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    construction, working out, landscape, some cultural stuff (museums, music, art), baseball, greco-roman wrestling
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    Poz, Not On Meds
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    working in construction, former Marine, played baseball and wrestled in high school
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    masc, non fem types, not into 'gender fluid' people. natural body hair; no chems/no drugs/prefer no tobacco
    bareback only; no pullout; fluid swaps, piss, pits, nipple play; enjoy ripe foreskin; have experience with sounding

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  1. beautiful foreskin. too bad the bush is shaved
  2. You should come to Denver and enjoy my cock cheese.
  3. Get to taste all that mixed seed and your ass juice
  4. That is fantastic that he supports you, and loves finding mixed loads of cum in your hole. you suck him off after he has added his sperm to the mix?
  5. Nice!. where do you go to get fucked? do you work as well?
  6. Nice sentiment. does your bf watch you getting strange seed?
  7. I agree. I will disclose status if I am asked. But 99% don’t ask. If the bottom is barebacking, they should assume that the load they are taking is POZ. If they don’t want to charge up, they can do one of three things: No sex Sex with a wrapper Take PreP and hope that it works.
  8. Much experience with fam fun here. Dad, brothers, Uncle and cousins
  9. I much prefer to call it hole, or have mine called a hole (buttHOLE, assHOLE, shitHOLE). Just a preference
  10. I would be in favor of merging Like with Upvote I think that angry would be covered by Downvote......downvote is a bit LESS IN YOUR FACE reaction, Angry might prompt unpleasant exchanges. Definitely agree on the horny and pig additions. Sad might be appropriate, but would be the last of the ones that I would add. Just think horny and piggy would be good additions.
  11. Wow, you are SO hot.  Love the beard and hairy chest in your photo.

    1. bluecollarotter


      hey man thanks.

      looking good yourself

  12. Fuck dude, I’d put my tongue down your throat and make you bear my offspring any day. 

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