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  1. HAHAH imagine having pissed on your dentist, an iconic moment
  2. What I will say from experience is: Teeth can be very useful to make a guy cum when used right 😉 It sounds weird and painful but believe me, I've gotten a lot of guys to go crazy while using teeth softly and occasionally~
  3. Hahah that kind of let down sure feels sad from time to time lol If you're still comfortable with the idea of doing that, you should try it again... and if not, send the guy my way ;p
  4. I also can't access the site without a VPN - Mind you, I just joined, I've done nothing wrong 😭
  5. Hey everyone. I'm Sodomyx, you can call me Myx (or slut, or pig, or faggot, or master, or slave, whatever mood you or I are in 😉 ). Obviously not real name for privacy. Moving to Canada soon. I'm a bottom, but can be both dominant or submissive (you ever fucked with a dom bottom? Great experience if I may say so 😜 ). Fetish wise I'm not specifically into anything, but also I am into everything. I can explain it as "I'm into every kink as long as we're fucking". I've always had a kick for especially weird things. Ask for messaging things 😉

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