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    The only reason being a “hoe” for the bottoms is considered a bad thing is that implies that every Top could be replaceable and it hurts Top’s ego so they put you down for it. Simply because Tops don’t like Bottoms treating them the same way they treat Bottoms. Simply because Tops love to objectify and sexualize Bottoms. Because Tops holds double standards and think that’s ok for them to fuck with a lot of Bottoms. Because all of Tops believes they’re superior to Bottoms. Because Tops that fucks with a lot of Bottoms have to have a game, respect from other Tops, trophies, etc. And when a Top calls a Bottom a “hoe” that’s meant that a Bottom fucks with everyone, except this Top. So I’m Not Going to Accept these Top’s rules! Simply because although the fact that I’m a BOTTOM I have the right to choose, or be “too picky”, or reject ANY TOPS with or without reasons, or PLAY FOOTBALL with TOPS as Tops doing these to any Bottoms! Not only Tops have any rights and privileges! Bottoms have the same right too! Does someone still have any questions? I have one. No communications and no relationships will be possible till the moment will I heard and saw a Very Loud Public APOLOGY to me from the US LGBTQ community in the most popular GAY MEDIA! You must do that the SAME WAY as the way of all these mental abuse, pressure, bullying, and gaslighting you did to me for the last 4 years

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