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  1. Hot Fucker.    Breed me deeeeep

  2. Absolutely. I’ll take all the dick I can get! As long as I get the load Preferably blindfolded 😈
  3. Absolutely into this. If it’s realistic.... older than a boy. But a man boy needs training
  4. My hole is dripping from time to time.   Use me 😈


  5. Last night I finally checked out video flixx in Sayreville NJ. Really good crowd... I walked out of there with huge 2 Spanish Loads dripping down my legs. Next time I’m doing a point b4 I go in
  6. last night when I went to moviethon in union new jersey....the place is kinda trashy, which makes it even hotter for me 😈 I got 2 loads.... one in a booth and the second out in the main area while some guy watched.... I went home with a sloppy hole, best feeling !
  7. I’m not in the habit of turning down any cock ever.... but I love it uncut. The feel. The taste and the smell is arousing
  8. I have to agree with piss boy. I love getting piss fucked. !!!
  9. 42 yo masc fit bottom cum dump.... 6’ 220#. Blue collar likes taking raw anon loads blindfolded and like to be videotaped. Also into public sex, parks, rest stops, sex clubs.... bit of an exibitionist like to show off text is best (929) 382-4467
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