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  1. Your welcome. Much more to come
  2. It was the last weekend before the lockdown in Holland started that I met this incredible hot guy who, for which I did not no then, started to blow my mind the year to come. On the 8 of March I went for a huge fetisj party to Antwerp whit a fuckbuddy whom I only knew from club ‘Church’ in Amsterdam. When ‘let’s call him Ron and I saw each other in ‘ Club Church’ he always came up to me to fuck me right in front of everybody with his really huge dick. He liked especially the grin on my face when he shoved his big dick in my hole. ‘Darklands festival’ which is held yearly in March in our neighbouring country Belgium, is a huge fetish festival. ‘Rag’ is their main party on Saturday and is counting around 10.000 hot steamy guys of all shapes, ages, backgrounds mostly in jockstrap and harness. On the huge dance flour we all were whipped up by the pounding music of various top DJ’s and candy if you catch my drift. Once one became horny there was this huge play area to go to. The biggest I had ever seen in my whole life. Now I have to admit that I’m not the youngest of guys and only allowed myself for a year or so to explore this kind of huge club scene, I had the feeling I was in heaven. Never in my life I saw so many guys having sex with each other. A watersport room with vide from where guys could piss down. A fisting area with tens of asses where arms disappeared like magic. A soccer field! Also numerous beds and benches. But my favourites where the sling area and the bend over bench. The last one became my favourite. When I climbed on and bending over, my ass was fucked and pounded by numerous guys. On black guy with a with bunny tail and bunny ears was my favourite. He breeded all of us on that bench on and on with his massive dick. Leaving my ass with a burning sensation it was like I said heavenly. Of and one I went from the dance floor to the bench and after these shifts I strolled around and enjoyed watching how others also became cum dripping sluts. That night I was versatile and fucked a few guys myself and made them happy. An American guy again a week later when back home I found out on Grindr that he stayed for a few days in Amsterdam in a hotel nearby. Went over to his room and cumdumped his smooth ass for the second time in a week. When my engine is on, which is very easy to turn on, i become insatiable. Whether it’s a sauna or a small club party in Amsterdam. Stopping and go home is not an option. My sexy drive is craving for more. So when the party in Antwerp was about to finish at 6am I decided to go to the after party in the famously known fetish bar ‘the Boots’. A small walk, once there a guy came out and warned me that it was almost empty inside. I left ‘Rage’ half hour before it closed and took the chance that a lot of guys would follow afterwards to The Boots. And they did! Once inside I undressed again to jockstrap and harness. All I had whit me was some candy. Went all the way up and saw this hot guy on the bed ass up face down and I started to fuck him, then switch to another who jumped on the bed to and offered his ass next to his. The candy really kicked in and made me feel like I was flying on a super horny cloud. Went downstairs where there was a bar for drinks and I settled down next to a motorbike! Out of nowhere a guy came up to me and start sucking my dick. At that point of time I couldn’t care less who was sucking or fucking me as long as I had dick in my hand, mouth and or ass. The more the better. The guy who I didn’t know then did a really good job. We decided to go to the wall. Now imagine there is this wall with open cubicles next to and on top of each other where everyone could see what you where doing?! We still had the energy for hot raw sex. He had a great dick to suck with an incredible ass to eat and fuck. We kept on sucking, fucking, kissing on and on. It was the best encounter I had in the whole night. From the boot above us guys were also fucking and I still don’t now if it was there pee or water what came down on use? But it made me feel even more horny fucking this guy whom I was with. All good things come to an end so also the after party. We left each other for what it was because I normally leave it to that. I went to the lockers, got dressed and went outside. There he was again, the guy I just had great sex with. He was waiting for his friend to come outside and asked me to wait so we could walk together, they to their hotel and me to catch the train back to Amsterdam. ‘The Cum Express’ so to say with numerous loads up my ass. We had exchanged phone numbers but never to expect to hear from him again. Although later at home I remembered that he told me that he would come to live in Amsterdam as well. Cliff hanger, he did call me. I will tell you all about it next time. Let me now if you are interested?
  3. Last Saturday I went to a private sex party in Amsterdam and stayed there for 22 hrs. With a little help of some what we call candy here, if you now what I mean. There where on and off around 20 guys of all shapes and colours. A group of 8 guys start using me bare.  They  swapped my ass from one dick to the other pounding it for hours on end.  At suften time they had their dicks  drenched in each other’s cum. My ass was craving for more and more. Trying to hold their cum inside me as long as possible but in the end it came out like a waterfall.  Before I went home I visited a guy who a had chatted with in the beginning of the evening.  He asked me to come over but warned me that he was so horny he would cum very easily. No problem what so ever on my side. Al I wanted was his load. The more cum in my ass the better.  Once home again loads where dripping down my legs. 
    Next Saturday there is a party again. Guess who will be there? 

  4. Ready to take your load. Bare.
    I’m your Cumdump slut!

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