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    Fun-seeking open to anything. Go with the flow
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    Not Sure, Probably Neg
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    Smooth bottom sometimes flips however always looking to have fun and please. Multiple loads in a supercharged environment moves you to the top of the list.
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    Would love that. Anyone have any ideas on how to start. Porn producers and studios. Willing and ready HMU if I can participate on you next production.
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    Love me those dominant hard plowing tops. Let me prove I can take whatever they are giving.

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  1. I'm 1,2 and anyone in the picture with a cock in a mouth or ass. I'm the hole needing to be filled.
  2. Slamming Tina that’s all it took for me to be the chem- fueled cumdump my administer wanted me to be. I did not disappoint him,
  3. Young BBC nothing better always hard, relentless with endurance. Plus the ability to do it again and again. I had a 44 yo chem slam top use my ass for 20 minutes and unloaded in my ass so hard I still feel it. Also had a 27 y/o BBC parTy twink who gave me multiple loads.
  4. No fussy... As long as the cock works it's got a home.
  5. Don’t care it's not about my wants but rather his needs. The top is in charged
  6. I don’t care if a top acknowledges using my fuck pussy However it's always nice to know if the top enjoyed the use.
  7. My hookup buddy whored me out to a 27y/o parTy top. No cum loads wasted 3 in total in my fuck pussy while my hook up buddy watched.
  8. Don’t be a jerk always swallow that hot creamy load.
  9. Always thank the top, clean his cock and offer my ass and mouth to his friends for their use.
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