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  1. I went to The Bunker on Saturday, their first night since reopening. There were 24 guys there, which was their capacity for the evening. Tickets were sold out two days in advance. Doors open at 8 and close at 9. While you wait for them to "pull down the shutters", yes, you have to wait in your little group of six. This is awkward, feels like sitting at the singles' table at a wedding. Almost no cruising, just chatting and joking around about how absurd this is. After they pulled down the shutters (and made sure no one from the council would be popping by) it was a free for all.
  2. All the sex venues here have been closed for months and will remain so for the foreseeable future. I have no idea if there was much action on the apps during the early days, since I stayed off them. Then a few weeks ago, an old sex buddy of mine messaged me out of the blue. He’s married, two kids, and doesn’t have a lot of other guys he has sex with. We chatted for a bit, he said that he was going stir crazy, and asked if he could fuck me. He said if we do it we both have to wear face masks and no kissing. I love kissing so that was a bummer, but hey. He took the Tube to my
  3. Summer camp after third grade, so 9 years old. There were about ten of us in the room, we all went to school together. This kid (who'd grow up to be one of the biggest jocks in school) told us he knew a way to "make his dick tingle", that it felt really good and that his dad taught him (!) He showed us and most of us played along, without cumming. We did it every day for a week or so. After that summer, no one mentioned it again. It was weird, I completely forgot about it until a few years ago when I realized "holy shit! That really happened."
  4. A subway blowjob with their masks on 😈 XVideos link
  5. Please tell me you wear that everywhere in public 😈
  6. I’ve only been pre-Covid, and I usually head straight for the fuck tree. I’ll head over soon. Sounds like a sex club without the music. 😈
  7. Have you been hooking up with a lot of guys lately? Do they pull down the masks to kiss or do they just not wear them at all?
  8. Thanks. Takes me over an hour to get there, so I’m curious. I’ve only been once or twice before and there was hardly anyone there, but granted that was in the daytime. Happy to hear it’s picking up now that the clubs are closed.
  9. Same here, I’m totally developing a fetish for it. I love guys that are “careful enough” to wear a mask but don’t care about fucking bareback. Or seeing an oral bottom pull his mask down to take a dick in his mouth 🤤😈
  10. Do you know the best time and days to go? Is it only that busy Friday + Saturday evenings?
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