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    HIV+ Total tops with monstercocks who think I breedworhty, also tops, vers/tops, vers,vers bottoms AND curious str8 dudes.
    I love sucking cock.
    Being used like a personal cocksheath.
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    Poz, Not On Meds
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    slut from way back
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    my dad

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  1. Who cares, does he have a big dick? If so then he can call it my tainted twat, gaping gash, hungry hole, man cunt, cum hole, cunt, pussy, boi pussy, man pussy, boy hole, hole, ass, asshole, velvet tunnel, whatever.... as long as he stretches out my shitter. (00) (not into scat tho. Truthfully.)
  2. What site and who was it? Was that chaturbate?
  3. The last time I took a load why is it last night in my pussy from this Jamaican dude I met on grinder. He has lived here for five years he said and he is taking police foundations in college to become a cop he's about to say 31 or 32 beautiful body huge cock fuck me so hard called me a faggot cunt as he did it.
  4. I always ask whoever's coming to fuck me what they would prefer, when they're on their over if they would like a jockstrap or thong or panties or briefs or athleticwear or leather. jock. If they say they want a surprise or tell me to choose, at the the moment im really feeling my thong and faggot sox My preference is however this thong/faggot sox/bball hat/sneakers pic.jpg.jp2.pdf
  5. Q: I'm very interested in doing porn. If anyone has connections? 

    I really want to take lots of loads in a hotel like classic TIM.  WICS, Preacher Gets Religion etc. bb anon or a hung gangbang or whatever else might be an option. 


  6. Did you change your Skype?



    add me? Billy Ryder

  7. Hello everybody, I am not a completely new member, I used to be on here as Negbuthopeful and I am ecstatic to announce that I am officially HIV positive. I go for my first doctors appointment today and I am assuming my viral load is very high since my dr assumes I've been positive about six months. I am also an escort who only has bb anal so hopefully I've already infected hundreds with hopefully many many more wives boyfriends and other whores. I've been chasing on and off for 10 years dancing the dance with prep and taking it and then not and then taking it again. The last escorting trip to
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