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  1. Never used one. Not in me or on my cock. I’ve always done 100%
  2. Hmm. Mine was with me being the top. I had been chased by boy, he had just turned 18. Hell he was still in HS, senior. After him asking for us to hang (we shared lots of interests, guns, big trucks and muscle cars, outdoor shit) I finally agreed. First time we hung it was innocent but we did talk about mE being gay. He was fascinated by me being gay and enjoying the most above. Showed him my gun collection ( at the time it was extensive) but also allowed him to drive my old truck even met him drive it around an outdoor park. It really was a great first date. Even though at the time I didn’t se
  3. I live by: no load refuses and no pull outs. Also: don’t tell me you love me. Tell me you like it when it comes to anon, I’m ok not knowing a damn thing about them. We met for an exchange of fluids not grandmas biscuit recipe.
  4. Nice bro. 👊🏽 Made me bone reading it.
  5. Thanks bro. It’s been a good life. As I told my pops a while back. “Know that if I were to die tomorrow, in one of my adventures, your son had a wonderful life. Filled with joy, fun, adventure and a lot of ass”. He got a giggle on the last part. No regrets bro. Side note: damn hot cock on you and nice profile. 👊🏼
  6. Great post btw! When I was much younger, yeah, I was flaming fag. But around my mid 20s or so I went through a transformation. And today most people are shocked to learn that in gay. Usually they question when women will make advances and I don’t respond. I have been sexually harassed by females most of my life, work place and elsewhere. Like someone else posted here l, I have a difficult time at times picking up guys in a non gay area because I don’t put off that gay signal. Most gay men say I look rather threatening. I’m just me.
  7. Dated a guy for a few months. During those months he never had a body scent. Couldn’t handle it. I love the smell of a man. Started when I first developed my own man stink. Since then I’ve been hooked. Love the smell of my pits and the smell of my crotch. And I prefer for my dudes to smell as well. Guys who wear colognes or deodorants i usually won’t play with. I’ve not gone on dates if when we meet I smell cologne. As a policy i do tell them I’m not into that. If they still wear i don’t even apologize. I just won’t participate.
  8. I read through some of these posts before adding my own and it’s interesting to see the different reactions. I’m in my early 50s, got the bug back when everyone was dying, been poz for 32 or so years, full blown in 99. I recall being around 21 when I was told I was “reactive”. I didn’t understand and I asked for an explanation, “you’re positive”. My only reaction was, well not surprised. I went on about my life, not worried. Continued having raw sex, never used a rubber or had one in me. In 99, I had to start taking meds, but I kept on playing raw. Took me many months of fevers to fi
  9. I always eat what I am about to breed. It’s the only lube besides my pre cum that I’ll use. Plus I really love having the ass stink on my beard. Love it when a pig squats his ass over my face. Drives me insane. Big time ass muncher here and proud of it.
  10. Yesterday I had several hot chats that left me needing to breed. Worked all day, came home worked out hoping it would take all my sexual energy, it didn’t. Made me hornier. I went to dinner by myself to this somewhat swanky lounge that has a good burger. Meat between two buns, who doesn’t love that?! This isn’t a gay bar but I’ve gotten laid there a few times or hooked up with guys staying at the adjacent hotel. Last was only a few people there. We were all just laughing and having a good time. A guy around my age, 50s was there and we started talking. We shared an order of wings and
  11. Don’t consider myself a bottom and got started early and easily say a couple of thousand, easily.
  12. I’ll have to check it out. Probably my favorite studio. Lots of nasty talk. Bones me.
  13. Want to breed you 

  14. Because it’s a cock and I love cock.
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