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    London, Auckland and Sydney
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    Fuck, fist, cum, sucking, breeding, porn, wanking, dildos, poz men
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    Neg, Recently Tested
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    Recently stated to look more actively for bb. Quite submissive loose Fistee cunt and nearly double wide now. Love to be used by verbal Dom men.
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    Dom older top men. Ideally like fisting as well as fucking and breeding. I travel a lot spending usually some time in Europe every year but more now in Australia and NZ with travels to the US. Also on Recon and telegram so get in touch there as well. Real hunger for cum.

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  1. I close up very slowly so tend to wear a pad or something for a day or two after a heavy session. I do leak a bit but after a while cunt goes back to almost normal and I’m fine. My ring muscles are very weak though so can’t clench much usually. I have been a fistee a long time though.
  2. Lately been several times a day with porn. Seem to be constantly horny and thoughts continually drift to poz.
  3. Tends to be a pussy before fucking then progress to a cunt as I get fucked and fisted.
  4. About twice a day most days but more when really horny and weekends.
  5. Went out cruising outdoors and got fucked by two me each giving me a nice load. Then stayed on a bit longer walking around and an hour later had sucked another four men and swallowed their loads like a good slut.
  6. Love to get fucked there, not been for a while but hoping to be back cruising there soon.
  7. That’s very much how I started to take bb and I would it would each time confirm to both me and my top that I was a bb bottom.
  8. Always inside me and the deeper the better
  9. Love anon fucking anywhere, glory holes, outdoors, darkrooms anywhere and anytime. Always horny for it.
  10. Would happily take your load too
  11. Spent many afternoons and evenings in Vault, love the glory holes where I have sucked many men and been fucked. Been a while though so hope it’s still open when I get back to London.
  12. As a fistee I’m pretty loose so always open up so wide that I can’t really clench around any cock. But I tend be liked by top men that prefer to fuck loose cunts so it’s all good for me.
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