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  1. You know why this happened and from where it came to? This is a result of this reality wrong community policy of the “representation” with the bits of help of “canceled culture”. And most of you are don’t know where you wrong and how this should be fixed. I will explain it. American LGBTQ community gave the power and indulgence to uneducated egocentric infantile Zoomers that now have to try “teaching life” to other people around the World. They have no Education Degree, they have no experience in surviving from the government pressure and hard unacceptable homophobia, they don’t know about how
  2. Def! And that’s why I’m blocking for forever and never give them a second chance. Simply because I love and respect myself too much to not being treated like a fucking piece of shit! I’ve been always found myself in the first place and never let anyone use me as a fallback if their “better one” will jump out from their hands! My life’s psychology is very simple to get: either you wanna fuck my holes, or don't fuck my brains and fuck off outta my life! If you call yourself a "real man" then you should behave like a real man! Otherwise, I'm not interested in being fucked by another pathetic fa
  3. 2C17A84E-0581-4C99-B4AA-D93706F827F3.thumb.jpeg.839ac2cbad0863c4fc276d8a287e2e62.jpeg

    The only reason being a “hoe” for the bottoms is considered a bad thing is that implies that every Top could be replaceable and it hurts Top’s ego so they put you down for it. Simply because Tops don’t like Bottoms treating them the same way they treat Bottoms. Simply because Tops love to objectify and sexualize Bottoms. Because Tops holds double standards and think that’s ok for them to fuck with a lot of Bottoms. Because all of Tops believes they’re superior to Bottoms. Because Tops that fucks with a lot of Bottoms have to have a game, respect from other Tops, trophies, etc. And when a Top calls a Bottom a “hoe” that’s meant that a Bottom fucks with everyone, except this Top. So I’m Not Going to Accept these Top’s rules! Simply because although the fact that I’m a BOTTOM I have the right to choose, or be “too picky”, or reject ANY TOPS with or without reasons, or PLAY FOOTBALL with TOPS as Tops doing these to any Bottoms! Not only Tops have any rights and privileges! Bottoms have the same right too! Does someone still have any questions? I have one. No communications and no relationships will be possible till the moment will I heard and saw a Very Loud Public APOLOGY to me from the US LGBTQ community in the most popular GAY MEDIA! You must do that the SAME WAY as the way of all these mental abuse, pressure, bullying, and gaslighting you did to me for the last 4 years

    #gayeurope #gaygay #gayusa #gayhot #gayhunk#gayhottie #gayboy #gaylife #gaypic #nycgay#gaypicoftheday #gaypics #gayhandsome #usagay#gaynyc #gaynewyork #newyorkgay #gaydude#gayroleplay #gaypower #gayparty #gaygaygay #gayguy#gayguys #pozitiveboyz #iggay #gayfollow #gayfollowers#gayfun #gaycute

  4. CF3A4033-9A75-43DE-8079-110278EAEA26.thumb.jpeg.7f0066fe6ddca1fca0698eed4b5a9087.jpeg8EF2BAEB-6382-444B-9411-05A6FD0D041D.thumb.jpeg.0aa3fea163c68b559ab0afe0a75b9693.jpegIMG_0595.JPG.2ecda89261498245df04cb58ac24e50c.JPGThere is a HUGE difference between “not being sexually attracted to any gender” and “celibate/bachelor/single/wanker etc”. I have a sexual attraction with the guys but I just prefer jerk off to the porn than trying to meet with another fucking fag and cocksucker who will try to shame me or bullying me and finally reject me with/without any reasons. I have a strong disgust for every guy and every dick because of the bullying I have experienced from fucking fagots and cocksuckers! And I hate every fucking single fag and cocksucker in this World! And I regret that I’m gay! This fucking “community” is too toxic with all of these jealous, disrespectful, unfriendly, hateful, self-homophobic, selfish with a huge bloated ego and promoting a fucking wrong homophobic, patriarchy, and heteronormative gender sexual role standards of the sexual behavior! Also, this fucking “community” is full of hypocrisy, lies, and fucking double standards!

  5. Btw, GuyZ! A bit more about “love yourself” and “love your body”. These things will never happen to me. And doesn’t matter how hard you are trying to do and make it happen to me. I will love my body only when I will finally change my body from Skinny to Fitness/Swimmer’s body type with the gym workout program. And the only way you could help me is by giving me your friendly help with the gym (mean if you could be my gym bud/my older gym brother with the good experience and skills)


  6.                                                             About an apology


    This should be something like this one: "We are SORRY, Andrew! We were WRONG with our actions! We will promise you that we will be more emphasis on how to use our ears to hear what you've been saying for not getting fucking misunderstanding between us in the future".

  7. If you want to get these things that are called “This changed/will change my life” or something like that then you should give a true and honest apology to the person you offended. And this apology should look very straight-forwarded without any of the “mind games”. P.S: if the person asked you to STOP any of your actions that’s meant that you MUST STOP EVERYTHING IMMEDIATELY! I SAY IMMEDIATELY! NO means NO! I DON’T LIKE THIS! And acting like before you are showing your fucking HUGE DISRESPECT TO ME! Because your actions are against MY wishes!

    1. POZitiveBoyZ


      About an apology. This should be something like this one: "We are SORRY, Andrew! We were WRONG with our actions! We will promise you that we will be more emphasis on how to use our ears to hear what you've been saying for not getting fucking misunderstanding between us in the future".

  8. What if I don’t want to have anything with US guys? Why just not leaving me alone?

    I don't want to have anything with the "community" that has bullied me all my life!

    I don’t want to have anything with US guys after 3 years of bullying that I've been experienced from them.

    To be honest, I've never forced myself on anyone. This is exactly you want to impose your rules, standards, and your "friendship" to me!

    And no, this’s not a “shyness”. This is an absolute and total disappointment and distrust of you!

    And for the record.  If “being yourself” is “too difficult” to you then you're a fucking hypocrite and liar.  Because there is only one way of “being yourself”. And this is “be yourself but only like we will tell you” and “be yourself but with our point of view”

  9. Right! What are the fucking reason for wasting my time in cleaning poops from my fucking pig fag gut if there are no any HOT fuckers and fisters that will fuck and breed and rape and fist my beautiful fag gut and feed my amazing prolapse rosebud with their fucking delicious CUM?
  10. Not everyone is the same as you are. To me personally, toys are not usable things. I love to feel a REAL DICK inside of my hole! At first. And second, using toys are so many boring things in life cuz every time I’ve thought about the game with toys I will remember that I should clean my fucking gut before I will put some toys to my hole. And all my desires about self fuck with the toys are removing immediately! I love being fucked by THE REAL GUY WITH THE REAL WORKING DICK! Btw, that’s exactly with this reason I’m not trying and not going to “prepare myself” or “getting my hole stretched” by m
  11. A little bit about the “Daddy Kink” and BDSM as the whole thing. Want to know my opinion? So here I am.  No! I’m Not into this part of the game! No! I don’t want to try with the reason of getting experienced and knowledge of what is about that game! Why? Should I explain? I don’t think so. But I will tell that anyway. Because kinks on the power/abuse/findom/chastity lock especially if all it's about mental abuse, etc, or anything else ARE NOT MY SEXUAL PREFERENCES! And there are no fucking reasons for trying to make me try these things! NO means NO! Anytime and Always! Period! This is MY SEXUAL FREEDOM, MY SEXUAL LIFE, and MY SEXUAL PREFERENCE! Not your and not his! MY and ONLY MY! I Don’t Give A Fuck about your “community’s rules” or “group-thinking” or “porn standards” or “mainstream trends of OnlyFans/Justfor.fans” etc! And if you are doing something of these things to make money with your fucks then I will not help you with these till the moment if you will pay me back with the reason to collaborate with you. Cuz in this case I wanna get MY PIECE OF CAKE with MY Work for your fans and subscribers! I don’t want to be a “Volunteer” for your ego! And I’m not going to do anything unpaid as long as you are not paying me for that! “Too Much Controversy”? LoL 😆 Definitely YES! But I have MY Personal Opinion and I have a right to Share my Opinion with anyone! I have MY BRAIN 🧠, MY POINT OF VIEW, and MY RIGHT FOR FREEDOM OF SPEECH! And I will be doing the same things as well and long as I don’t make a mess with Mr. Alzheimer!

  12. Almost forgot. A little simple life advice to everyone. Before you decided to start some another “challenge” about “teaching” someone else then this will be very nice if you will knows this person a little bit more than from the “community’s radio” or gossips from some irrelevant fags and cocksuckers

    1. nadroj


      Interesting posts and good for you. I don't understand all the context. What community radio?


  13. Not 4 CAM/ZOOM/CAM4/RING CENTRAL etc etc Sorry GuyZ but I’m not attracted to any of these mainstream online ideology of the fuck broadcasting. Call me “boring” or “greedy” bttm I don’t give a fuck. I’m just not into this part of the game. “Everyone has their own personal sexual preferences”. Isn’t that? So there are my 😉 Peace ✌️ and Happy Veterans Day

    Also. For the record. I was, still, and will be making MY OWN decisions about life, friendships, relationships, fucks, groups, parties as well as I will make all the decisions about where/when/with whom and how many guys will fuck me in the same time in the same place. And of course, I’m as a Bottom has the right to respect Tops for any reason. As equal as the Tops did and still doing these things against Bottoms. If Tops can’t take rejections from Bottoms then they are not a “real alfa man” as they are referred to introducing themselves. Finally. I’m Not Going to Run and beg any Tops about fucking me as Tops used to have these things and behaviors from Bottoms. Simply because if Tops wants to hold their “heteronormative” rules and standards for Bottoms/Holes/Subs then exactly Tops Must begging Bottoms for the Fuck. Because in Nature Dick running for Holes and Pussys but not vice versa. Because in this case I WANT TO SEE AND GET FUCKED BY THE REAL MAN AND NOT JUST A SELFISH EGOCENTRIC INFANTILE SISSY FAGGOT THAT THINK THAT IF HE HAS A SAUSAGE WITH TWO EGGS THEN EVERYONE MUST PRAING FOR HIM AS HE IS A FUCKING GOD!  I will be agree with any of their heteronormative gender sexual role models and rules and standards only if Tops will be able to behave like a REAL ALFA STR8 GUY and not just like a pathetic faggot. In the other cases, I’m preferred to play my “Dom/Power/Bitchy/Greedy/Bossy Bottom” role. Hope all these things are too clear to take them to anyone. Peace and love and respect 

  14. I decided on my future life. And I have to say that I’m preferred being lonely for my whole life than I will try to get some friendships/relationships or fucks with American guys. I don’t want you. I don’t need you. I don’t like you. And I HATE YOU! I hate American guys because of bullying and mocking towards me! I hate you because of your cruel, disrespectful, selfish, and unfriendly behavior. And I don’t want to be a part of your “family”! ENOUGH! And PLEASE! LEAVE ME ALONE! DON’T BOTHER ME ANYMORE! Thanks for understanding. Good luck 

  15. Def NO! Old fags are totally scary!
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