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    Currently living in outback NSW for work. Moving back to Sydney in January 2021 and looking to establish a few mates to catch up with when I get back.
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    BB Tops, Verbal, Poz, Hairy, Facial Hair, Smokers. Will consider a BF.
    I need a top who is confident/dominant that comes over with one goal - to seed me. Push me to the wall, kiss hard and spin me around and fuck hard. Must be verbal and enjoy planting his seed deep. Prefer smokers and the taste and smell on a guy as he pounds me. Love group sessions too. Don't care if you are +U just get verbal with poz talk.

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  1. Really looking forward to next chapter! Fucking hot/awesome!
  2. I got a massage in Sydney by a hot guy. The massage was awesome, and at the end he was rock hard (as was I lol) and he got me off the table and fucked me raw from behind over the table and flooded my insides with a load. Obviously he stayed hard, and while still in me with his body pressed up against mine he leaned in and kissed my neck and said he needed to piss. I said go for it. As he slowly felt my chest from behind and kissed my neck, I started to feel his warm piss fill my hole and it felt amazing. Feeling him fill my arse with his piss felt amazing and he groaned as he let it all go. In
  3. Seeing the look in a guys eyes as he unloads in me drives me wild. And hearing him groan as he is trying to get every last drop inside me.
  4. Love this idea. I am 45y/o in outback NSW, Australia. Moving back to Sydney in January 2020. Single and total pig bottom. I used to be white picket fence type of guy, but gave up on that a few years ago and decided to embrace my pigginess. I got the word "Pig" tatto'd on one of my arse cheeks and the tail of the "g" turns into a little arrow to my arsehole. On the other side I got the pig picture you see in my profile. Love to find a great friend, mate, FWB who is a top and has a high sex drive. I like tohe connection of raw sex and the feeling of making out with another mans seed in
  5. I like both options. I enjoy kissing a guy while he is fucking me and the connection that comes with it and seeing the look in his eyes as he is flooding me with his seed. At the same time I have advertised my arse in a hotel/motel room a few times and let guys come and fuck me on the bed blind folded and leave after they have seeded me and I have not once had a chance to look at them. The idea of not knowing whos seed is inside me can be a real turn on too. Ultimately, I'd love a BF or mate that every now and then advertised my arse for seeding and blindfolded me, but was in the roo
  6. Thanks for messaging on BBRTS - definitely love to have you as my bottom partner for play 🙂
  7. I have a couple of sensational bottoms to join me, so now looking for a 2-4 horny tops that like to fuck and like to breed 🙂
  8. For tops, no real requirements. Smokers turn me on. Stepping out on the balcony after being bred with cum dripping down my legs while we have a drink and smoke is what I want. If you want to join me as a bottom, be up for lots of kissing while we are both being bred and also up for some cum swapping/kissing. Love either of us or one of the tops to shoot a load over one of our faces and the other to lick it all up and share it in kisses till all cleaned up. All while we are being fucked. Also up for some piss play on balcony or in the bathroom. Thanks man - I'll message/link you on BBRT
  9. Thanks man - I'll message/link you on BBRTS 🙂
  10. I have only had a guy piss in me once and it was simply magical. I got a massage and of course it ended with me bent over the massage table with the guy fucking me raw and pumping his load in me. Just as he was finishing seeding me, he leaned in and said "I gotta piss" and I said "yes please". He grabbed the towels off the massage table and threw them on the floor under us and help me and kissed my neck and said "here it comes" And the feeling of his warm piss filling my arse was just amazing. He slowly pulled out and I didn't let a drop go.
  11. Moving to Homebush Bay/Wentworth Point. Is this far enough west 🙂
  12. Hey guys, Just wondering if there are a few guys out there in Sydney that are interested in forming a small group to get together on a regular basis to breed and fuck. I am moving back to Sydney from the country in January and am a bottom slut and looking for another bottom and a few tops keen on getting together to breed. I was looking for a few guys that are genuine but sex pigs. I will be happy to host at my apartment and looking to have a few regulars to play with. Fuck, breed, seed me and another and enjoy a smoke and drink in between so also a bit social, then fuck again. No judgeme
  13. Thanks man. I got a massage a couple of years back and I ended up bent over the massage table being fuck and bred. After he came inside me he stayed hard and inside me and whispered in me ear that he needed to piss. That feeling of his piss filling my arse after his load was just magic! Been searching for guys that can piss in me ever since 🙂
  14. Calvin Banks There is just something about him. Love the curly hair, nice hairy chest, big cock. I would seriously love to take his seed. I'd happily be knocked up by the likes of him.
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