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  1. Well, as you said regarding your partner’s situation, it’s a good thing there is a generic for PrEP in the US now and there are more to come in only next 12-24 months.
  2. That was 2019. It’s 2020 now. Prices can be around $0 if you do just a little research. See my post above.
  3. That quote is from 2019. It is very outdated. Furthermore, Gilead offers $7,500 in co-pay coverage, when combined with support from the Patient Advocacy Program the cost could easily be $0. Your £20-£60/month is a lot compared to $0.
  4. That's not true as of last month. The average price people pay has dropped.
  5. There was no Pride Weekend. A stupid "virtual parade" does not count. I was very pouty all weekend.
  6. The taste will obviously vary with what you have consumed. However, to me, the most common "flavor" is like sour milk, or it can be very light in flavor. Sometimes, if dehydrated, it can be very astringent and acidic.
  7. For real? How can a leather bar look like an Applebee's? I want to know what Applebees you go to.
  8. This may not apply to me, but for many of you out there it may. Ok, for those of you on PrEP, or looking to start. As many of you know Gilead has held the patent on Truvada, previously the only approved regiment from PrEP in the US. As of September 2020 a new generic version has been made avaliable from one company, Teva Pharma. Now known by the generic, active ingredient, name tenofovir disoproxil fumarate. Since there is only one generic on the market the overall, gross sticker price (which very few people actually pay) has not really dropped that much. However, with any insu
  9. I love a good cigar. I prefer one after dinner and a fuck, but while doing so is fine too.
  10. As a student of Biology I really like this story. It is the perfect kind of "evil scientist" story. My only thing is, without any immune system I don't know how fast you would get a fever, since getting one is the result to the immune system telling the body to raise the temp.
  11. I can see someone, for better or worse, making this come true. To me, those kinds of stories are the best, ones that foretell the future.
  12. When I first saw the title I guessed it was going to be someone auctioning themselves off. Your story is much better though. Also, I did not know about the scorpion tattoo thing, only the biohazard one.
  13. After a long time looking down into the pit I want to make the plunge. I'm a short (5'00") slim white dude, 29 yrs old. I'm looking for those in the Atlanta area, or visiting, with a VL inside. The higher the better. I would like it if you were around my age, maybe a little older. Message me and I can give you my BBRT details. We can chat and figure out a date to meet up. I'm wanting to have some fun at the Red Roof Inn on N. Druid Hills Rd.
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