or men) at the pool. The only thing we ask is that you send us a selfie of you wearing the green one. Here's our What'sApp numbers below. Mike and Chuck I strip naked and put the speedo on and admire myself in the mirror. I'm 5ft 8inc tall, barely 115 pounds. I'm lean with an swimmer's upper body, and a thick butt and thighs from years of soccer. Naturally hairless body, with dark hair in an almost pixie cut. Let's all face it, I'm a femboy. The speedo sits below my hips and just above the base of my cock. The bottom of my ass does spill out a little bit and the top barely hides my crack. If I was a top, I'd fuck myself. I quickly take the selfie and send it to them. They heap praises on me and I get really turned on by their responses so I take couple more selfies of my back side from a few different angles and send those. They both respond with pics of their erect cocks leaking precum in their speedo's. I grab my dildo and fuck myself without taking the speedo off, I pull my cock through the top of the speedo and cum all over my abs and chest. I tuck my cock back in and keep cumming in the speedo and take another selfie while my cock remains hard and send it to them.
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